Mystery Vibe Soumyadip Rakshit VIP Interview

About MysteryVibe

MysteryVibe designs and creates beautiful pleasure toys full of layered delights. Our flagship product, Crescendo is the world’s first adaptable vibrator.  Pleasure is so intimately personal, human and fundamental to our happiness. Yet when it comes to technological innovation and advancement, it is often overlooked.

What if we could harness the deepest insight, brightest talent and cutting-edge technology to design something really special? What if we could create something that adapted to the user, their moods, desires and sensations? What if we could build the complete pleasure experience?

So we set out to do exactly that.

COMING SOON!!! Exclusive vlog interview with the creator of Mystery Vibe Mr Soumyadip Rakshit


Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight Interview by Gay Radio Australia

Radio Station For Gays

Gay Porn Icons Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight interviewed by Gay Radio Australia at their recent Asian Invasion Tour sponsored by Park Street Books.

brent corrigan & boyf JJ Knight have arrived in Sydney thanks to Falcon Studios!Here's where to see them:

Posted by on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: NU Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Vibrator

NU Sensuelle Bunnii

I have been lucky enough to have been gifted the NU Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Vibrator to review and after doing some “personal” homework, I thought I would share my newly informed views with you as I do love a cute sex toy with a cute name. One of the company founders was a fashion designer, so no wonder it’s a cute and clever design. I found out the company actually started in Australia, it’s nice to see Aussie designers competing so well with the international bigwigs. I noted that NU Sensuelle products are made in China with exceptional quality. I am often impressed by Nu Sensuelle sex toys, particularly their vibrating cock rings and remote bullets. Their recent panty vibrator is particularly awesome. I knew that a lot of my customer’s reeeally love the NU Sensuelle Point to.

The sex toy I received is in “Tiffany Blue” which is a pretty aqua colour. It is small enough to not take up much room in a drawer or a travel bag. After I got this sex toy home I have to admit I waited a day or two to try it as my favourite sex toys aren’t actually vibrators but I was still very curious to try it out.

It came with some charge already so I didn’t bother charge it up first. Though, I probably should have because in the name of “thorough use“. I used it several times before I committed my thoughts to paper. The NU Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Vibrator worked fast so the sessions weren’t terribly long. It did die on me in the middle of the third use. Lesson learned, always recharge your sex toys!! The run time on this baby is only one hour with a whopping four hours charge time, so it loses some points for me on that front. Although, I believe the recharge time is long because it’s super powerful.

Fortunately the NU Sensuelle Bunnii has a thoughtfully made recharging dock. The recharging points are found on the bottom of the sex toy which are two little, silver magnets. These magnets connect to two other little magnets on the USB recharging cord. Since my computer isn’t accessible right now I recharged it with my phone recharger adapter plugged into a wall socket which is convenient for me. I’m glad it’s a USB recharger so there is versatility. Some of the older adult toys I have need to be plugged into a wall socket, it seems pretty Stone Age to me these days.

Turning the sex toy on was easy, just a long-press on the bottom of the sex toy gets it going and lets me tell you there is no subtlety with this baby. You turn it on and it’s a raging bull, not a soft adorable bunny.

There are 20 functions and that is cool if you like a lot of variety. I think sex toys like that can be good value for money because many of us like to change up the way we masturbate frequently. Especially if you are going for multiple orgasms, many women find that taking an entirely different approach after the first one is the only way to get there. I read this recently and it certainly rang true for me.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the techniques talked about on the OMG Yes website, the site dedicated to the female orgasm which was made famous recently by Harry Potter alumni, feminist, ethical fashion proponent and all round cool girl Emma Watson. Side note – this site seems amazing, but it costs nearly $40 to sign up and although I will eventually, probably, succumb to temptation and join up, thus far I keep having that “you can pry that $40 from my cold dead hands!” knee jerk reaction I have whenever websites want me to hand over much cash. Other than that it’s powerful and rechargeable

NU Sensuelle Bunnii Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: NU Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Vibrator in Tiffany Blue


NU Sensuelle Bunnii Rabbit Vibrator is silicone coated with a smooth and silky finish. There is very little drag to it and certainly has no squish to it. Aside from the ears it is a fairly hard toy, the size of a large bullet vibrator which is about 12 cm in total length. It is waterproof, so if you like bathroom play it may be a good option for you. It comes with a nice satin little bag to keep it clean and separated from other toys in your drawer. This is important with silicone sex toys because their surfaces can become damaged from resting against each other.

It has a year-long warranty so even if it succumbs to a recharging issue, which I’ve heard can happen with the NU Sensuelle Point you can get it fixed or replaced within that time frame. I’ve found that sometimes the magnetic charging points just need a really good clean if a toy has issues after a few months. Even though you may be cleaning the toy regularly, it’s probably a kind of chemical residue build up that you just need to deal with every now and again. Anyway a polish with a soft, clean, lint free cloth has often saved a toy thought to be in need of repair.

So down to the nitty gritty, is this toy good to masturbate with? Part of me wants to say “Hell, yes!”. I love the little soft ears. Frankly not only the power but the quality of the vibrations would be too jarring without them. It’s not exactly buzzy, it doesn’t have the deep lovely rumbles of some other sex toys either.

It made me come pretty quickly (Sorry, I dislike the ‘cum’ spelling, especially when referring to women lol). The first and second times I used it, though the vibration were so intense it actually made me distracted and it was uncomfortable for my hand on the second use. Third time round, as I said, it died, but it was already not quite as effective as my clit had become a bit desensitised and it was hard to get in the zone.

After I recharged it, I gave myself a break for a day. I valiantly persevered (I know, testing sex toys is such a trial!), but found that my clitoris was still a bit over it. I would liken the use of this sex toy to fucking really rough and hard. It’s fucking fantastic but you might spend a few days recuperating and at least for me, it’s not what you crave every time you masturbate.

After a few days rest I used it again and liked it, but I could not use this sex toy every day. No hecking way! Clit says no. Jelly-hand says no.

If you are an avowed power queen this sex toy is probably for you. If, like me, you enjoy a powerful sex toy, but have a sensitive body you may find this toy a nice addition to your collection but I would not recommend it as your first or only toy.

For me, it’s staying in my collection because every once in a while it will be a fan-frickin-tastic but it is unlikely to ever be my go-to, and I might have to take to wearing padded gloves to hold it…


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To Shave or Not To Shave?

Women with a Bushes Photo

“To shave or not to shave?” that is the question. Lasering, waxing, shaving, trimming, letting it all grow wild and free! Shaping, dying and even vajazzling. Good grief the options are endless. Fashions have changed over my lifetime and our individual tastes will always be different. But as a woman it is something that in the developed world we all have to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money dealing with.

When I was younger, I have to say, there was a lot less of it to deal with. A quick once over with a Bic shaver and I was ready to go. As you get older though, boy does that stuff multiply. I vividly remember staring, stunned, in absolute disbelief when I saw my first chin hair. A hair! On MY CHIN.. mamma mia! What is that all about? Little did I know once I plucked that little guy out, it was only a matter of a year or so before people were mistaking me for Osama Bin Laden.

Yes, age and life are cruel mistresses.  The hairs they steal from your head they donate to your stomach and bum crack. Nowadays, in middle age I often find myself tripping over my own armpit hair wondering why I have paws instead of feet and on occasions I even receive phone calls from my own vagina begging me to get in the forestry commission to do some controlled burning down there.

I am fat and pregnant. At the moment it’s been a few weeks since I even saw what was going on down there. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. That’s what I say. Unfortunately my partner doesn’t think the same. We have been together for almost 20 years. You would think he would accept me for all that I am, hair and all, just not that much hair apparently. It isn’t fair how fashions have changed. It’s not like a bit of a trim will do anymore, you have to be bald, completely and utterly bald… EVERYWHERE! In my day if a man wanted you to shave your pussy you would have thought he was a pedophile! Not any more though.

There is no doubt about it, shaving your face and body is a right royal pain in the arse. I got so fed up with all that landscape gardening, I actually decided to go down the old laser hair removal route a while ago and get rid of it once and for all.   It scared the shit out of me at first. I pictured myself having to lie prostrate, legs akimbo, straddled by some woman in goggles and a white coat, brandishing a lightsaber (That sounds quite hot when I put it like that).


Wookie Photo
Photo: To Shave or Not To Shave? – “Wookie” What I Used to Look Like


Stranger seeing my bits?…mmmm, there is something not too pleasant about that. Then there is the cost of course. Do I really want to spend a month’s wages on this? Well I did and I couldn’t believe how quickly it was all over and like most people who go under the laser, I wondered why on earth I hadn’t done it years ago. Life was sweet, I have fair skin and very dark hair so I am the perfect candidate apparently. Only one treatment! I couldn’t believe it, a month went by and nothing came back.  Another month went by and still nothing. I went for my second treatment. Life had never looked better. I was walking around with a spring in my step, joy in my heart and a twat like a cue ball.

A niggling thought started to bug me though, at first it was just something that popped into my mind now and again but I began to dwell on it. What if hair came back into fashion? We sell heaps of “hairy” porn. And I began to think that if I wasn’t a fashion following, people pleasing sap sometimes, I quite like the look of a neat trimmed bush. It is after all a sign that a woman has reached sexual maturity and I have always thought it makes a nice smiley face when you look at the female form with its boobs for eyes and vaginal hair for the mouth. OH GOD what have I done? And other thoughts too started to creep in. Can you be too old to be hair free? Isn’t it cooler to grow old gracefully? Am I going to look like the equivalent of some old sad guy stuck with the fading tattoo mistakes he made in his twenties?

Well I needn’t have worried. Pregnancy does odd things to body hair. Once I got up the duff, I began to notice small patches of downy fluff appearing from nowhere.  I watched what would happen with eager anticipation, like a gardener waiting for his first spring blooms. ….and, well nothing else happened, nothing at all. Just small sprouts of downy fluff in odd wispy patches. There was nothing else for it, I had to start bloody shaving again, either that or stand outside and start fundraising for hair loss research because that is what I looked like.

I am not allowed to have more laser until after the baby comes along. So at least it gives me some time to decide what it is I want. Who knows? Now I have shaved the fluff off, it might be like the old days, in a few weeks time I will look like I have a giant sea urchin spreading out of my vagina and migrating down my inner thighs towards my knees.

Feminine, young, youthful, hair free, soft-skinned innocence. That is what we all seem strive for at the moment. Oh that and to have and a pristine, hairless, bleached -baby -pink, shiny anus you could eat your dinner off but that’s a blog post for another day. Pubes will probably always will be a hotly debated issue. And you can choose to do exactly what you want with them. There is no right or wrong and who am I to judge?


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