How to Get That Perfect Fit With NuSensuelle CockRing

What a dream job this is, I got to take home a sex toy to review! My partner and I will provide our honest and unbiased opinions on the Wireless Remote Control NuSensuelle Cockring which we would have probably purchased ourselves.

I can tell you it is pretty intimidating starting work at an Adult Lifestyle Centre like ours. We have so many variations of adult toys to learn about and a cock ring guide can be useful.

NU Sensuelle Sells a Range of Products

Including bullets, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs and more. In the first week that I worked here, I very quickly came to realise that if NU Sensuelle makes a version of a toy. Then no matter what, most customers won’t be disappointed.

To this day, they remain a go-to brand of choice for me. I recommend for anyone who comes into our store wanting a quality and reliable purchase. Whatever magic ingredient it is they use in their products, it is amazing.

I love this brand, it is as simple as that. They never let me down. NU, NU and more NU!! In most cases, it is the power of the NU Sensuelle sex toys they sell that is most impressive. Generally, they cannot be rivalled for the price either. All their products come with a year warranty too.

NuSensuelle CockRing

Well does this cock ring live up to our expectations?

It certainly looks good from the outside. Like most Nu products, the sex toy comes in a sturdy cardboard box that’s simple and unpretentious. It is perfect for long-term storage.  A cardboard box opens like a book.  Ring and remote nestle on top of a charger, drawstring satin storage bag and instruction manual which are safely housed underneath a rigid plastic divider.

Colours of the box you purchase are black, silver and white, this all sounds quite dull, but it is actually perfect.

online shopping for cock rings
Shop Online: Cock Rings

UnWrapping My Cock Ring

I spend much of my time opening toys that perform like Christmas cracker prizes wrapped in Tiffany boxes.  Sometimes I find  get to find some hidden treasures wrapped in less enticing casing than the rice I get from my local takeaway store.

Having said that, it isn’t discreet if you were wanting to give it as a gift. You can see the ring under the plastic from the outside.

Unlike some cock rings on the market, this one does look like, well, a cock ring!

NuSensuelle Cock Ring Features 

We had been given one in a gorgeous midnight blue colour, I love it. It isn’t a colour that is used often enough for male or female sex toys as far as I am concerned.  Also comes in purple.

This cock ring consists of two concentric circles of stretchy SEBS silicone. With a tube of textured silicone housing the bullet.  ABS smooth plastic bullet is easily slipped in and out of the tube.

Tackiness of the cock ring silicone prevents it from moving.

  • Removable Bullet

A marvellous thing about cock rings like these is that you can remove the bullet. Which allows you to use the cock ring and bullet separately. You can put in other bullets in the cock ring holder.

This is useful especially if you have a favourite bullet. You can use this bullet in other sex toys like masturbators or on dildos and butt plugs.

  • Wireless Remote

100% waterproof and is made with a smooth velvety silicone. It is small and ergonomically shaped.  So lovely to feel and hold that I wish it vibrated too as it would make a gorgeous clitoral massager.

(If you are listening NU Sensuelle, this is actually a really good idea as you would also be able to tell what speed and pattern the toy was on.)

  • Everything is Phthalate free and made of 100% body safe material.
  • Only the remote is not waterproof so the toy itself can be easily cleaned and used in the shower. We didn’t try that yet though.
  • Bullet is 7 cm long with a 1.5 diameter.
  • Inner and outer rings are stretchy enough to fit around the balls and penis of just about anybody. But with enough resistance to constrict perfectly.
NuSensuelle Cockring Remote Control Rechargeable
Sex Toy: NU Sensuelle Wireless Remote Control Cock Ring

Down To Cock Ring Business

Now I normally just rip boxes open and if it has a charge, I immediately give the thing a go.

My partner though is far more fastidious and sensible. He takes the fact he is helping me review it very seriously and reads the instruction manual. Insists we put it on charge as the manual suggests for the full hour.

Has a magnetic charger that clicks onto the bullet with a reasonably good connection.  Bullet base flashes blue while it is charging and stays blue while in use.

I must digress and tell you about this though.

Have mentioned my fondness for lights in toys in other reviews. And the blue light against the midnight blue of the toy was really rather lovely. This light really came into its own though, when my partner got out of bed to get the lubricant.

You should put lubricant on before placing on the cock ring to avoid getting hairs caught up.  But anyway, he had forgotten it.  Well, we both watched in wonder. As the toy around his erect cock guided his way around the bedroom like one of those miner’s headlamps.

It is bright enough to help you find the remote in bed if you happen to drop it too, you would find it. That on its own was enough to get me excited. But back to how the toy performed for the both of us.

Firstly, I am a big fan of cock rings

As I mostly orgasm through clitoral stimulation. To have hands free vibrations down there is pretty amazing. My partner is a huge fan of it too, especially if he wants to come quicker and harder.

He always uses cock rings even when he is alone.  Loved the double ring function. He chose to pull the large ring all the way behind his balls.  Then used the small ring to separate his penis from his balls.

He not only likes the way it feels, but he also said it makes his dick look bigger. Said the size and tension of the ring are perfect. In fact he went so far as to say it felt better than anyone he had tried before.

We have used other cock rings before

But had to have very close grinding sex to maintain the vibrations on the clitoris. This time that wasn’t an option though as I am pregnant. It is much more comfortable for me to go on top and he can enjoy the fact I now have tits!

We didn’t get down to business straight away though as we wanted to see how easy it was to operate.

NU Sensuelle Brandii review
NU Sensuelle Sex Toys

There are 5 options on the bullet itself

If you want to control it from there. They are the five increasing speeds which go from impressively powerful to blow your socks off powerful.  Easy to use remote can control speeds too. But also has another button with 10 different patterns to scroll through and you can use each one at your chosen intensity.

So many options, well 50 really if you think about it.

Too many in my opinion, I think that is because I have had the same partner for almost 20 years.  I know what works best for us but I am not going to lie.  It was really fun playing about with it. There are lots of men and women, particularly who love to pattern play.

He found having the control of the remote very amusing.

I have to say this was the first time I have used a cock ring this powerful and was unprepared for the difference it would make.  It literally made me gasp and laugh out loud at the intensity of the experience.

I was glad I was on top and in control as it was easily too much to take sometimes.  We found that the remote lost its connection too on occasion, only during sex though.

It passed the distance test easily.

I could control it from the next room when my man was wearing it with ease. Perhaps my belly crushing it wasn’t helping things.  I confess since that first use I have found that I revert to my old ways. Find a pattern and speed that I like and just stick with that.

I tend to use the pressure of my body against the bullet to increase intensity when I want it. Can’t say I came the first time using this as intended, my partner did and he loved it.  I have to really concentrate at the best of times.  Any new experience is usually a sensory overload.

I did come though, using the bullet!

Never use a bullet for clitoral stimulation because I don’t like my hand vibrating along with it.  Again…sensory overload. So here is what I did, I simply popped the bullet into the cock ring. Wrapped the ring round my finger as a holder and it worked a treat.

As I mentioned before the beauty of having a really good bullet like this is the possibilities are endless.

As you can already tell we obviously liked it

Because I keep mentioning how we have carried on using it since testing.   We easily got the promised 40 minutes to play out of one full charge. In fact, we have liked it too much to ever let it run completely flat.

There are a few downsides of this sex toy

  • I didn’t like that you need the remote to use. Sometimes I lose things.
  • Also don’t like having to rely on two things working at the same time, in this case, the bullet and remote.
  • We both agreed we like to be able to control a sex toy directly.

Quality Vibrations

I think you need to own a lot of sex toys or work in the adult lifestyle industry to really understand the concept of the difference in quality vibrations.

You really need to be holding a toy with deep rumbly vibrations and a toy with hard and fast vibrations at the same time to know the difference.  NU Sensuelle Bullets are some of the most powerful in the market. But the vibrations are slightly more on the surface than something like a We-Vibe Tango or Lelo Mia.

My partner found the prolonged constant use of this ring to be slightly numbing. Mostly I hold by my initial comments though. And maintain that this brand makes excellent sex toys and this one is no exception. It is now my partner’s toy of choice for solo and joint use.

For me personally, it makes a marvellous holder for my Mia.










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