Exploring the Weird and Wonderful World of Female Masking

My curiosity piqued again last night when I came across the documentary “The Secret Lives of Living Dolls”. This explores the weird and wonderful world of Female Masking.

Not long ago, I wrote an article about sex doll. I love peeking into the unusual lives of the men who in some cases, have emotional relations with their dolls. I also wrote another article on forced feminisation. Which is an extremely popular yet rarely talked about fetish that involves the fantasy of men being forced to become women against their will. But end up embracing their new identities.

What is Female Masking?

It is practiced by a relatively small but rapidly expanding subculture of men. They like to don elaborate latex full body suits and masks in order to morph their male body into that of a female.  And they call themselves ‘Maskers’ or ‘Dollers‘.

They are ordinary people just like you or me (Who are most exclusively male) that like nothing better than transforming their entire persona into that of a plastic female.

More often than not they meticulously design their whole costume to become a glamorous woman that they are not. This is not always the case though.

They don’t always want to be a hot doll.

Some like to become characters or even old hags.  It isn’t always sexual either. For some the reason they do it might be sexual, other people may do it to escape their lives. Others may do it for self-discovery or simply disguise.

female masking
Men Dressed as Dolls Image

This is no phase or hobby, this is a lifestyle.

Their suits and masks can cost upwards of thousands dollars. Then there are the wigs, nails, outfits and jewellery that complete the looks.

Suits are custom designed with breasts and vaginas. They have to be rolled on to the naked body like a stretchy wetsuit. And the wearers body has to be covered in bucket loads of baby powder to make this possible. This is not something you just try as a one off.

As you can imagine, the suits are very uncomfortable and get very hot. All the sweat and powder mix together forming a white sludge that drips out of the suit openings.

You might be wondering what is so appealing about Female Masking?

I often find the best way to understand the mindset of a fetish that you don’t really understand is to read the fiction that appeals to that group of people. So I thought I would include an extract from a short story I found on a Female Masking website.

“In his pleasant, but spartan room at the Boreal Lodge he tried on all four of the latex female masks for the first time.

Sense of being enclosed in the latex was incredible.

He had never before felt such a sense of security before in his life.  Had no idea that the smell of the rubber would give such a rush.

Pulling of the zipper down the back of his head and neck felt like he was opening the door to a whole new world. “Emerald” mask by Kerry fit the best. While it was snug, it was still comfortable. Before checking the “Emeralds” image in the bathroom mirror, Ted added a full red wig, amber tinted glasses and a crew cap.

The wonderful feeling of the mask, however, was nothing compared to his shock and stimulation by the witnessing of his transformation in the lodge’s bathroom mirror.

He knew, of course that he was inside the masks

And that the beautiful images staring back at him from the mirror were latex rubber creations, but he also felt like he was in the room with a very intimate mistress.

“She” was understanding and aware of his every need and desire. And “She” shared all of his fantasies. So “She” never put “her” desires ahead of his. All of a sudden he knew “her” name was Veronica. “Hi there, Ted. My name is Veronica Moreno and I want you more than you will ever know.”

Said the sexy dark ruby red lipped, saucy eyed image in the mirror in a sultry feminine voice that issued forth from Ted’s vocal cords.

He put his hands up to the face of the image that was seducing him. 

Yes, he was still in there, but where had that voice come from. “She” was the most exotic and desirable snow bunny he had the joy of being close to. He could tell that “she” wanted him and had to sleep with him for the rest of the evening.

“Her” beauty exceeded that of Valerie’s. He had to get Valerie to wear this look for him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of “her”. “She” was his dream date. “

So there you have it an insight into the mind of a female masker.

Unlike transgender people, these guys don’t feel they are born into the wrong body. They simply like being inside the costume.  Costume is the fetish object. There are now large online communities like the one this story came from, where maskers can chat to each other and share photos.

Exhibiting their creations is a part of the thrill and many of the bravest men take their characters out and about onto the streets. This subculture has undoubtedly become more widespread thanks to the internet. But it has been going on for decades.

Cross dressing and masks were commonplace in ancient Greek culture.

Many of the men are empowered by their doll costumes.

I think most of us understand this to a certain degree. As children, we thought if we covered our own eyes nobody else could see us. Masks can make a person feel uninhibited. For many, Female Masking is an extreme form of escapism. Many Maskers particularly love the attention the suits bring and love to see the world react to their character selves.

In the documentary, one 70 year old guy created ‘Sherry’ a 20 something blonde.

He gets sexual thrills himself from the costume and assumes the rest of the world does too. Having had a painful divorce and not much luck with women he explains

“The women I meet are in their 50s and 60s and nothing like this. It’s very difficult to date them when I have this to come home to. When I look in the mirror I just can’t believe there is a 70 year old guy in there.”

Amazingly, according to him, he gets almost all positive feedback.

Maskers seem to get a particular thrill when they are out and about and other men think they are real. When you see them in action, you can’t believe anyone would mistake these living dolls for real girls but it happens.

Another big black guy got a real kick out of experiencing the world from the inside of a young white female. I find that side of it really interesting.

When you look at these guys, especially when they are moving around it is mesmerising.  Constricting nature of the thick silicone suit makes the wearer move like a robot and exaggerates what is already a giant caricature.

bondage 101 and kinks
Blog: Fulfilling Your Fantasies

Some people will find the whole thing horrific.

There is certainly something grotesque about the way they look. The Dollers would look quite at home in a Stephen King movie for sure. I also can’t get the Wild Bill character from Silence of the Lambs out of my head. He of course made his suits from real human skin.

There is something really cool and futuristic about it though.  I am not the only one to find a certain fascinating beauty about it.

Famous Fashion photographer Steven Miesel uses living dolls in shoots. And photographic artists Elenor Dorfman and Daniel Handal have both used maskers extensively in their artistic works.

Sexual thrills, disguise or self-discovery.

This fetish is going nowhere. I hope it eventually becomes more mainstream. I am sure the community would welcome technology creating more lightweight breathable materials for them to play with.

If you are interested in finding out more, the websites “maskon.com” and “dollspride” are excellent resources and the documentary I mentioned above is on Netflix at the moment.Save

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