LELO Mona Wave G-Spot Sex Toy Review

When I saw the the LELO Mona Wave sex toy for the g-spot, I can say it was love at first sight. When I see a nice looking sex toy, I ask myself two questions.

”What is the brand of this toy?” and “Is this toy as good as it looks?”

Thankfully in this case, I can say YES, Mona wave meets my expectations!

It’s one of those toys that looks good but when I turned it on, I found out that it wasn’t just a good looking toy. Mona Wave comes in nice packaging and is stored in a simple black case that preserves this jewel of pleasure.

It is elegant and fully made of silicone.

Ride the Pleasure Wave with Lelo Mona Wave Sex Toy

Like many modern sex toys, the brand LELO offers a girly color range and obviously doesn’t try to make them look like a real penis.  I chose the colors white and electric blue that I find so fierce.

There are two other colors available in the store, pink and black.

The first sensation I have when I take the Mona Wave out of its case, is that it’s very soft and pleasant to the touch with its amazing silicone material.  Lelo is definitely one of the few brands that I must say always provide really good quality when it comes to silicone.

mona wave sex toy
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How Does it Work?

By activating the sex toy and changing the mode, I can finally see it performing an inward movement (30 degree wave motion).  As soon as I see it, I understand why this Mona Wave might be so effective at reaching the G-spot.

Not only does the motors power reach your g-spot, but you’ll be able to increase/decrease the intensity any time you desire…

It’s the perfect way for me to reach a vaginal orgasm.  Otherwise if movements and intensity are always the same, I do not personally receive any pleasure.

mona wave sex toy review
Lelo Mona Wave

Easy to Use and Great Design

The use of this toy is easy and it has a better interface design than the original Mona.  There are 5 buttons, – and + for the intensity, up and down symbols for the modes and on/off button in the middle of the interface.

Like I said, even the interface is silicone which is a way better feeling when holding the toy or when playing in water.  Plus, it makes it look classier.

10 vibrations modes that goes from weak  to strong.  There are a mix of waving movements and massaging vibrations.  You have the choice, and you won’t get bored easily!

I really appreciate its light weight, length, and thickness.

We are not in the excess of length or breadth. It could suit a great number of people.  Size is convenient for the most of us; not too small, not too big.

When it comes to its shape, that curved motor is a killer!

Mona Wave is rechargeable (like all Lelo vibrators) and is waterproof!  You’ll be able to use it for 2 hours when fully charged.

Care of this product is simple.

Like all silicone toys, only use water based lubricant during use.

To clean, wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each use.  If you don’t mind spending a little, buy yourself antibacterial spray.  It’s definitely worth it!

My only issue with this toy would be the noise.

It’s not something that I notice straight away.  But when using it for a while, it is the only thing that could annoy me.

Mona Wave is for sure a worthy sex toy to try when you are bored by simple vibrators and for women that have issues with reaching the g-spot!  Curved and finger-like motions are honestly great and powerful enough to give you amazing pleasure!

Lelo offers a year warranty and a ten year guarantee.

Just remember to register on their website after purchase!  Lelo was established in 2003 and has become one of the world’s best selling award winning brands.  They have won awards from XBIZ and AVN.

Well known for providing high quality, body safe silicone sex toys for both men and women. They aim to design sex toys which feature high end designs that work just as well as they look.

Their Lelo products have a sensational warranty.

mona wave sex toy review
Lelo Liv 2 used by a girl

Sensational Stimulation With Lelo Liv 2!

Lelo is a sex toy brand that is conquering the Adult industry, with grace, style and pure brilliant Swedish engineering.  The LELO’s G-Spot Vibrator Liv 2 is one of their global best sellers of all time.

It is one of the many sensational products that have been able to grace adult store shelves throughout the world.  Generally not staying on those walls for long due to its extreme popularity.

Lelo Liv 2 is a middle-sized vibrator that gives off the impression that it is a one use sex toy but do not be confused at this toys versatility. It is 100mm or 3.9 inches long.

Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation

I’ll start by explaining that the Lelo Liv 2 does not only have to be used for vaginal stimulation.  In fact, due to its shape and size it is a fantastic clitoral stimulator.

The Lelo Liv 2 can also be used for loads of areas including caressing the testicles and the shaft of the penis.  Also running it down the spine of the back with it’s various different patterns.  Using it’s smooth silicone texture and long, flat side to caress the inner thighs.

And also don’t neglect the nipples.

The tip of the Lelo Liv 2 is the perfect size to  massage around both male and females breasts and nipples providing a rather odd yet stimulating feeling.

Fantastic Features

Like most Lelo products the Liv 2 comes with some fantastic features that will make you be able to distinguish it from similar sex toys on the market.

Firstly let’s start with the whisper quiet motor

It can barely be heard.  Behind closed doors at full blast you can not hear it and with soft general conversation it is a struggle to hear it.

The only reason you will hear it is because your brain is subconsciously trained to hear and listen out for things that you are holding.  And of course things that you don’t want to hear.

To hide any vibrating sounds, you are able to put on some light music and no one will know any better.

Secondly, the motor is extremely powerful

Due to its rechargeable capabilities. The vibrator uses a Li-Ion 500mAh 3.7V making it a great investment.  This will lead to a lot of extra pennies in the bank account because you won’t be constantly changing the batteries.

Lelo Liv 2 can be used for around 4 hours, which will take a lot of sexual fun before you need to recharge it.  A charger is included!

shop online for mona wave sex toy
Sex Toy – Lelo Liv 2

Thirdly, 8 Different Functions

Lelo Liv 2 comes with 8 different functions and power settings giving complete versatility.  And a chance to experience different types of vaginal sensations.

The 8 functions will provide a break from toys that only just vibrate.  And will allow you to use a different function every day of the week!

Liv 2 has a matte appearance made from 100% certified body safe silicone and is said to be completely waterproof.  But I do not recommend that you take it in the bath or shower.

Generally waterproof means that you will be able to clean the product by lightly rinsing.  Try not to get water on the control panel.


Finally, all LELO products including the Liv 2 come with a 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee that is issued by the company.

In the box that you receive with your toy, there is a little chip with a registration code where you register your toy online with Lelo. So if there is a mechanical issue or fault with the toy that was not caused by yourself.

Then they will go through the correct measures of either fixing the toy or completely replacing it.

From a salesman’s point of view

Lelo Liv 2 is immaculately designed due to Lelo considering both beginner’s who are new to the use of sex toy and more experienced sex toy users.

It is quite light at 86g you will barely notice it’s weight.  This sex toy is for all-around toy users, even if it is only going to be used for the clitoris.

From a consumers point of view, the product did not let me or my partner down.  I feel that the only upset about the product is that it is not submersible, other than that the Liv 2 is fantastic!

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