Male Masturbators – 5 Reasons Masturbation Is Self Care

Male Masturbators – Even in today’s world where mind-blowing sex toys and stimulating arousal creams are only a click away — masturbation is still stigmatized but really Masturbation Is a Self Care Ritual. But, masturbation can be a powerful way to tend to your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Tending to our pleasure and sexuality in a way that feels good can seriously enhance our physiological and psychological well-being. Simply put, masturbation is good for you and should be considered essential self-care.  

Exploring our pleasures via partnered sex is widely accepted, but solo play is generally kept on the down low. But why, when the benefits are so numerous?

In this article, we’ll get into 5 major benefits of masturbation. 

During masturbation, our body releases “feel-good hormones” that have all kinds of benefits

The “cuddle hormone”, also known as oxytocin, is released when we orgasm. This love hormone, alongside prolactin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are responsible for the mental and physical benefits of masturbation. 

Here are 5 major benefits of the orgasm hormone cocktail:

It can boost your mood 

There are four main “happiness hormones,” they are dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. Which is the exact cocktail that is naturally released after an orgasm.

(Hello life hack!)

This is why masturbation is an amazing self-care tool. Feeling good, exploring your body, and regularly releasing natural “happiness makers” into your body can seriously lift your spirits. 

It can release stress and tension 

Orgasms relieve stress. When we orgasm there is a build-up of tension and an eventual release. The comedown from an orgasm is when we feel relaxed, sleepy, and even blissful. 

Not to mention, the presence of oxytocin can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and may inhibit the release of cortisol. 

After an orgasm, oxytocin, prolactin, endorphins dopamine, and serotonin are released into the body. You will have a flood of stimulating feel-good hormones, your body blissfully relaxes in the wake. 

It can reduce pain 

The endorphins released after orgasm have pain-killing properties. Having period cramps? Try masturbating.  

It can help you fall asleep

People often feel sleepy after sex or masturbation because the body just got flooded with stimulating hormones. When that effect wears off, it can have a “crashing” effect — making you blissfully sleepy. 

Additionally, prolactin, the “relaxation hormone” is released after an orgasm. This alone can make you feel tired and relaxed. 

Want an all-natural sleeping aid, try masturbation. The neurochemicals that are released can help you drift off to sleep.

It can boost libido

Regularly masturbating can keep a healthy flow of blood circulation in the vulva and natural lubrication which can help enhance libido and desire.  

For those who struggle with low libido, masturbating can expand your “orgasmic potential”

Masturbation as an essential self-care practice

While partnered intimate sex is a beautiful part of life that many find essential to their happiness, masturbation is equally as beneficial. The chemical makeup is the same, during solo masturbation your attention lies only on your own pleasure. This intimate relationship with your own body can be nurturing and nourishing. 

If you’re inclined, curious, or rearing to go — try masturbation as a self-care ritual that benefits your wellbeing. See how it affects your life, love, and relationships. 

masturbation benefits

Male Masturbators

Mens masturbators can replicate the feeling of realistic sex and can enhance the pleasure of masturbation. Male masturbators have been made with textured interiors, are handheld in size and some provide controllable levels of suction. Some masturbators can also be heated before use by placing them in warm water.

Masturbators can be used for solo play or with a lover who can control the sex toy.

Most people use their hands, though if you use a sex toy it will make masturbation quicker and more pleasurable. Whilst masturbating, men can think about various sexual experiences or watch adult movies for assistance.

My Masturbator Recommendation:

One of my favourite sex toys is the “Romant Storm Male Masturbator” which is made from pure silicone with 10 mode strong vibrators. It has a battery which will last for up to 2 hours and comes with 3 months replacement warranty. It has the following features:

  1. Non-toxic, safe & phthalate free.
  2. Brown in colour.
  3. Discreet design for private storage.
  4. Super Skin material that is pliable, warm and soft, which gives you the experience of real intercourse.
  5. Easy to use & clean with proper care.
  6. Has an affordable price.
  7. Has 10 modes of vibrations.
  8. Battery that lasts for up 2 hours.
  9. 3 months replacement warranty.

Male Masturbators

I also recommended the “Pink Nebuto” and the famous the Vibro Lady from the Fleshlight mens sex toy brand which provides suction that doesn’t let you go unless you want it to.  It is always good to know the best ways to masturbate and here are 8 Masturbation techniques I like to use.

Male Masturbator Vibrator
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We recommend Adult Smart an online sex toy shop which provides a large range of mens masturbators that have various shapes, designs and brands. Adultsmart sell them at the best competitive and affordable prices in comparison to other stores. A lot of people buy their products online as it keeps their identity anonymous and there are various payment options.

Masturbation endurance cream makes you last longer

This Cream Gives Masturbation Endurance!

One of the pioneering companies in the adult toy industry is Topco.  Since 1975 they have been at the forefront of producing quality sex toys and aids.  Our friends from Topco have sent us 4M Training Gear – Endurance Masturbation Cream for review. 4M (For Males) is a line from Topco Sales.

Designed to enhance male sexual play and wellness.  The cream comes in a 4.5 fluid ounce container and Topco says its:

‘Formulated to help improve stamina as well as increase pleasure, each dollop of this moisturizing water-based cream contains Vitamin E and ginseng – a natural compound prized for its performance-enhancing properties.’

4M Endurance Masturbation Cream Ingredients

It contains Purified Water (Aqua), Ethylhexyl, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Carbomer, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate and Triethanolomine.

The product is proudly made in the United States of America in the FDA approved manufacturing plants owned by Topco themselves.

Masturbation Cream by Topco 4M
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The Texture And Experience

Opening the container I found that the product was as claimed, a rich creamy texture, much heavier than that of a lubricant obviously because it is specifically designed for the penis.  Placing a dab on my palm it quickly became luxuriously slippery with the warmth of one’s body.

Rubbing my palms together and there was no friction whatsoever.  Smelling my palms where the cream was and there was a little odour or scent that certainly was not offensive.  Putting a little on my finger and tasted it – I would not recommend using it if you are intending to have sex. It does not have the most pleasant of tastes.

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Watching one of my favorite porn movies, whacked (pardon the pun) on my DVD player and began to watch it.  As the scenes got me turned on I applied some of the cream to my cock.  Initially it was a bit thick and tacky but as it warmed up to my body it became slick and thin.

Moving my hand up and down my shaft and it certainly increased the sensations.

I am not exactly sure which ingredient caused this but the skin on my penis slightly tingled – in a good way.  It could have been the ginseng or perhaps the acetate but the tingling sensation as mentioned was quite pleasurable.  Every jerk of the hand caused added excitement and regardless what speed my cock was stroked it was not uncomfortable and no friction was felt.

The consistency of the cream once warmed up was similar.  I would rate this product and certainly it enhances the masturbatory experience quite well.

Masturbation Techniques You Can Try

A couple of techniques you may wish to incorporate when using the Topco Endurance Masturabation Cream are:

The Palmer

When erect put some of the the masturbation cream in the palm of your hand. Instead of jelqing your shaft rub the head of your penis against the palm of your hand until you climax.

The Bag

Get a sandwich bag and put the Endurance Masturbation cream liberally inside it.  Put your penis in squishing the cream so that your cock is completely covered. Place the bag between the pillows on your couch or between the mattress and the base on your bed.  Now pump to your hearts content and the best part of it is when you are finished there is no mess or clean up.

Hand Job Plus

This is one of my faves.  Hold your strong hand in the standard jelqing technique which is the OK sign.  Liberally place your 4M Endurance Cream in the ‘O” part of the hand and on your shaved pubic region.

Push your cock tight against your pubic area, encompass your shaft with the ‘O’ and then use your other fingers to cover the exposed (top part) of the shaft.  Then stroke your penis.  This will give you as close to a realistic vagina sensation without having to go out and buy a masturbator or stroker.

So go out and grab yourself some of this masturbation cream and have a go at some of my favorite jerking off styles.








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