Douching Tips for a Sweet Smelling Vagina – Expert Advice from Me To You

Douching tips for a sweet smelling vagina – expert advice from me to you!  Discover expert tips on douching for a fresh, sweet-smelling vagina. Boost your confidence and enjoy your body with our top douching tips.

I’ve been reading a lot of forums and articles lately and it got me thinking.  There’s so much out there about how to make your vagina look good, even trendy.

But what about making it smell good?

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel confident down there?  I’ve been wondering how to achieve the best taste and smell, but had no clue where to start.

It’s totally normal for vaginas to have a scent because of our body’s natural smells and sweat.  But why not try to enhance it, right?

Let’s dive in!

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Douching Tips for a Sweet Smelling Vagina

  • Ensure you have a nicely fragrant soap.

This will not react to your body if you’re allergic

  • Wear cotton panties where possible and not panties that cause a camel toe.

The vagina can become smelly because of tight fitting clothes or the material your clothes are made from.

  • Always clean thoroughly after going to the toilet.

Carry around a wet wipe to clean any vaginal secretions easily.

  • Invest in tablets that will flavour your vaginal secretions.

  • Avoid asparagus, smoking, onions and coffee.

They create odour just like they effect your breath with the consumption of certain foods and drinks.

  • If these thing don’t work, visit your doctor.

You may have an infection.  It would be worth going to your doctor who may give you some antibiotics or an antibiotic-wash.

  • Use a flavoured or odourless douche to clean inside.

Tropical flavoured douches are amazing.

Pink Roses in Hands Smell Lovely

Douching for Your Rectum

Douche is a French word which means “wash” or “soak”.
Although that action is mostly identified with gay males’ anal penetration, most women give themselves a vaginal douche to eliminate odour, to have intercourse during menstruation etc.
 I just want to talk about rectal douching mainly applied by both women and men before having intercourse anally.

There are Many Types of Douching 

Bulb Douches

This type of douche includes two parts as bulb and nozzle.  Simply, you fill the bulb with warm water and squeeze it gently after inserting the nozzle into your anus.

  • A nozzle that varies in different shapes and sizes.

Whilst some of them provide shallower cleaning the others make it deeper (the ones with longer and larger nozzles).

  • Easy to use and cheaper compared to other types.

  • Most important to remember

This type of douche is ‘suck back’ which means that you should be careful while the tip of the nozzle inside you.  If the bulb is disconnected from the nozzle accidentally while using it will damage the tissue of your rectal cavity and cause health problems.

Shower Douches

  • Can be connected to Shower

This type of douche can be connected directly to your existing shower permanently or it can be removed when not in use.

  •  More convenient

It provides constant flow and also ‘suck back’ does not happen.  If you are into fisting or large dildos, shower douches are more suitable for you.

  • Be careful with the pressurised water

Still, you need to be careful as you have pressurized water directly from the tap.  You’ll get used to adjusting the optimum temperature and pressure of water after a few uses.

Water Bag Douches

This type of douche can be thought as a combination of bulb and shower douches.

  • What does it consist of?

It consists of a water bag, hose, nozzle, hook and adapter to adjust the flow.

  • How do I use it?

Simply, fill the bag with water and hang it on the wall by the help of the hook.

  • Mobile

It can be carried easily to anywhere you go as it is not attached to the shower.

Anal douche

After choosing the right one for yourself, grab it, go to the bathroom and give it a go.

Steps to Follow when Bulb Douching

First of all, make sure that your shower and the toilet are close enough.  Keeping water inside can be hard for you in very first uses.
I will give some basic steps for bulb douches because people usually have this type of douche.

Step 1

  • Wash the douche thoroughly before each use.  Make sure that you are using water, avoid any other cleansing additives like soaps etc.
  • it is really important to use warm water, not too hot or too cold.  Your rectal cavity is really sensitive and it can be irritated easily.

Step 2

  • Use plenty amount of lubricant for both nozzle and yourself for easy insertion.

Step 3

  • Insert the nozzle into your rectum or vagina.  1 inch of the nozzle will be enough, more is unnecessary.
  • Squeeze the bulb gently so that water can go in.

Step 4

  • Remove the nozzle slowly and beware of ‘suck back’.
  • After you feel full with water, go to the toilet quickly yet carefully and discharge the water you hold inside.

Step 5

  • Repeat the same procedure until you see the water coming clear. You may need to repeat it 3-4 times.

Other Useful Douching Tips

  • Don’t use too much water.  Give yourself time to find the right amount of water to use
  • Lube the nozzle and yourself in each insertion and please use only water.
  • Use douche 30-45 minutes prior to penetration
  • You may use antibacterial soap and/or perfumed moisturising cream for the cheeks of your butt after douching, not for your rectal cavity.

Safety of Douching

Some people believe that douching is not that safe and healthy for the rectum. They say that rectal cavity reserves lots of useful bacteria for human health and that area must be kept at a constant pH and that douching changes the level of pH

This warning must be taken into consideration.

  • douching
    CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit

Enemas & Douching – A Clean Story

I was asked about the enemas we sell,  A girl was asking about them for use pre-  And I realised, although I knew what one was and what they are for, I couldn’t with any confidence explain how to use one.

I also remembered a book by Nancy Friday that I read many years ago, which  shared ordinary women’s accounts of their sometimes out of the ordinary sexual fantasies.

There was one fantasy a woman had about getting an enema.  So, I knew that it was probably a fetish.  Lets face it, most things are a fetish to somebody somewhere.

Well it turns out, it is a very popular one.

There are movies, chatroom’s and a whole underground enema fan club out there.   In fact people who get sexual thrills from this practice have their very own name now…Klismaphiliacs.

Talk to me About Enemas

Enemas have been popular for centuries. The ancient Egyptians were crazy about them.  They thought all diseases were caused by dodgy food and believed a good old enema could cure anything.

Mostly we sell enemas for anal sex.  By nature anal play can get a little messy, and for some people that  that can ruin it.  So a bit of preparation can make sure the experience is a bit cleaner.

But is it Actually Necessary

The answer is, not really, not if you have been to the loo with in the previous couple of hours.  Your rectum is the last bit of the intestine and actually the cleanest part.

Obviously you should clean the outside of the anus.  A shower with your partner is good for that though.

Some people either like to incorporate an enema into their foreplay, or just need the peace of mind themselves beforehand.

Man in waterfall

You don’t need to perform the type of enema I had imagined though.

When I pictured enemas, I thought of those ones you have in doctors surgeries.  A doctor has the patient on a table for hours with a years worth of body waste going down a tube into a bucket.

I just wasn’t quite sure how to perform one. Now you would think I would be able to find out how to use an enema kit, on the packaging of the enema kit…..but no.

Cleanstream water bottle kit had absolutely no instructions

That’s why I thought it might be worth my while writing this report, as my customer and I can’t be the only ones on the planet who are in the dark about this.

Here is what you do if you just want a quick pre-sex clean.

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Your Guide to Douching or an Enema

Fill the bag with water (some people like to add things for extra cleanliness or for nice smells…don’t be adding too much though the water is the hero here).

You screw in the top attach the hose to it, and thread the flow controller clip on to the hose  (it is squeezed to create a valve to stop and start the flow).

Then you add the tapered rectal attachment to the ‘other end.

Using the hanger, hang the bag as high as you can.  Get on all fours or on your side or on your back with your knees to chest, any position that is comfy and insert the rectal tube.

All you do is just let the water flow in for 10 seconds,  then stop the flow.

Stand up, shake your hips while all those stubborn little nuggets free them selves …then just sit on the toilet and ..expel!

You can do it a couple of times if you like.

What a relief!!  I was picturing a whole different scenario of having to get a friend round and erect a trestle table and don white coats a few hours in advance.   (I think I was confusing it with colonic irrigation).

Restraint Enema

There is the longer more  drawn out enema called a restraint enema.  This involves holding as much liquid inside you for periods of up to 20 minutes at a time and it would be more the enema for the pleasure seeker.


I love finding out about new and interesting I looked this one up.  Klismaphiles gain sexual satisfaction through enemas, through fantasies or by actually receiving or giving them.

It is typically used in role play, and often has  a lot to do with punishment or submission.   Klismaphilia is practiced by men and women, although men are more likely to be klismaphiles.  They do, after all have a prostate which can be massaged by the fluid and be intensely pleasurable.

Klismaphiles also sometimes get pleasure from a large, water filled belly or the feeling of internal pressure.   Like a lot of  fetishes it sometimes arises from a childhood experience but can often be discovered later on in life.

It is also practiced on its own for sexual pleasure, by people who don’t have a fetish for it.   Unlike scat though, the pleasure has nothing to do with the poo.  It is about relaxation, lube, masturbation, holding back and even penetrative sex during the enema.

When the enema is done right, there is no pain or discomfort.  Once the colon is clean, men report enjoying having sex while the water flushes out.

The feeling is stimulating, and when coupled with masturbation can produce amazing orgasms.


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