Hugo Gave Me Intense P-Spot Orgasms!

You must have seen so many ads and commercials that promote different medicines to enhance sexual activity. Once there was a time when my anal desires had become more frequent and that is when I thought of buying the Lelo Hugo prostrate massager. The Lelo Hugo has got some amazing capabilities which will change your mind about prostate massages. It does not matter whether you use it all alone or with your lover, it is one of the best pleasures you can enjoy.

Lelo Hugo is for anal pleasure all the time.

When I started using this prostate massager, at the beginning I had no clue how I should use it. However, as I started using it, I learnt that for better pleasure, it is necessary to keep your sex toys very clean especially when using it down there. Before you use the sex toy, it is ideal to clean your insides with an enema or douche. After you clean your insides, you need to expel the rest of the water trapped inside your anus by using the toilet. After you use the toilet, you should have a warm shower to loosen up your body to get it prepared for a prostate massage. Remember that while your using this product, lubrication is extremely important for better results and ultimate satisfaction that too at a cost friendly value. The more lubrication you use, the easier will be able to slide into your anus without any struggles.

When I was ready, I opened up the box and was surprised to see some of the great features and specification which this massager was offering me. Lelo comes with a charger and lithium battery so that it will not runoff power when using it. There are different colors available for your Lelo Hugo anal fantasy including Black, Purple and Ocean Blue. The design however, looks similar to few other products but I didn’t care because it has the ability to just satisfy my ultimate wish. Due to its unusual packing, I originally had a different impression about this product in my mind. The sex toy inside has definitely surprised me with its amazing features. The wrapping is done with a bubble wrap plastic to make sure it does not get cracked up at the time of transport.

Lelo Hugo Male Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Hugo


Prostrate manipulation can cause intense male orgasm,

Lelo Hugo Prostrate massager is the best product around for this purpose. With its altogether new ways of giving the body a great sexual satisfaction, you can definitely not deny it. There is SenseMotion technology for better enhancement of your sexual activity. You can enjoy it aquatically to as it is completely waterproof. It deeply massages the prostrate and stimulus the perineum for the ultimate pleasures. This product though looks small, but it surely has got lot of things to offer you. The price at Adult Smart Adult Lifestyle Shop is also friendly so much so that you definitely should not deny the deal.

Thanks to the technology that has advanced so much, every time Lelo Hugo comes out it will be keeping you satisfied and surprised. Talking about the Hugo prostate massager, it has got such a good vibration motor with different speeds and different setting modes. You can also use it wireless up to 12 meters. For better movement there is a Sense motion technology. Being versatile and waterproof, this product is great to use anywhere. It has got a silicone glides that gives incredible feel. Maintenance is not a hard simply wash off with warm water and cover it with silk storage bag which you will get in the package.

When it comes of LELO, you don’t really have to look further for the quality. It is value for the money in the long term that you pay. Looking at the products which it has offered till now, I am looking forward to buying a few more surprising products from them. The Lelo Hugo is a worthy addition to my sex toy collection. With the amazing specifications and great features, it has the ability to kick off the other brands and be the first choice for many people. With great power and smooth sensation, don’t miss out. Lelo Hugo Prostrate Massager is something you do not want to miss out on. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today for ultimate fun and great mind boggling pleasure that you may not find anywhere else that too at such a great price. Now, it’s the time to fulfill your anal fantasy.

About the Author: Ron is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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