Get The Good Vibe With Doc Johnson Rock Stars!

Sometimes my friends recommend me sex toys that they have used and liked. One of my friends recommend that I try the Doc Johnson Rock Star Vibes mainly because she had found out that I haven’t tried it out yet. Since I have used the Rock Star Vibes I have never been without it since. Rock star Vibes are the kind of vibrators that I’d be comfortable to describe as an all rounder perfect type of sex toy. It has it all as far as when you are thinking about a sex toy providing the utmost pleasure. Inspired by some of the sexiest rocker girls from back in the seventies, the Rock Star line has combined an irresistible shapes with super soft silicone that is also ultra-safe. It has a powerful multi speed motor to produce one of the finest vibrators for a glamorous woman. The box that it comes in, reminds me of the tattoos on some of the rockabilly dancers I have seen in Sydney.

The Rocks Star Vibe is inspired by the attraction and the sensuality of rock and roll. This powerful vibrator looks like a rock star. It is gorgeous with an elegant design that is meant to maximize pleasure. One of the many things I love about this super vibrator is its impeccably designed shape that allows it to hit the g-spot perfectly. Featuring a lusciously angled and contoured head that is also bent upward and outward with a discrete ridge that nestles against your g-spot, this vibrator is generally irresistible and is worth trying for every pleasure-loving woman. To make the vibrator that much easier, a slight move of the curved handle will massage your g-spot just the way it needs to be rubbed.

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Sex Toy: Doc Johnson Rock Star Vibe


This Rock Star Vibe is made with super soft silicone that makes every moment with these sex toys a good time. It’s not to hard and it’s not to soft, so you are able to change the amount of pressure you use to combat what you sexually desire at the time. I love its nice and flexible shaft that allows me to position its head where it thrills the most, the flexibility helps me to not be scared of moving it around in the moment, so I’m never scared of having an uncomfortable ding when I get to excited by the stimulation. And once in place, there is this core firmness that it possesses that ensures perfect placement and stimulates my body with the ultimate satisfaction. The pleasure that this vibrator gives me makes me want to scream hard with every moment that I use it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will love it’s every feature from the first time you’ll let it in to your body. I am surprised as to how well thought out Doc Johnson always has with their sex toy ranges.

Powered by a powerful multi-speed motor, this vibrators knows just how to make a woman’s climaxing super. The multi-speed vibrations concentrate at the tip, and are controlled by spinning its velvety smooth spherical base that gripping and maneuvering I find extra easy. It is also very easy to operate and use, so much that you won’t have much problems dealing with it.

Another amazing ability of Rock Star Vibes is that of being waterproof. This allows you to go beyond the ordinary and try it in the pool or bathtub with your partner. I let my husband pleasure me in these places every once in a while to break any lurking monotony. I use it with a good water-based lube to keep it at its best. Water based lubes work perfectly with this material and helps keep the vibrator at its super stimulating best. It is powered by four AAA batteries that are sold separately. It’s absolutely safe to use this vibrator. Rock star vibes are ingeniously designed with every beautiful woman in mind. They are all body-safe and also hypoallergenic. This makes it safe for you even if you have a sensitive skin. In my case, I have never experienced any problems with this vibrator for the lengthy period that I have owned it. They are also extremely hygienic and completely nonporous in nature.


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