Rock Out With Doc Johnson Rock Star Vibrators

Sometimes my friends recommend me sex toys that they have used and liked. One of my friends recommend that I try the Doc Johnson Rock Star Vibrators mainly because she had found out that I haven’t tried it out yet.

Since I have used the Rock Star Vibes I have never been without it since. They are the kind of vibrators that I’d be comfortable to describe as an all rounder perfect type of sex toy.  It has it all as far as when you are thinking about a sex toy providing the utmost pleasure.

Inspired by some of the sexiest rockers from back in the seventies.

Rock Star line has combined an irresistible shapes with super soft silicone that is also ultra-safe. It has a powerful multi speed motor to produce one of the finest luxuryvibrators for a glamorous woman.  Box that it comes in, reminds me of the tattoos on some of the rockabilly dancers I have seen in Sydney.

Rock Star Vibe is inspired by the attraction and the sensuality of rock and roll.

This powerful vibrator looks like a rock star.

It is gorgeous with an elegant design that is meant to maximize pleasure. One of the many things I love about this super vibrator is its impeccably designed shape that allows it to hit the g-spot perfectly.

Featuring a lusciously angled and contoured head that is also bent upward and outward with a discrete ridge that nestles against your g-spot.  This vibrator is generally irresistible and is worth trying for every pleasure-loving woman. To make the vibrator that much easier, a slight move of the curved handle will massage your g-spot just the way it needs to be rubbed.

Rock Star Vibrators
Play Rock Star Vibe

Rock Star Vibrators

This Rock Star Vibe is made with super soft silicone that makes every moment with these sex toys a good time. It’s not to hard and it’s not to soft, so you are able to change the amount of pressure you use to combat what you sexually desire at the time.

I love its nice and flexible shaft that allows me to position its head where it thrills the most.  The flexibility helps me to not be scared of moving it around in the moment.  So I’m never scared of having an uncomfortable ding when I get to excited by the stimulation.

Once in place, there is this core firmness that it possesses that ensures perfect placement.  Stimulates my body with the ultimate satisfaction.

Pleasure that this vibrator gives me makes me want to scream hard with every moment that I use it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will love it’s every feature from the first time you’ll let it in to your body.

Doc Johnson Sex Toys are Always Well Thought Out

Powered by a powerful multi-speed motor, this vibrators knows just how to make a womans orgasm super.  Multi-speed vibrations concentrate at the tip, and are controlled by spinning its velvety smooth spherical base that gripping and maneuvering I find extra easy.

It is also very easy to operate and use, so much that you won’t have much problems dealing with it.

rock star vibrators

Another amazing ability of Rock Star Vibes is being waterproof.

This allows you to go beyond the ordinary and try it in the pool or bathtub with your partner. I let my husband pleasure me in these places every once in a while to break any lurking monotony. I use it with a good water-based lube to keep it at its best.

Water based lubes work perfectly with this material and helps keep the vibrator at its super stimulating best. It is powered by four AAA batteries that are sold separately. It’s absolutely safe to use this vibrator. Rock star vibes are ingeniously designed with every beautiful woman in mind. They are all body-safe and also hypoallergenic.

This makes it safe for you even if you have a sensitive skin. In my case, I have never experienced any problems with this vibrator for the lengthy period that I have owned it. They are also extremely hygienic and completely nonporous in nature.

Rock Star Vibrators
Doc Johnson American Pop Sex Toy Range

American Doc Pops My Erogenous Spots

Oh my it has finally happened!!!

I was hopeful I would see the day that a tapered ended silicone anal trainer set became available in store. Due to so many reasons, these types of toys are a must for people wanting to experiment with anal play.

I am blown away with the Doc Johnson American Pop Set!! It instantly caught my attention due to being the most vibrantly packaged toy in store, the products inside being just as bright and colourful!!

Who are Doc Johnson?

Doc Johnson, a Californian based sex toy company have been around since 1976.  They have continually created affordable sex toys guaranteed to impress. Their range includes everything from dildo’s and vibrators to strap ons and but plugs, many of which get a huge reaction from customers.

Think of a 1.5kg butt plug called The Red Boy Challenge…yep they did it!!

(Note: Photo does not do this bad boy justice!!)

Rock Star Vibrators & Doc Johnson Red Boy Butt Plug Photo
Sex Toy: Doc Johnson Red Boy Butt Plug

Doc Johnson Now Have Silicone Butt Toys!!!!!

When people come in to Adultsmart looking for a good quality butt toy that will stand the test of time, I’ve tended to steer away from the Doc Johnson products in the past for one reason.  Most of them are made from porous materials such as TPE and PVC which break down over time and cannot be cleaned 100% effectively like silicone, steel and glass toys.

As good as these “life-like” materials can feel when being used, they can carry nasty bacteria which is a big no no with but toys.  I recommend that people use condoms on these toys if they decide to stick with them, which let’s face it, is super annoying.

Doc Johnson now have some amazing silicone toys available.  Means they will be my new go to for people looking for fun, body safe and affordable toys.

American Pop Range

Packaging is reminiscent of Andy Warhols classic pop art, its fun and playful but not worth holding on to unfortunately. The packaging of this range allows you to see the contents clearly.  If you visit Adultsmart to check them out, the friendly staff would be more then happy to open it up for you to have a closer inspection

I have struggled to find good quality Silicone Anal Trainer sets with tapered ends with most toys of this calibre made from porous materials mentioned above.

American Pop Launch Silicone Anal Trainer Set is a set of three tapered but plugs of gradually bigger sizes.

  • Small measures 2.5 inches in insertable length.
  • Medium 3.5 inches.
  • Large 4.5 inches, all gradually increasing in width also.
  • Tapered end and overall smooth design of these butt plugs means they are really good for anal newbies.
  • They are easy to insert and remove and also really comfortable.
  • Wide base of these but plugs means they’re super safe and simple to use.
Rock Star Vibrators & Doc Johnson Silicone Anal Trainer Set Photo
Doc Johnson Silicone Anal Trainer Set

Made from flexible, premium silicone.

Surface feels quite grabby, which may appeal to some people.  But if you’re like me and usually go for silky smooth silicone toys, using these butt plugs without a good quality water-based lubricant would mean unnecessary discomfort.

Shape of these toys is a total winner so I would just recommend ensuring a good quality lubricant is used with these.  I absolutely love all of the Pjur Lubricants, with the Woman Aqua my recommended choice right now.

Using this set with lubricant will result in a comfortable and pleasurable experience. The set is available in blue, purple, pink and yellow-all fluorescent and eye catching shades!

It is also a great idea to read up on other recommended beginner anal play products.

Rock Star Vibrators & Doc Johnson Silicone Anal Trainer Set Photo
Doc Johnson Silicone Anal Trainer Set

Cleaning is So Important for Long Lasting Sex Toys

In order to have these sex toys last a long time, cleaning before and after use is so important. They are 100% waterproof so it’s an easy process. I would recommend using a foaming cleaner such as Intimate Earth Green with Tea Tree Oil for a really vigorous clean minus the harsh chemicals.

Anyone wanting to experiment with anal play needs to invest in this set as it’s guaranteed to be an incredible addition to your toy collection. Or for anyone who had previously settled on a cheap trainer set and wants to upgrade, look no further!

Available to buy at a great quality set for such an affordable price tag.

Rock Star Vibrators
Doc Johnson Silicone Slim Dong Photo

Pop Vac U Lock Dildos Specail Mention

Because quite simply these toys are incredible.  Doc Johnson American Pop Vac-U-Lock dildos are cock shaped dildo’s compatible with all Vac-U-Lock strap on harnesses.

  • Dildos come in 6”Silicone cocks with or without balls.
  • 7” Dual Density Realistic Cock with balls or 8” without balls.
  • Colours are vibrant just like the Anal Trainer Set.
  • Silicone dildos being the first silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos I’ve seen in store.
  • Incredible toys at affordable prices!
Rock Star Vibrators
Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson – Vac-U-Lock

Following on from our strap-on guide, this post looks at the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock strap-on system and some of the great features and accessories available with it.

As their website puts it, Vac-U-Lock is a “patented harness and plug system (which) revolutionized strap-on play, offering fully adjustable harnesses built for comfort and superior control coupled with a proprietary plug designed to hold insertable toys perfectly in position and allow for endless custom options.”

What makes Vac-U-Lock different than other strap-on arrangements?

That would be the patented plug with the two notches. There is only one plug size, and any of the Vac-U-Lock dildos will fit directly to this, without the need for an o-ring. No matter the girth or size (see below).

The plug is snapped into place via the four poppers, making it a cinch to get ready for play and even easier to remove to clean. All the while, you can be assured that your dildo will be securely fastened for all your playtime.

How is it Fastened?

Simply, there is an opening in the bottom of every Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo. When the dildo is pulled onto the plug, a vacuum is created (ah, that’s where the name comes from!) between the two.  Holding the dildo fast, with the added security of the two notches on the plug.

rock star vibrators from Doc Johnson

Range of attachments for the Vac-U-Lock system will never leave you wanting.

From realistic UR3 dildos, to g-spot curved, to the gorgeous American Pop! range, there is truly something for everyone.

If you like thinks a little kinkier or hardcore, there’s a 10” squirter called the Drencher, from the Doc’s collaboration with

Half of the American Bombshell range is also Vac-U-Lock compatible, even the massive Block Buster, which is only 12.5”. In girth!

As for the harnesses available, again there is a lot of choice.

Each are fitted with the four internal poppers to readily click the plug into place. Offering plenty of styles, ranging from open crotch g-string to jock strap style.  And other variants with a broader back for extra confidence and more reinforcement for some of the larger toys you may wish to play with.

There are gender Specific Harnesses.

To allow for those that need to fit their meat and veg inside, as well as unisex options.

Make sure when purchasing you’re getting yourself the right one. The Platinum range of harnesses can not only take the standard plug, but also can take a range of o-rings so you can fit any other, non Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.

Vac-U-Lock also have a range of complete starter kits.

Featuring a harness, an assortment of dildos, a regular 4 popper plug and a suction cup plug. Each pack also has enough consumables to get you started: water based lube, toy cleaner and renewing powder.

Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Powder is used to assist inserting your dildo onto the plug. Simply squirt a little of the powder into the hole in the base of your attachment before fixing it to the plug.

The powder can also be used as a renewing powder for any of the UR3 dildos in Doc’s range. Which also means you can use another branded powder if you can’t find the Doc’s, such as the Fleshlight Renewing Powder.


The peeps at Doc Johnson wanted to make sure you knew just how versatile their Vac-U-Lock system is. Their accessories are inventive, to say the least.

  • From their advanced, positionable suction cup, to the ball gag with a plug at one end of the ball.
  • Knuckle Up (think knuckle busters, with a plug on the end),
  • A wand head attachment.
  • E-Z Rider Ball (an inflatable ‘exercise’ ball with a plug built into it).
  • Even an (off brand) alloy plug attachment to fit to a Caesar Sex Machine!

Why Buy the Vac U Lock?

Simply put, if ease of use, simplicity to clean, and a near endless variety of play is what you are after, Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock is a fantastic place to start. Or it’s a great place to progress towards for those with a bit more experience that are looking to up their game into the Doc’s world of possibilities.

No more fiddling around trying to stretch an o-ring over a dildo, buzz killing the mood within the first (of no doubt multiple) minute of doing so.

Pop, lock, and play.


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