A Sex Toy Phenonema – Lelo Brand

You hear the classic question, do you want to spice things up in bed? One of the leading companies in sensual and affordable sex toys is the LELO brand.

There is no avoiding the fact that sex is a lot of fun, and it can also be pretty creative too.

Some great sex toy options make things a little hotter and a little more sensual by providing some enhanced fun and stimulation in all the right ways.

“Millions of people enjoy LELO, it’s just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself.” – Founder Filip Sedic

Who are the LELO Brand?

LELO is a Swedish organisation that offers top of the line products. Their workplaces reaching out from Stockholm to San Jose, from Sydney to Shanghai.  All Lelo sex toys are planned in view of product life span.

Without giving up quality, our creators and architects are always searching for better approaches to augment our sex toys product’s lifespan.  So, as to last longer and to increase vitality to guarantee that your item will give joy over and over.

Lelo Brand
Wave Vibrator

LELO Brand Design

They blend gorgeous design with sexual effectiveness to really make the experience all the better.  This is not a solo adventure.

Many of their toys are meant for couples use, and they accentuate the performance but do not become the main aspect behind it.

LELO was made in 2003 and is now well known for it luxurious design, sleek feel and functionality.  A whole other level of extravagance.  Applying the same responsibility to quality, configuration and advancement over all product offerings.

LELO’s one of a kind portfolio now stretches out through individual massagers, oils, and soy rub candles. Their sex toys and vibrators are the best selling and sexiest in the company’s total line-up.

What makes LELO products so captivating?

LELO Ergonomic Design

These ex toys are built like the best products from Apple.  What this means is that they are crisply designed and minimal in presentation.  They are also rather small which makes for a more intimate and personal experience.

As opposed to these big lumbering items that can be distracting to the point of being annoying.  Their products are smaller in design and not a big distraction in the bed.

LELO Brand shop online
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LELO In Different Colors

Everyone has at least a passing understanding of how color can set a certain tone.  Dark colors have a sort of sensual vibrancy to them.

Bright red can be both sexy and exclamatory.  Light colors have this cool and chilly vibe to them.   Black is the ultimate sex color because it is universal.  It does not offend anyone, and it almost always protrudes a sense of classy intimacy.

Bright colored sex toys can seem a little childish or silly.

Just look at all the big goofy bright pink products are out there.  They do not seem as serious, as sexual, as intimate and sensational as a black chic design.

Lelo sex toys come in a variety of colors. There are pink colourations for people that do prefer that very vibrant style.  As well as dark grays and blues for couples that prefer something a little more simple.

LELO Price

These sex toys range in price from just $50 to a couple hundred. This offers a nice range of prices for people that want the best of the best or the accessible products that are the most popular.

The differences between the products are highlighted under each item. Some of the attributes that change the price is is the size, the speed settings, and the comfort ability of the design.

Even products on the lower end represent the highest quality in rambunctiously fun and sensual sex toys. This includes the massagers, beads, and the more unconventional toys.

Best sex toys and vibrators are well built and effective.

They are not always meant to be used solo, though they can be for some special alone time.  Use to add a little extra fun into the bedroom and keep girls on their toes in all the right ways.

This is why choosing Lelo is the best.  LELO has joined the worldwide activity in outlining to have any kind of effect, to make items that have an altogether diminished effect on nature.

As a worldwide organization, LELO is constantly dedicated to social obligation in the majority of our offices and operations.

Lelo Brand
Award Winning Lelo

Lelo Ora Wins French Design Award

Great news for Lelo out of France this week, as it was announced that our personal massager ORA™ was awarded a highly-coveted Cannes Lion in the category of Product Design of 2014.

The Cannes Lions are the world’s biggest awards for creativity, and news of this latest win is a huge victory as well as another leap into the mainstream for Lelo.

Oral Sex, Sex Toy

This amazing news is notable not just for Lelo and their amazing oral-sex simulating ORA™.  But for the entire industry as being the first-ever sex toy product to be singled out for a prestigious Cannes Lion award.

Lelo ORA™ was in competition with nearly 200 product entries from brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Jawbone, and chosen from a final short list of just nine submissions.

It was chosen and praised by judges for “providing a solution that makes peoples’ lives better.  While aiding the communication of a brand ethos,” according to the criteria of the Product Design Lion category.

lelo brand
Lelo Vibrator Blue

Creative Innovative Solution of LELO Brand

The solution that ORA™ provides are sensations that closely mimic those of oral sex for women.

It’s a sleek and strikingly-designed massager that features a rotating ‘nub’ that moves in swirling rotations and fast flicks from beneath a layer of smooth silicone.

See how ORA™ works in the video below.  If we’ve got you inspired to create something truly special, then check out this year’s Lelo Sex Toy Design Award and submit your grand idea for keeping people connected.

Award Industry Show

Since 1954, Cannes Lions is the world’s  biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry.  Bench marking innovation in anything from mobile and billboards to design and branded content.

It’s the home of the great ideas changing the ways brands interact with their customers.  These Awards champion the best work from the past year and the Festival’s inspirational learning program points the way forward.

LELO Ora 2

The lelo Ora 2 is covered in Lelo’s smooth delicate body safe silicone, is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

All things considered, the Ora 2 accompanies calm vibrations. The dial makes a bit of a buzz which adds to the noise around here.  But hey, I’d totally use it in my own space.

Features of the Lelo Ora 2

The Ora is rechargeable (It accompanies a mains charger), is covered in a body protected, velvety delicate silicone and is totally waterproof.  It accompanies a long haul stockpiling box and a glossy silk pocket.

The Lelo Ora comes in some of the most beautiful and deep colours including midnight blue, deep rose and black.

All the colour’s are very appealing and are to add vibrancy into any collection.

Settings on the Ora 2

Talking about settings, the Ora 2 has ten.  In some of these settings, the turning stub will pivot around.  Others, it moves forward and backward in a 180 degree curve.

A few settings don’t contain any vibrations.  While the rest offer an awesome blend of nonstop speeds and examples, for example, heartbeats and waves.

You utilize the focal catch to push through these settings and the in addition to and less catches to increment or decline the power of the vibrations.

The stub has two rates

Pivoting gradually in the event that you have the power down low and quicker when you turn the force up. This happens in each mode, whether you have vibrations on or not.

Additionally, it implies it is unrealistic to have the stub moving quick while the vibrations are turned down low (and in like manner the a different way).

Lelo Ora has an “Intense” mode.

In the event that you fancy a stronger and more powerful stimulation, you can build your orgasm through steadily going up to this mode.  It will help you achieve a slow building orgasm.

The excellence of this toy is that you can browse huge amounts of qualities and vibrations to discover the setting that works for you.  From long waves to short heartbeats and substantial vibrations to quick flicks.

It’s verging on difficult to not discover a setting that will get you off.  Once you discover what works for you, it will never fail to give you the orgasm, time and time again.





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  1. I have been shopping at adultsmart for years now. Not once have they disappointed with their service or delivery. Recently they put me onto the Lelo brand of sex toys and now I have found what a luxury pleasure device is. Try them you, it may just be the best thing you ever do!

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