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I have been an avid penis plug user for many years now.  My collection and penis plug range is quite large. Personally the reasons that I gain so much enjoyment are twofold.

Firstly, I love the look of them when they are inserted. Me feeling them inside my urethra.  But without actually seeing the plug and anyone else not knowing how deep it actually goes.

Secondly, for me the sensation when my urethra dilates when putting it in is exotic but it is the slow removal that really gets me off.  This tingling feeling once it has left and the residue feeling.  Almost like there is a ghost plug in thereafter.

Where to Buy Penis Plugs 

Being from Australia there has been a bit of difficulty getting a new item to my urethral sounding sex toys collection.  As finding an outlet that has a wide variety is difficulty.

So over the years I have been purchasing plugs that take my interest from USA, China and other Countries.  Problems I have experienced there are sometimes the price is good but the quality is not.

Let’s be honest folks when you are sticking a sex toy down the eye of your most prized possession, price should not be consideration.

Quality is of utmost importance.

Then it is the sometimes lengthy delay in receiving my purchases. In one instance I had given up as order as lost.  But it arrived more than three months after I had purchased it. Then there is the times never received it at all with excuses that it must have got lost in post.  Finally when the items are not as described or of poor quality.

penis plug range
collection of cock plugs

Online Stores with a Penis Plug Range 

A few years ago I heard of a BDSM Importer called Hell’s Couture that also imported surgical steel sex toys (including urethral ones).

Their products started popping up in adult shops I frequent and online adult stores. Then a couple of years ago I met with these guys at a Sexpo.  They shared with me that the wanted to have the largest selection of plugs in Australia. This product was hand-made and most of proper surgical steel (not chromed). That is important if you know about steel sex toys.

Now over the last year I have noticed that it is not a case anymore of finding an outlet that stocks Hell’s Couture products but those that don’t.

A few weeks ago I went to a Bondage Expo in Sydney called the Gathering.

It is a smaller bondage Expo for those that are heavily into the Bondage Scene and who did I see there – but the Hell’s Couture crew.

I got to talking to them and found out that they now have in stock more than 180 different styles of urethral toys.  And of these there are a number that come in different length and width variations.

So probably closer to 3-400 of unique penis plugs.

penis plug range
Shop Now: Hells Couture

Let me tell you folks this is a massive range.

Certainly the largest collection of penis plugs in Australia and if not the biggest, one of the biggest in the world.

Obviously, no one personal collection would cater for 180 or more different types of urethral toys.  As when would you find the time to use them all. But I have a timber box with felt lining that I keep all my cock plugs in and categorized.

Reason that I use a felt box is that after use I clean the plugs, dry them and keep them stored in a dry place for future use.  This ensures that they are ready to go when the next occasion arises without too much effort.

My Penis Plug Collection 

A storage box also allows me to categorize them.

  • In first drawer I store all my solid plugs of which my favorite is the sub zone plug.  As it just has all the right nuances to make each and every insert interesting and filled with different shapes and sensations.
  • In the second drawer I keep my cum thru or hollow penis plugs.   Surprisingly I prefer the feeling of solid plug.  Whereas most plug users like the fact that they can urinate or ejaculate through the hollow ones.  It is personal taste but for me I love the feel of a heavy and solid plug inside me.
  • Finally on the bottom drawer I keep all my Sounding Kits and Dominator Wands.  My personal favorite and it seems the favorite of most urethral fanatics is the Hegar Sound Kit which has multiple double ended size options.  These may seem intimidating to most people but once you have practiced the art of urethral stretching size does not daunt you any more.  It is more the shapes and/or bends that challenge you.

After each use of my plugs I ensure that I sterilize it.

These days I do this by simply sticking them in the dishwasher.  As the heat and soap sterilizes everything.  And if you are buying from a reputable seller then your product will be medical grade steel that will not tarnish or rust.

Once the rinse cycle is complete I remove them and dry them off using a soft tea towel and off they go into my penis plug storage box.

Nothing could be easier or simpler.

penis plug range
Shop Online: Penis Plug Brands

Silicone Penis Plugs 

There are also penis plugs made of silicone that are bendable and can be worn during the course of the day.  But they just don’t do it for me.

Another type of plug that I will warn you to stay clear of are the ones with a plastic tube.  A metal plug is in two parts being the base and tip that are connected by this tube.  I tried it once and the tube became loose.  Luckily I managed to get it out otherwise I would have been off to casualty ward at the Hospital.

So now I only use plugs that are made from one piece as my safety is more important than my need to experiment.  So there you have the story of my collection of Penis Plugs.

I recommend buying Hell’s Couture.

penis plug range
It’s Da Bomb

This Is Da Bomb Penis Plug!

For years, men have searched everywhere looking for some of the best ways to boost their sexual satisfaction, arousal and experience.  Many of us have sorted through thousands of products over the years.  And have tried and tested different types of men’s sex toys many of us including penis plugs.

All of which is aimed for a common goal – more sexual satisfaction.

Let’s face it not all of us are going to be into urethral sounding and play.  But if you are so inclined why do you have a try with the Da Bomb Penis Plug.

What I think about Da Bomb Penis Plug

I achieved outstanding urethral stimulation and pleasure from using the Da Bomb Penis Plug.  And I have been a urethral sex toy enthusiast for some years now.  If this penis plug is inserted very slowly, hygienically, accurately and correctly it can trigger a series of sexual pleasures and enjoyment through out your entire body.

Best part, it comes with a ring on the exterior and this will prevent it from slipping in.   Makes it easier to manipulate it in and out of your urethra. With this ring you are able to feel safe and not scared of it slipping inside and have total control.

  • It has been impeccably made.

Presentation exhumes quality and efficiency. After all, if the good ratings and praises I am giving it is anything to go by, then this type of penis plug will live up to the expectations of many users.

In this case of the Da Bomb Penis Plug, the simpler it is, the better it is to use. Anyone from beginners to advanced urethral play users will be happy to use this penis plug.

penis plug types
Da Bomb Plug

It is extremely well crafted and if that is not enough.  More than just a marketing statement, and has been remarkably designed.

Creators of this urethral sex masterpiece were exceptionally clever.

Coming with an overall length of 140mm and 100 mm of insert able length, this alone will give anyone a never felt before erotic sensation.  It seems this item was designed by a person who had had a lot of experience with penis plugs before.

And then put everything that he liked into it and has gotten it right. When I used it there was no pain at all.

Cock plug safety is paramount

It seems the creators of this  penis plug had that in mind and made sure that was taken care of.  Of all the penis plugs in the market that I have tried, if used correctly, this type is by far one of the safest.

I made sure I read up all about the safety tips at the urethral insertion resource site

Do Penis Plugs Hurt? 

Many people think that penis plugs are perceived to cause a lot pain.  But contrary to that believe, this type of penis plug has actually proven to be one of the best and cause less or no pain at all.

After all, much of the materials that have gone into its creation are of high quality, smooth and will not cause any kind of discomfort.  This item did not only give me a harder erection.  But also a never felt before orgasm and incredible ejaculation.

  • Great Pricing

Shopping online I could not believe the pricing the penis plug coming in at just under $40.  And as all the resource sites you read from make sure you buy quality.  There are many cheaper and unsafe versions out there mainly made in China.  I live in America and it was shipped from Australia for $8USD and arrived at my doorstep in 7 days.

Final word

With what this item has done to and for me, it is going to hold the number 1 spot in my kit of urethral toys.  Da Bomb Penis Plug is truly a must have.  I would recommend it to anyone and anytime.



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