Let’s Get You Pumped Up On Hydromax!

A few weeks back I was presented with the opportunity to get pumped up on hydromax and try out for myself Bathmate’s products first hand.  But I was a bit unsure being truthfully honest with you… I was apprehensive.

No, that’s not the right word… I was perhaps uninterested.  Firstly, I am lucky enough not to deal with erectile issues (Knock on wood, again and again!).

Secondly, I’m not a “pumper”!  I have never tried using a pump for that ultimate suction sensation that pumps can provide.

At First I Wasn’t Sure I Wanted to Get Pumped Up on Hydromax

I have my own personal and not always rational fear of using devices on my penis.  For some silly reason I really like mine!  But irregular injuries caused by such devices is something I personally aim to avoid.

After giving it some thought, which really only went for 2 minutes, I jumped at it.  Try everything twice I always say!

pumped up on hydromax
BUY NOW: Bathmate Hydromax

Beginnings of Bathmate

Bathmate began their venture in quite the harrowing story.  In 2004 after a friend suffered a major spinal injury, Bathmate creator and CEO saw the effects his friend was going through.

Seeing the lack of ingenuity on the market to help erectile deficiencies.  The pumps were for the most part ineffective or uncomfortable and awkward to use.

Using his engineering ingenuity he went to work to design a pump that would work on a hydraulic system, the first of its kind.

Bathmate – Get Pumped on Hydromax – A Success

Almost 15 years later we can see what a success it has been!  Bathmate’s Hydromax penis pumping systems are tops in their field.

Whether you yourself are burdened by erectile troubles or you’re looking to expand your current members’ size, the Hydromax system would be my suggestion!

Important – Read the Instructions First

Before going into my personal venture with Bathmate and their Hydromax, I want to stress how very important reading the instructions and taking your time is when it comes to using these kinds of devices.

These pumps have very powerful suction and if you jump in too fast and over pump it is possible to cause muscle damage and bruising to your penis.

Please take your time, do your research.  Better yet, pop into an Adult Lifestyle Centre near you and ask one of the friendly staff your questions.

Hydromax X30

The unit I took home was the Hydromax X30.  Bathmate has created a number of variations of their pumps to fill customer demands.  If you do go looking into pump systems you will notice Bathmate has 3 different systems with variations within each system.

They range in variable lengths and girths depending on your personal needs.

The Hydromax system I went with claims to have 35% more suction/pumping power than the original Bathmate series (which is still the top selling pump on the market).

I, of course, cannot compare my Hydromax X30 to the original.

But I can tell you, it’s powerful.  The suction inside the Hydromax device is incredible.  From what I can tell, the difference is the quality of materials used in the process.  IE softer silicone etc.

After using the device the first time

I was a little surprised by how limited you are to only using the device in an area that can get wet.  It’s important to know that while you pump the water from inside the cylinder, it ejects out with force.

I would definitely recommend only using this in the shower or bath!   Whilst looking on their website at the different accessories, I wished I had opted for the optional neck strap!

This strap looks like it would make the process easier and a little less “hands on”.

Maxout Cream

A potential companion to your Bathmate Pump is Bathmate’s “Maxout” or Jelqing cream.  And no that’s not a typo.

Jelqing is another word for milking and is often used to describe the physical act of stroking the shaft of the penis.  Popular belief is that when this is done properly it is possible to achieve a larger and stronger penis.

Personally, my vote is still out on this debate.

But if you are interested in increasing the size of your “manhood” I would say pumps are your safer option when done the right way.  The Maxout Cream by Bathmate does add a great level of moisturiser to the shaft of the penis before you begin using the pump.

pumped up on hydromax
Image: Bathmate Max Out Jelq

Control Delay Cream

It’s exactly what it says it does!

Because of a strong understanding of how effective their product is Bathmate knew their customers would want some help to delay their climax while using the pumps.

With help from the Delay cream and some steady practice, these pumps can help do more than engorge a member.  If used smart these pumps could help to curb the urge to prematurely ejaculate.


Pumped up on Hydromax
Image: Bathmate Control – Delay Ejaculation Cream

3 x Power Rings

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ll already know what a proponent of cock rings I am!  I am very lucky to have one of each of the 3 power rings by Bathmate.

pumped up on hydromax
BUY NOW: Cockrings

Having only taken one out of its packaging and until it breaks, it will be my regular.  The ring I am currently obsessed with is the “Gladiator”.  It’s a rounded ring made from soft squishy TPE/TPR or rubber if you want a simple name.

The unique thing about the Gladiator is the nodes on the inside of the ring.

These little nodes add great pleasure pressure to the penis aiding with blood flow control and adding great pressure sensations.  I have used this both with the pump and without the pump

It’s just a great cock ring to add to any collection!

Cock Ring By Bathmate
Image: Bathmate Power Rings (From Left To Right: Barbarian, Gladiator and Spartan)

Toy Cleaner

If you’re going to the field leader with your product why not develop your own custom toy cleaner?

That’s exactly what Bathmate has done with their misting toy cleaner.   I will say I used this to both clean out the Hydromax pump itself and it worked great, at least from what I could tell.

The device didn’t need much of a clean though.

I did also try the misting toy cleaner on a few other toys that had been used with silicone lube.  And found that the misting spray nozzle meant I needed more spray to give the toys a coating.

It also took a touch of elbow grease to get that silicone film off the toys as well.  I think the Misting toy cleaner is better left for the delicate job of keeping my pump clean and healthy.

Sex Toy Cleaner By Bathmate

Call me Happy!

Because that’s what I am.  I stepped outside of my regular (however irregular they might be) realm of sexual pleasures and tried a completely new style of toy.

While there were a few surprises, a few things I found difficult

I am very excited about my Hydromax (and Gladiator cock ring).  What I find most intriguing is now I can see firsthand how these penis enlargement devices like the Hydromax could potentially help those with premature ejaculation.

I’m still unsure about the pumps having lasting effects on the physiology of a penis.  At least we can have fun finding out!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human Sexuality

pumped up on hydromax
Extend your Penis Size with a Hydro Pump Cock Pump

Unleash The Beast For Bigger Erections!

If you think that all penis pumps are created equally, you have not yet experienced the power of Bathmate Unleash the Beast. Billed as one of the premiere hydro pumps for men, countless users will attest to its efficiency, comfort and handling.

If you have been searching far and wide for a pump which delivers on all of its promises and more, look no further than the HydroMax X40.

Still, you are likely wondering what features separate this model apart from its competitors.  Let’s take a closer look.

Comfort is King.

It is no secret that this pump is dealing with a rather delicate area.  And the last thing that you wish to experience is discomfort during the application and the pumping process.  This has been done away with thanks to a new bellows system which has been employed.

So, you can expect the HydroMax X40 to fit snugly around the base of the penis and the testicles.  A uniform vacuum within the pumping mechanism allows for even greater levels of comfort.

Ideal for the man who expects nothing less than perfection with such a device.

Unleash the Beast has better control

One of the issues with many penis pumps on the market today is that they do not offer superior levels of support and control.  Not only can this affect your comfort.  But you may very well not be getting the most out of the device in question.

This variable has been done away with thanks to a new design.

You can expect to enjoy such features as a swiveling bellows which allows for 360-degree rotation while in use.  And an option to change the angles of the pump.  This will enable you to get a better view and in turn, overall efficiency is vastly improved.

In many ways, achieving that extra girth that you have been looking for has never been easier!

It is Water Friendly

Some other pumps can be rather shoddy in design. This can lead to annoying squeaks, incomplete vacuum pressure and water leaks.  The engineers of the HydroMax X40 put a great deal of thought into these concerns when designing this model.

So, expect to enjoy a completely airtight experience when in use.  This will also allow you to achieve the results that you desire in much less time than would have been previously expected from competitive models.

More Convenience for the Modern Male

When referring to the “one-size-fits-all” concept, the HydroMax X40 does not disappoint.

Of course, the pump itself comes as the main accessory.  But you will also be given other handy items such as a carrying case, a cleaning sponge, a comfort insert pad, a “handball” pump and a shower strap for easy handling.

With so many additional features, it is no wonder why this model is preferred by a growing number (no pun intended) of men.

Forget About Waiting Weeks with the Bathmate

One of the frustrating features of many similar pumps is that you may have to wait for two weeks or longer before seeing noticeable results.  Thanks to all of the previously mentioned features, most men will enjoy benefits after only a few uses.

When we combine this with a uniform vacuum and easy-pump mechanism, maintaining girth from one session to another has now become a reality.

So, you are truly getting “more” for your money when using the HydroPump X40!

Visual Appeal is Hot and Manly

Let’s face it any pump should also be visually stunning in design as well as functional.  Users are now able to enjoy three different finishes on the HydroPump.

You can choose blue, red or clear. Each hue will just as clearly display measurements in both metric and standard.  A wide viewing port allows for excellent control.

This streamlined design has never been easier to use and you should expect nothing less than an incredibly pleasant experience.

Bathmate Unleash the Beast should be your one and only choice

If you are searching for quick, comfortable and reliable results from your penis pump, this is the one for you.   This model is competitively priced, even tight budgets can normally be satisfied.

So, it is clear to appreciate the many reasons why the HydroPump X40 is indeed one of the foremost designs on the open market.

Get ready to be impressed!

Author: Gary from Five Dock



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