Meditation With Kegel Balls!

A quick spiel on weighted balls or kegel balls.  During meditation, you may have heard of Baoding balls, or meditation balls.   

Round weighted balls that as you move them around in your hand the weight shifts, engaging your attention, centering your mind and connecting with you on more than a physical level.

Did you know there are intimate toys available that do the same?

Kegel Balls and Love Eggs

Insert them, wear them.  And as you move the weighted balls roll inside the toy, sliding, tipping and causing your automatic muscles to tighten, release.

Use your body’s natural vibration to arouse you and the sensations to ricochet through you.

Often there are sex toys that are sold as “weighted”.  This usually means that the toy in question is heavy, with additional weights manufactured inside to develop and create a large sense of feeling filled.  Which of course is very satisfying for some.

Let’s Talk About Kegel Balls and Other Similar Toys

The following products differ from normal weighted intimate toys. Yes they have additional weights.  Many having the weight advertised on the packaging.

But the following products are special because the weights are not solid.

They are engineered to move.  Engineered to follow and counterbalance the body’s movements.  This combination, like the meditation balls, provides a natural vibration unlike electronic vibrations.  It is almost musical.

doing my kegel exercies with kegel balls
use your kegel balls at any time

Kegel Balls to Start With

Let’s start with Kegel balls. We have talked about Kegel balls and their benefits for strengthening your pelvic floor, increasing your control over your orgasms and feeling more than just a little pleasant.

Did you know that there are some with these delightful rolling weighted balls in them as well.?  There has never been a more fun excuse to pop them in as you dash to the shops.

Your secret, your exercise, your delight.

The Bouncer

Fun Factory has created the “bouncer” a well crafted, body safe silicone dildo that is compatible with harnesses.  It has a wide base so can be used vaginally or anally with 3 weighted balls inside the body safe silicone moulding.

Place it in your hand and give it a shake and you can see the way the balls connect with your on a cellular level.  And that is just your hand.

Coupled with the power of thrusting, these natural vibrations will echo throughout you and drive you, closer, higher, and deeper into bliss.

B-Balls and Smart Kegel Balls

Fun Factory also utilises these rolling balls inside their B-Balls and smart balls.  The beautiful tapered design on the B-balls allow the wearer comfort and discretion under their clothes.

Comfortable enough to sit down anywhere with the slim elongated base of the plug able to fit between the cheeks pleasantly.

The smartballs come in sets of one or two to cater to beginners and advanced players.  With an easy retrieval cord these kegel balls are guaranteed to feel non-invasive, well except for those pleasureable vibrations.

fun factory buy sex toys online kegel balls

B-Vibe and Anal Pleasure

B-Vibe, who are devoted to innovatively producing and educating the world about anal pleasure have a line of plugs “snug plugs” that are weighted and tapered to give a full feeling when wearing them.

With an array of sizes to stretch and reverberate inside you, these ingenious plugs also come equipped with two rolling balls that move with your own body’s rhythms.

Wear these during sex, wear them to work, wear them cleaning the house.  Or my personal favourite, wear them to yoga, pilates or the gym and really see just how much your body moves to and fro through the motions.

Feel those motions like never before.

Have you Heard of Sex Meditation?

Meditation can be hard for some people.  The answer could lie within sex and knowing your own body.

Try wearing any weighted, rolling intimate toy and listen to how it feels.  See what happens as you walk to the kitchen.  The movement and natural vibrations make it hard not to be mindful and present as they rumble inside you.

Weighted sex toys and kegel balls are a fantastic way to get more attuned to your own body.

Learn and concentrate better on your pleasure and to bring you to the present moment.  Introduce these during intimate play and experience further sensations.

Whether it is penetrative or oral stimulation the weights pick up on the subtle movements of your body as you play.

Using any of the weighted anal plugs during vaginal penetrative sex also holds the benefits of compressing the vaginal cavity to increase stimulation to the harder to reach G and A spot.

Regardless, they are sure to get you in the mood.  Experience the rolling reverberations for yourself.

kegel balls
Odeco Kegel Balls

Pelvic Walls and Kegel Balls

The need to have strong pelvic muscles was an issue raised by mums around the globe.  Invention of jiggle balls laid their worries to rest.  They are a type of adult toy that work by using small weights to exercise the pelvic muscles.

The resultant effects is a pelvic floor that is strong and healthy.  When in use, the kegel exercizers also offer great pleasure through the pleasurable sensations they give.

They not only make the vagina tighter but also give you control over female ejaculations and orgasms.

What Are Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls are a type of adult toy that can be inserted in the vagina or the anus.  They are of relatively small size but the effect they give is worth writing home about.

Some come with inbuilt vibrators that can be controlled depending on one’s taste or sexual experience.   Childbirth and aging can wreak havoc on a woman’s sex life and her vagina.   The stresses of childbirth and the passage of time result in a weakened pelvic floor.

What Does A Weak Pelvic Floor Mean?

A weak pelvic floor causes two main issues for women: urinary incontinence and a loss of sensitivity during sex plus the inability to orgasm.   

Now that is bad news, isn’t it?

To reverse this issue engage in kegel exercisers.  Many kegel exercisers are balls that are inserted into the vaginally to help firm up the pelvic floor muscles.

The balls come in two varieties.  A single ball product or a pair ball product in glass, metal or silicone.   Once inserted into the vagina ,one simply needs to contract and relax the pelvic muscles.

How Long Should I use Kegel Balls For?

Initially, the time frame per exercise session might be short.  But as you become attuned to your body the time frame will increase and a stronger pelvic floor with all its advantages are guaranteed in a few months.

kegel balls buy online

Love Balls

Sometimes referred as ben wa balls, kegel balls, orgasm balls, geisha balls and more.  Using them are some of the best ways to take your sex experiences to another level.

That is, if you are looking to try something new with your partner, and have that unforgettable erotic experience, then love balls are your best bet. 

So where do you start from?

It is highly recommended that you try geisha balls only when both you are comfortable to.  Try it alone at first before giving it a try with your partner.  For newbies, there are lots of questions about ben wa balls.

Are they safe, and what is the best way to use them? 

Yes, orgasm balls are very safe, and the best advice to use them is by applying lube before inserting.  Then start slowly as you avoid fast movements or pounding. 

During sex, let the penis move the balls naturally into the vagina.  And in case there is pain at any point, then that’s the time to stop.

Experimenting with sex balls need practice

After a few tries, it becomes natural and pleasurable for both you and your partner.  

Love eggs

These are sensual sex toys that are a bullet or egg-shaped and can completely be inserted in the vagina or anus because of their small size.  They are called bullets or eggs depending on the shape they take. 

Love eggs are normally made from rubber, plastic, silicone, metal or glass and have a smooth surface.  Sex eggs are versatile and can be used by both men and women. 

Love eggs can be used for the following

Vaginal penetration when they are inserted into and then activated giving sessions of sensual vibrations.  Love eggs can also be inserted into the vagina or anus during intercourse to help in intensifying orgasms.  

There are plenty of sensitive nerve endings in the anus makes anal sexual penetration be regarded as more pleasurable with love eggs. Love eggs can also be used by men during intercourse or when masturbating to make them achieve an intense orgasm.

When using love eggs for anal penetration, it is important to use water-based lubricants. 

And NEVER use one love egg for both anal and vaginal stimulation to avoid a danger of infection.

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