Go Ahead, Take Your Pick for the Best Cockring Choice

When it comes to your cockring choice, it’s like being in a candy store. There are so many options to pick from, and ultimately the choice is up to you.

A cock ring is a must sex toy for today’s man. It is a device that offers longer erections and makes sexual intercourse more intense. Anyone can now enjoy better sexual life with a harder cock.

A cock ring is being used each day by thousands of men. It is a small device, with a simple design, making the cock harder for longer periods of time. Anyone is now able to enjoy sex.  This device will also prevent premature ejaculation, making any man focused on pleasuring his partner.

How Does a Cockring Work?

The way a cock ring works is simple. Anyone should use a bit of lubricant while sliding the ring at the base of their cock. This device in turn, will increase the blood flow to the penis and will help by making a harder erection.

The ring can be used for solo masturbation or during sex.  A cock ring will boost any man’s confidence.

cockring choice
Penis Ring

CockRing Choice

There are different designs and materials to choose from.  The most common cock rings are made from surgical steel.  This is the best material as it is prone to wear and very strong.

Also it is easy to be cleaned, by being boiled in hot water for few minutes.  The disadvantage of the steel ring is that it is hard.  If you want something more flexible, a man should choose a ring made of silicone or leather.

Rings made from leather are often perceived as sexier.

CockRing Choice – Handle With Caution

Any man that uses a cock ring should handle it with caution.   It may be a small device that looks simple, but it should not be used for long periods of time.

The ring can block the flow of blood and it can cause numbness or other problems.   Before and after each use, men should clean their cock rings thoroughly.  In case it’s made of steel they can heat it up for a few minutes in hot water.

If it is leather it may be suitable to hand wash it or to be put in the dishwasher.

CockRing Choice – Measure Up

Before getting a cock ring, each man should take dimensions of their cock. This will ensure that they will get the suitable cock ring.  Too big rings will fall off.   And too small will cause blocked blood flow and may cause future injury.

Or you can also buy a stretchable plastic cock ring if you are a beginner and would like to start off simply.

cockring choice

Stimulate Your Body with Your Cockring Choice

Using sex toys and devices like cock rings to stimulate your body or provide pleasure to yourself is not a taboo anymore.

Every day, men are searching for ways and techniques to improve their sexual performance and their relationship with their partners.  If you haven’t used a cock ring, now is your chance to get one.

This little device is promised to offer harder, fuller and longer erections, while improving your sexual performance in bed and helping you achieve intense orgasms, the same time your partner does.

Use of a cock ring is a new trend and more men are using it each day.

For men wearing a cock ring publicly like on a nudist beach generally is not done.  It is a sex toy that is meant for sexual activities.

But wearing a jewel encrusted cock ring for your lover to view is not only acceptable but can be a real turn on for both parties. It embellishes the penis making it look more attractive.

Once an erection happens, it causes the blood to restrict forming a harder and stronger erection that you will be proud of. The restriction slows down how fast you ejaculate.  When you do, again because of the restriction you will blow a lot harder.

Cockring Choice – A Great Cheap Way to Improve Performance

It is a great way, and on the cheap, to improve your sexual performances and making a long lasting impression on your lover.   It is so easy to use, to take on or off.

cockring choice online
man with hands down boxers

The Lux 4 Could Be Your Perfect Cockring Choice

After all the reviews I’ve done on different cock rings ranging anywhere from small disposable ones to high end luxury rings, I have never found a cock ring that has made me have such mixed feelings as the Lux 4 Cock Ring.

By now I would like to think of myself as a bit of a cock ring connoisseur.  Knowing full well that there is no perfect cock ring for everybody.

But if you look hard enough you can find the perfect cockring choice for you.

If you are looking for a strong vibrating and tight premium cock ring.  And that has most if not all the features you would want into such a small sex machine then The lux could be your perfect cock ring.

Cockrings fall into Three Categories

Majority of the time they fall in one of these three categories, for his pleasure, for her pleasure and for erection stamina. The cock rings that try to do all three usually fail to do any adequately. But most that are for just one function serve pretty well and do a good job.

Lux 4 Cock Ring claims to provide great erection control and fantastic pleasure for both parties but is that actually possible?

If it is then it comes close to the most perfect cock ring I’ve seen for most couples.

When I first saw the Lux 4 Cock Ring I was intrigued by its cigar-like box and it’s manly looking packaging.  It definitely is promoting towards the male market but don’t worry this little toy has something for everybody.

Tell Me About the Features

In the box, you will find your lovely little toy.  Multiple different adapters for different countries, the sex toys charger and a neat user manual.

Even though this toy is very easy to use, the manual is still very useful to learn all the features.  If anything goes wrong with the toy you have clear instructions on how to claim your 1-year complimentary warranty.

cockring choice for lux cock rings
Sex Toy: Lux 4 Cock Rings

It is a pretty average size for a cock ring.  But its wide shape means more coverage over the clitoris or male testicles depending on the position you have the toy in.

Other Features

So not only is these toys pack filled amazing features like being completely 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.  It also has a really strong motor jammed inside it.  The motor has multiple functions and can hit speeds of 10000rpm.

Powerful vibrations are controlled by a single push button on the top of the penis ring.  Press and hold the button down to climb through the multiple speeds of vibration.

Simply press the button once to switch the vibrations off. A red LED lights up during use so you can find the operations button with ease.

It does look small at first

The ring part of the toy looks pretty small at first but thank goodness is very stretchy.  It’s smartly made out of a high grade of silicone and can definitely accommodate the well-endowed men.

The toys works best with good quality water-based lubrication.  Lux 4 Cock Ring is very comfortable to wear and also comfortable to receive the pleasure on the woman’s end without any real interference.

Unfortunately, all woman are different.  In some cases, the Lux doesn’t always have enough length to reach the clitoris.  It’s very dependent on one’s anatomy.

Power of the Lux

With that in mind, because of the power behind this toy if you have it pressed against the skin firmly then the vibrations can travel to the right spot and send any woman crazy.

Is There Any Downside to this Cockring Choice?

The biggest downside to this toy is the price.  It’s more so of a bummer that many people won’t be able to enjoy such an amazing cock ring purely because it’s out of their price point.

Is it worth it though?

I think it’s a hard price to sell me at.  But knowing how powerful it is and having all the features I would want might convinces me, but maybe not some others.

Overall it’s a fantastic cock ring and for many couples, it could potentially be their perfect couples sex toy or sex ring in general.

But unfortunately, the price is a little high especially when there are some amazing premium vibe rings that are just as good but are a little cheaper.







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