What Penis Enlargement Systems Are Available To You!

So you have decided the time has come to try some penis enlargement methods that are available but do not know where to start.

Constantly having a small penis complex at work and play have seen you pee in the corner of the urinal away from unsuspecting eyes.  Or dashing off to the shower when your partner is not looking and lways coming out with with you trackies or pajamas on.

Penis Enlargement – Take Action Now

You are over the inferiority complex that your under-endowed state has caused.  First off, most men feel their penis is too small and would like a larger one but that may not necessarily be the case.

The average size of an erect penis on a Caucasian man is under 6 inches – what you see in those porn movies is not reality.  But having resolved to go on this discovery journey you must first choose which device or method will be right for your lifestyle.

Can you wear a traction device for 23 hours a day for 3-6 months?

 Do you want a quick fix that will enlarge your penis temporarily with vacuum devices?   Are you prepared to endure invasive surgery to have an implant fitted?

penis enlargement and penis pumps

There Are So Many Penis Enlargement Methods

There are many different penis enlargement devices, systems and methods including surgery, implants, rods, medication, natural herbal remedies, meditative, tantric, weights/stretching, extending, pressure, constriction and more.

Some are hyped up, but some really work.

If you are looking for a safe and natural way to enlarge your penis that is safe and guaranteed to work there you cannot go past the two methods I will describe below.

Of the two methods we will look at one is permanent and one will only work if you keep using it.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Extension – Penis Enlargement Method 1

A true penis extender uses the proven method of traction.  Traction and/or stretching has been used for many centuries.

Some of the most common images and easiest ways to set an example would be that of the Mursi women that traditionally place plates in their mouth to elongate their bottom lip.

OR the dayak women from Tibet and Borneo that use rings to elongate their necks, lips and other parts. some so much that they are called ‘giraffe women’.

lip enlargement and penis enlargement
Image: Body modification

This exact theory has been put into practice by using a penis traction device.

These devices have been know to extend the penis by up to four inches in a matter of months.  The devices are usually cylindrical in shape.  One end is placed on the base of the penis and the other end tightened to snugly fit around the head of the penis.

On the sides are screws that will allow traction to be applied to the penis which will basically stretch it.

Design of Traction Penis Enlargement Devices

The design of these traction devices has come along leaps and bounds over the past decade and they are quite comfortable to wear.  This is important as they must be worn at all times (excluding for hygiene or sex) during the extending process.

Most people that have used these devices are quite happy with the results by the three month period and these results are permanent.

One thing to remember though is that the extender will extend the length of the penis but not the diameter.

The Best Ones Are Unnoticeable

The best penis extension devices can barely be noticed, and therefore, you shouldn’t worry about someone noticing something bulging in your pants.  It will keep you alert and in case anything happens

You can fix it fast as opposed to when you have it on when sleeping because you risk hurting yourself when turning in sleep.  This might be severe in some cases and you have to be careful enough.

Read the Manufacturers Manual for Penis Enlargement Device

It goes without mentioning that your penis enlargement device should be used based on the manufacturer’s manual.  Each extender comes with an entirely different and very detailed guide on how it should be used.

Don’t get creative and follow your own rules or risk failing to realize your major objective and even attain severe long term damage to your penis and unbearable pain.

You must also ensure that you get the right extender.

Just because all of them apply traction doesn’t mean that any can fit on any other penis on earth.  Preferable, find out if the device has undergone any clinical trials and given a clean bill of health.

Be Committed to Your Penis Enlargement

If you are after the best penis play and future sexual satisfaction, you will obviously be committed to wearing the extender for a specific period of time in a day.

This will however depend on your specific situations but most manufacturers spell out how long they should be worn, stick to it.  You can also take breaks from the extender.

This is so that the body can initiate a healing process to open up blood vessels for blood circulation so that the penis shaft can generate new tissues.  The more you wear it, the more you are likely to experience the best results.

Keep it Hygienic

For health reasons, don’t forget to keep your device clean and sterilized before use. The male organ is very sensitive and therefore prone to all forms of infections.

Sharing of adult toys is discouraged so don’t be tempted to share with a friend no matter how close you are.  There might be many penis enlargement solutions in the world, but most of them are only but overhyped but don’t fall prey.

Starting off might appear a bit uncomfortable.  But you shouldn’t feel discouraged.  Get going and you will attain that size you have always dreamt of.

penis enlargement

Penis Pump for Penis Enlargement

A Penis pump is vacuum enlarging device are most commonly used after prostate surgery, cancer treatment or to help with a variety of different illnesses, erectile dysfunction etc..

It works by the application of an air tight Perspex or plastic cylinder applying it to and creating as seal at the base of the penis.  And then removing all air-pressure from it.

This is generally done by a pump that is attached by an air pressure valve.

What do Vacuum Penis Enlargement Systems Do?

Vacuum enlarging systems really work and increase the length and diameter of the penis but the effects are not permanent.

It is always important to use a quality device as cheaper version will not last long, hold enough pressure and basically will be a waste of time.

The more often and longer you use the pump the bigger you can pump up your penis.   Penis pumps are also good for those that suffer from erectile dysfunction.  As the user can pump their penis to erection and then put a cock ring on or similar restrictive device to maintain it.

Here are two non-invasive methods to enlarge your penis and get back that self-confidence you so deservedly need.

penis enlargement
Man impressed with penis size, length and width

A Penis Pump Set With Endurance!

Topco sales have been around for years.  When I mean years, they have been around for over 40 years as they were founded in 1972.

Topco are in the business of creating sex toys and are one of the largest produces in the United States of America.  They are the only manufacturers in the adult toy market that have FDA registered facilities.  So it is a given that their products will comply with the most stringent standards that are set.

Topco have incredibly popular ranges including Wildfire, Penthouse, Cyberskin and Virtual Sex.

4M Endurance Penis Pump Set

Our friends at Topco have sent us some products to review from the new 4M (For Male) series of sex toys for performance and enlargement training.    The packaging of the 4M range comes in clamshell with distinctive dark grey/light grey coloring and a yellow stripe.

Products that I will be reviewing are The Endurance Penis Pumping System, Endurance Lubricant, Masturbation Cream and Cock Rings.

So I opened the Endurance Penis Pump Set with a 1.75” Wide cylinder and 9” length.

What Does it Look Like?

The Cylinder is made from a clear acrylic material.  Attached to the cylinder is a grey hose with a pressure gauge and a pistol grip hand pump.  There is a safety release valve situated on the other side of the gauge.

The product seems sturdy enough.  But the one thing I feel is missing in this kit is a custom donut to make a perfect seal.

Good For Beginners and Novices

Having used pumps before the 1.75” is a bit small for me as I had gotten up to a 2.5”.  But for beginners and novices this is a perfect size to start pumping with.

As I have not used a pump for quite some time it should be more than ample to test.

Penis pump by Topco penis enlargement
Image: 4M Endurance Penis Pumping Set

Endurance Lubricant

The Endurance Pumping Cream was not supplied so I applied the Endurance Lubricant.  This lubricant is water-based and infused with ginseng.

Water-based is recommended for use with pumps and sex toys as they are easy to clean off afterwards.   Ginseng is a natural plant extract that the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have used for centuries to increase the time that you can last and increase sexual performance.

Some claim that it also improves libido and sexual interest.

On applying the lubricant to my penis it did make it feel slightly invigorated and became slightly more colored.  This is because ginseng stimulates blood flow.

I then placed the pump on and brought it up to 7.5Hg and left it there for a while.   As I thought the lack of a donut meant that I had to push the entrance end of the pump with quite an amount of pressure onto my pubic region.

Even doing this there was slight amount of air escaping.

Endurance personal lubricant penis enlargement
Image: 4M Endurance Lube

Endurance Cock Rings

I released the pressure and opened up the Endurance Cock Rings set with a view of using one of these to increase the seal on the penis pump in the package.

There were two cock rings.  One with a squarish opening and the other with a star like opening.  The star-like one was a simple circle so I chose this one to add to the penis pump test.   These cock rings are made of TPR and are said to be safe to use with both water-based and silicone lubricants.

It was super stretchy and it was easy to maneuver the ring along the shaft of the penis to the base.   I liberally applied the endurance lube around the ring to complete the seal.

Cock rings set for penis enlargement
Sex Toy Shop With Topco Products

Penis Pumping and Penis Enlargement Experience

I grabbed the penis pump again and pushed the opening against the ring bringing up the pressure again to 7.5Hg.  This time less air leaked from the sealed area.

I then began to use the penis pump using a technique called pulsing.

What is Pulsing?

Pulsing is used to allow the penis to expand and relax frequently at random pressures which will create faster penis growth results.   When starting out with pulsing it is recommended to never go above 12.5Hg.  And you should aim at three sets that allows fresh blood to flow through it.

As I had not used a pump in a while I varied the pressures over a 10 minute period.  Whilst pumping I could see my penis expanding.  At about the 10 minute mark it had taken all but the width of the cylinder with about an inch and half to spare in length.

I took my penis out and it had definitely become engorged from the vacuum but there was no irritation, rash or welts.

Remember to Have a Break from Penis Enlargement

After about a five minute break I did my second session.

Reapplying the endurance lube and towards the end I had expanded the width of the cylinder but it was about an inch and a quarter short of reaching the length.

I took my penis out and the engorgement remained for the duration of the next 5 minute break.

My third session  again applying the Endurance Lubricant and attained similar results to the second session.   I took my penis out and the full engorgement remained for about 30 minutes.  It then began to go back to its regular size over the next three to four hours.

My Final Thoughts About The Endurance Penis Pump Set

All in all this is a good value pump that is sold around the $100 mark with most retailers.

It is not top of the line but it certainly is up there for the mass produced ones.  It’s a good reliable pump.   My two gripes are that there is not a donut included and the second is that it is not available in various sizes.

A great beginner’s pump that you cannot go wrong with.

What About the Lubricant?

The lubricant is silky and luxurious.  It is paraben free so it did not get sticky quickly and regained its slide when more was applied.  I am not sure if the ginseng assisted or not but certainly it is up there with my favorite water-based lubes.  Would be interested how it will fit in with my sex toy play.

And the Cock Rings

They were soft and comfortable fitting.   I did jerk off after my penis pump test and although it felt restrictive they were not overly so.  They are a safe and reliable choice.

Will have to try the opening that is squarish to see if there are any different sensations.

 Specs of the Penis Enlargement Package

Penis Pumping System

  • Width: 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
  • Height: 9 in. (22.86 cm)
  • Depth: 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
  • Hose Width: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)
  • Length of Hose : 12.25 in. (31.115 cm)
  • Hose Depth: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)
  • Width: 7.25 in. (18.41 cm)
  • Height of Handle 10.25 in. (26.04 cm)
  • Handle Depth: 1.25 in. (3.175 cm)

Endurance Cock Rings

  • Width: 2 in – 7.5 in
  • Height: 0.75 in. (1.88 cm)
  • Depth: 0.75 in. (1.88 cm)

Endurance Lube

  • Enhanced with ginseng
  • Water-based formula
  • Easy to clean, non-staining
  • Paraben-free
  • Proudly made in the USA 

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