Gay Love – Is That You???

The question of if you have found the right partner for you is never far when a relationship seems to be successful, so how do you know if it’s the one – gay love?

The truth is that when it comes to gay dating, there’s no guarantee that a person is the right fit for you. But there must be some indicators that can help you determine if it’s a good match.

This article will present you some of the most common tips that can help you understand whether you have found the right one for you.

Two Gay Men Kissing

Gay Love – Is That You????

He looks unique to your eyes and takes your breath away.

Simple as that.

It is like the whole world just came in your head and bang, it hits you without warning. You may have been caught off guard and unaware, but you know deep down that he is the one for you.

Later on, he would admit that he felt the same way about you from the moment he laid eyes on you.

He stands out from everyone else.

When you are in love, you begin to believe that your significant other is one-of-a-kind.  Experts like Fisher and her team believe that this conviction stems from increased levels of dopamine.

This is a chemical in your brain that plays a role in attention and focus.  Leading to a lack of romantic interest in anyone else.

Imagining your life without him in it drives you to despair

He feels the same way and struggles to sleep peacefully when you’re not around, experiencing anxiety.  People in love often exhibit signs of emotional dependence on their relationship, like possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection, and separation anxiety.

You want to introduce him to your family

In order that they get to know how wonderful he is.  He wants to do the same thing to you too.  You really make plans in bringing the two families together no matter what.

When you are around him you have that weird feeling in your stomach

Uncertain and yet sure at the same time that you are with him and he with you. This feeling leads to something unique.

Sometimes physical attraction and reaction can become too unbearable and hard when you are not around each other.

gay love

You feel like you’re ten feet tall when you are around them

You know that feeling when you get a new toy as a kid and you just can’t wait to play with it? That’s how you feel when you’re in love – excited and ready to discover everything about your partner.

It’s like a mutual need for exploration.  You bounce between feeling energized, happy, restless, and even a little nervous, which is totally normal. It’s kind of like being on an emotional rollercoaster, similar to how drug addicts behave.

Interestingly, when you look at pictures of your loved one, it activates the same part of your brain as when a drug addict takes a hit.

So yeah, being in love is basically a form of addiction.

You Already Know Most Things About Him.

Somehow it feels like you already have his whole life story.  It’s like you guys are on the same page about everything that really matters right now and you just get each other.

You Can’t Think of Any Negatives!

When you’re head over heels for someone, you tend to focus on all the good things about them and ignore the bad stuff.  You also get really into little things that remind you of your crush, daydreaming about those cute moments and keepsakes.

Some chemicals in your brain like dopamine and norepinephrine may be to blame for this intense obsession.  They make you remember everything new and exciting about your crush.

Deep Talks

You guys are totally vibing! And I don’t mean just small talk, but deep conversations that really hit home.

He Makes You Happy

You know you’re with the right guy when he always puts a smile on your face and goes out of his way to avoid doing anything that might hurt or bother you.

He’s all about making you happy and fulfilling your wishes.  And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you entertained and satisfied.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

People who are in love say that they think about their beloved for more than 85% of their day. This kind of obsessive thinking is called intrusive thinking.  It may happen because of low levels of serotonin in the brain, which has been linked to obsessive behavior before.

You Talk About your Future

You both seem to speak a lot about the future in your life with each other instead of just the present events.

You’ve Shared a Bad Experience

When something bad happens with someone else, we tend to feel more attached to them. This might be because of dopamine in our brain, which makes us feel good when we anticipate a reward.

So, when we have to wait for the reward, the dopamine neurons in our brain become more active.

So get to know about gay dating and relationships – it is not as scary as it first may seem.

12 Pieces of Advice For Those In A Gay Relationship

Before you can find a partner, you have got to know yourself first.

Take some time to think about what you’re all about, what you value in a relationship, and what makes you tick.  Once you figure all that out, you can start living your best life and chasing your dreams.

When you know what you want, you’re gonna be a happier dude.  So, check out these tips for finding your perfect same-sex partner.

And if you’re already in a relationship, no worries, just keep these tips in mind to keep things strong and healthy.

gay love
Gay dating advice

Know yourself and who you are

Understand your needs and values and respect yourself as a person. Think what you want from life.

Examine your past relationships

Focus on the behaviors that worked positively for you. Identify the mistakes you have made and they will help you from repeating them in a future relationship.

Don’t confuse lust with compatibility.

Lust is important, though a person’s qualities are what really help create a successful long term relationship.

Determine if you are ready for a relationship.

Assess your priorities. One of the biggest relationship issues is not being able to be fully present into the relationship.  Determine if you are able to date and focus on your future partner.  OR if you want to develop by yourself.

Don’t stay in a relationship that is not working for you

Just for the sake of being in a relationship or not having to deal with your partner’s feelings.

Don’t leave at the first sign of trouble

Relationships take hard work and commitment.  A conflict is necessary as a start of deeper intimacy and connection.  Find the problems and determine what the solutions are.

Discuss your desires and needs with your partner

Be able to fight your anxieties.  Don’t internalize the problems as it can cause a conflict in the dating relationship.

Face the fears of rejection.

A turn down on a date has nothing to do with your personality.  It has everything to do with the other person’s needs and desires.  Understand that you are kind, worthy and deserving.

Develop your support network.

Build a support network full of positive people who will support you and affirm you.  These people can include family and friends which can provide a great source of connection, love, intimacy and fun that can truly improve your life as a single gay man.

Give Old Wounds a Chance to Heal

Some gay men choose to go into a new loving or sexual relationship without giving the old wounds from past relationships a chance to mend.  This can make a bad foundation for a new relationship especially after people have been in a long term relationship.

Try to refrain from talking about past relationships as this is a new relationship without any problems.

gay love
Gay lovers on Grass

Avoid Casual Sex for Now

If you are looking to meet a prospective long term partner, avoid casual sexual encounters.  These encounters can be misunderstood by the other person, even if you are looking for a long term relationship.

The primary aim of such encounters is to release sexual tension.  This can confuse other men and make them perceive that the only thing you want from them is sex and nothing more.

Instead get yourself involved in situations where you are more likely to meet other single gay men with similar goals and preferences.

Consider the amount of time you spend with your friends, acquaintances, family and your new relationship.

Think about how much time is a healthy amount of time to spend with each other.  Normally when a relationship starts out we tend to spend a lot of time with our new partner.

But remember to keep your friends and family within your life.

As they are very important to. Those initial six-months to a year of seeing somebody requires that you two hang out.  This just isn’t going to happen if there is a consistent parade of trips with buddies and amigos.



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