How To Gay Cruise With Online Dating

How to gay cruise with online dating!   This ranges from a past time to a eight-hour-a-day obsession. Manhunt and Gaydar chatroom’s have replaced Perez Hilton, even  Kylie Club sites in queer bookmarks on web browsers.

Gay Cruising Online Vs Real World Hookups

Time spent online could be better used  in the real world. Gay men are losing their natural instincts to cruise. Living through our avatars – wellhung9, thickpound4U and other alphanumeric gems – we have lost touch with the ability to pull a man out of the frozen peas aisle of Cole’s and into our beds. Here are some hints on How To Gay Cruise the real world:

The Man Scan

Put your eyes to work by scanning for trade within your line of sight. While looking ahead set your gaydar to stun and see what possible trade is around. Keep it subtle and use that peripheral vision. You don’t want to scare away the trade.

The Crossover

The moment when a man who has set your gay scanner off and meets your eye. That fleeting exchange of eye contact is crucial so keep it brief, sexy and confident. The wrong look may suggest you are a whore looking for a fast fuck.

The Look Back

The look back should be carried out while you’re still in motion. Discreetly turn around to see if you made an impact. When the look back is there slow down until you come to a halt and slowly ease against the nearest pole, wall or other fixed object.  Continue the eye contact.

The Southern Cross

While looking and leaning, move your hand slowly and casually towards your pockets and sensually re-adjust your package. If you’re a hit, this move says it all. If your gaydar was wrong, then you can get out of an embarrassing situation with the ‘I’m hanging a little to the left and need a slight adjustment’ defence that all straight men understand. If you’re on target and the Southern Cross has been well received, proceed to the next phase.

The Kill

It’s make-or-break time so prepare to move in. While you may have been sporting a poker face up until now, it’s important to initiate some positive facial expression as you begin your descent. A slight smile reinforces your interest and confirms you’re not crippled by Botox. Smile fleetingly, not longingly; you’re not completely out of Mormon territory yet.

At five metres from target give a small nod; at three metres draw attention to your mouth by wetting your lips; and at zero metres say, “Hey, what’s up?” If the response is “One guess” then it’s fair to assume you will be having sex within the next 15 minutes. If the response moves to the weather, re-align the conversation by repeating the Southern Cross move at this close distance until you have re positioned your target to your bedroom.

Internet Has Changed Gay Cruise Dating

The internet has changed how young and mature gay men date. Hooking up in gay chat rooms, posting ads on gay websites, watching VOD for free, or being part of interactive free live webcam shows. Has made it easy for Gay Cruising Online. Phone clubs are available to join where you can listen to messages, leave messages, and talk live with other men.

The anonymity of both the internet and phone lines often allows all of us to explore freely sexual fantasies without fear of being seen or found out. Sexual exploration (not exploitation) is healthy and fun; however, sexual exploration without proper knowledge can be challenging.

For example, some guys might advertise that they’re into PnP (P&P or party and play). If you’re exploring other types of sex play, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and what potential risks there might be before you engage in these activities.

Gay Cruise
Threesome Gay

Tips For Cruising Online

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cruising on-line or on the phone lines to make your gay cruising online more enjoyable and safe:

  • Keep a record of where you are going when going over to someone’s place.
  • Avoid giving out your phone number and address too freely to strangers.
  • If you’re inviting someone home and you live in an apartment, meet them at the entrance lobby. This way you avoid giving out your entry code and apartment number. It’s also easier to turn someone down if they’re not already in your apartment.
  • Don’t assume the person you’re hooking up with knows how to protect themselves from HIV transmission. Sometimes cruising from the comfort of your home might give you a false sense of safety. Just because you’re inviting people back to your place, or going over to other people’s homes, doesn’t mean you’re at lesser risk for HIV transmission.
  • The internet and the phone lines can sometimes de-humanize the cruising situation. Remember, you’re interacting with another person. Don’t be rude. Be aware of the language you use when responding.
  • It’s easier for other people to lie about themselves when you aren’t actually meeting them for the first time face-to-face. You can’t control this. Think in advance about what you would do if someone you cruised is not what he made himself out to be.
  • It can be easy to isolate yourself from the real world when you cruise online or over the phone. Look out for the following signs: you aren’t going out as much, or no longer hanging out with your usual friends. Make sure to keep your social interactions with others – be it friends, family or co-workers.

Why not try some of these online gay dating sites:

Hope you enjoyed this step by step guide on how to gay cruise.

Author: Ben is a consultant from Adult Lifestyle Centres


Rules for Gay Threesomes!

Internet and social media have been expanding day by day. There are several meeting apps such as blendr and grindr among others have finally led people to have a gay exchange.  Meeting for fast instant sexual gratification from a random guy.

These applications are very famous within the gay community as it allows gay people to simply find a sex partner.  It does not involve the hassle of meetings up, drinks, leaving the house or going to a crowded bar.

Using the internet and dating apps you can too, when approached in the right way, allow you to have a threesome as well.

Hands Finger Pointing Holding

How Do You Talk To Your Partner About A Gay Threesome?

The most important thing in every relationship is communication and you’ll need to discuss this matter with your partner.  Uless you’re the only looking to third wheel it which in some ways makes it much easier.

If you have a partner you will find that although threesomes can be unique and highly erotic.  They also can bring insecurities as well jealousy and tension to the relationship.

You may need to discuss these insecurities with your partner and tell each other why you’d like to have threesomes. Be ready to answer their questions. It’s not necessarily about you or your partner, but it may simply be about being open minded.  With a curiosity to try new things, new people and to learn new stuff.

Trust me, everyone fucks differently, and we have learned many new things about each other simply by being with others.

A Threesome Can Improve Your Future Sex Life

Most gays’ sex life may be a lot more improved after a threesome experience. I will also say though that the threesome experience is not for everyone and it takes strong individuals and a strong relationship to handle it.

You will have to find someone that is attracted to both of you. This is sometimes harder than it seems. Use the applications, put up a photo of you and your partner and talk to people that you both find attractive.

Once you’ve found someone you both agree on, it’s up to you whether you want to talk to them, or get right to the point.

Some people think that it is better to know them, their likes and dislikes and eventually their sexual likes and dislikes. That was you can determine their compatibility with you.  There’s no right or wrong answer to this.  Talking to them beforehand saves the embarrassment of any expectations they or you may have had prior to the sex.

Can YOu Organise A Gay Threesome Before A Night Out?

Many gay men are new to threesomes so it is best to organize a night out with you, your partner. Take him to a local public bar and have a couple of drinks and discuss about everything. The ice should get broken pretty quickly and you will finally see if you are all going along well.

Finally relax and let things flow smoothly. You will be surprised to see when the other guy will propose you to go for a threesome before you even mention it.

Make sure you communicate totally so you are both on the same page and its OK for the threesome. If your having multiple threesomes, some people like to make rules about the number of threesomes you can experience per week.

What precautions are needed before my gay threesome?

Discuss how to have safe sex and whether anybody can use sex medications during the threesome. Some other topics you can think about when making rules includes whether you would like oral sex performed or who is on top, in the middle or on the bottom.

The thought here is to set down standard procedures so that both individuals in the relationship feel great.  That is until the time comes for the third person to enter the equation.

Do some background to find out who your visitor really will be. Will it be a hook-up over the internet, a pick up whilst cruising or someone you both like and know.

What are the issues faced with a gay threesome?

One of the huge issues that can happen amid trios is that some individual feels that he is not quite a part of it or overlooked. This happens if the visitor is more into one individual in the couple over another.

One approach to minimize issues here is to converse with the individual you are considering welcoming ahead of time and telling them the significance of equal consideration. This would likewise be a great time to share the guidelines that you and your partner have made.

While not a guaranteed approach, this can go far in making the experience more agreeable.

By following my advice you can have the threesome you always wanted in your gay sex experiences.

Use blendr, grindr or another online dating app for your Gay Exchange experiences are ready to go.

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