Erotic Fiction Or Fact?

The best kind of erotic stories are one that’s based on the truth. Now it may be that some of this story may be erotic fiction or fact but I’m also suggesting that there were certain events that led to this story. . . Here goes.

A chance encounter while shopping reconnected me with an old friend. In the past we had a friends with benefits kind of relationship.  And to be honest I had some experience as a slightly older boy having turned 18 a while ago and she had none.

But jump forward 12 years and here we are catching up over a coffee, chatting about people and places from our past.  It didn’t take long for one of us to mention our more personal adventures.

She Told me I was her First!

It was then that I learnt I was her first, it was news to me.  I took the opportunity to give a cheeky compliment that she made all the right moves and seemed to know what she was doing.

A natural.

Fast forward to a few days after our catch up and I receive a text from her.

She quite openly asked during our coffee date if I was tempted to go off with her to some private place and relive some of those benefits we shared before or was she alone in that thought?  I replied that the more we spoke about old times the more it crept into my mind – and I left it open to flirt.

erotic fiction or fact
Sex Stories

Erotic Fiction or Fact – Friends with Benefits

In the days that followed we continued to exchange texts that where getting more and more on the subject of reconnecting sexually.  One night the phone goes off again and it’s a simple but exciting question on my screen.

“What do you want to do to me?” and to tell the truth I was shook.

I didn’t know how to answer.  Was she expecting some descriptive play by play of a sexual encounter? Or was I expected to reply in a way that I can’t even begin to understand?

For the first time in many years I felt nervous.

I decided to reply with a bit of a dodge.   “I want to fulfill your desires, whatever you want I will do”.  If her first question didn’t make me feel nervous enough her next text had me completely questioning my self-image as a experienced sexual being.

She began to describe how she wanted me to tie her hands above her head, kiss & bite her as I removed her clothes.  I thought well this isn’t anything new to me.  All things I had done before.  But that’s were my experience ended.  I began to realized she had become a lot more experienced in exploring herself sexually than I.

She Wanted me to Choke Her and Spank Her

The following texts all described how she will want me to choke her, spank her if she does not give the desired response.  Call her names & use all manner of devices on her.

She ended out stating “I want you to completely dominate me.”

Not knowing what to say I responded with a joke “My safe word is keep going” to which I was told safe words are useless when she is gauged.

erotic fiction or fact
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I was both excited and nervous.

She was defiantly requesting a kind of play I had never done.  And I was running though my head, how do I go about this?  How do I completely dominate someone and be in total control of another’s body?

That’s when I realized, she is the one who is in control here.  She had outlined exactly what she wanted and I was putting all my thoughts and effort into how to successfully do this to her satisfaction.   I had become so obsessed with making sure she was satisfied I didn’t even care if I enjoyed it.

I felt like I was the slave here not her.

This was the first time my confidence as a dominant sexual being was challenged.  She had told me that when we first had sex I was her first.

But now I felt like I was the new one, nervous and scared of getting it wrong. And so I did what a lot of people would do, I completely hid my worries from her and acted like it was nothing new.  Not wanting her to know that this was new ground for me.

Fake it till I make it I had decided.

And so came the day when she invited me around.  By this point there was no beating around the bush in how she spoke to me. “Bring something to restrain me, and plenty of sex toys to fuck me with

For a moment I considered the irony.

She is the one completely in control of this situation in which I am to play the part of the one in control and boy had the tables turned from all those years ago where I was the one who knew what they were doing.

A very new road lay ahead of me as I drove to her house, bag of sex toys sitting in the seat next to me.  Trying to compose myself and squash my clear nervous excitement.

I received one final text before I arrived “The door is unlocked, I’m waiting”…..

Erotic Fiction or Fact
I made out with a Zombie

Why Read Erotic Fiction?

Even though I tend to refuse instructions when I buy new IKEA furniture, I do like a good read and some of the short stories in the category of Erotic Fiction are my absolute favourite.

Yes, I said it.  I’m not ashamed to say why I read erotica.  I don’t even bother to hide it from my family anymore. There is nothing missing or lacking in any of my relationships that forces me to read it.

Why Read Erotic Fiction? To simply enjoy it for what it is.

I personally like Erotic Fiction that promise to deliver highly sexually intense situations and play along with relatable or believable sex plots which normally have a good outcome.

Also something that is 20 pages or less is happily preferred to cater my attention span.

I often lean more towards funny or realistic couple erotica.

Stories in which characters just mattress dance the entire book don’t do it for me.  I won’t lie and say that I don’t want any sexual descriptions.  I love to read about the bed play, the shower interlude scenes, the car scenes, the….well.  You get the point.

I like lots of description, and the more descriptive the better.  But I also need humor and an emotional connection.

I will admit BDSM Erotic Fiction is not something that turns me on

But this is not to say that I don’t feel they aren’t worth reading. The wonderful thing about Erotic Fiction is there is a story out there for everyone. You just have to find your interest.

I think one of the best things about Erotic Fiction is that anything can happen. Unlike pornography with erotica they can make magic sex happen in the oddest of places or sexual positions or have one to many unrealistic orgasms.

They can describe an orgasm in so much detail, each and every touch the lovers make, every time their bodies react and how they feel mentally.  You can never grasp with any type ofporn DVD.

erotic fiction or fact in porn movies

Why read books when you can just watch a porn movie?

It does seem that movies are heavily more popular and mainstream then books nowadays.  And it much easier to sit down for an hour or two watching a porno than it is to get invested in a book that might take you a few days to get through.

But that doesn’t mean movies are better, just more convenient.

Erotic Fiction
Book Cover: Sex Literature

In books it”s much easier to see what is going through certain characters heads.  This actually makes the characters actions and motivations make more sense when they play out.

Instead of just having a person strip naked and decide to ravage the postman

We can sometimes hear their thoughts and the character can explain and justify their logic.  Plots also make more sense in book form because the point of the book is to tell a story, not to visually amaze.

This is one of of the biggest reasons why books are easier to be emotionally invested in.  It doesn’t feel like I’m just reading something to get off on.  But rather something I can just sit down an enjoy the plot for what it is regardless of being erotic or not.

Another advantage with Erotic Fiction

When you have a black out or out camping etc you will still have something accessible……a book.  All you need is a light source if it’s dark and you can read a book practically anywhere.

A great thing about reading an erotic novel is that the characters are as beautiful as you want.  Most of the plots seem more believable, because in your head you picture how you would think it would happen in real life.  Which is much more immersive then being bombarded with awkward dialogue and countless actors with no acting skill at all.

As long as the writing is descriptive and well done then your head will do the rest of the work.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching porn

But I like reading my short Singapore stories as well.  My short stories are not just to turn me on or give me new ideas.  It’s just the enjoyment of good characters and story-lines mixed with how my head pictures it all makes it incomparable.

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