10 Things Your Mom And Dad Didn’t Tell You – But Wish They Did!

There are a million things you learn about life when you become a parent, and nothing but parenthood could ever prepare you for them. Your mom and dad went through the same things and omitted to tell you a whole bunch of stuff to avoid burdening you, but sometimes wish they shared their experience if for no other reason than to prepare you for what awaits down the road. They knew very well that one day you’d grow up, live your own life, find love (online, since it’s the 21st century) like they did, and get to experience the most extraordinary thing in the world – being a parent. Today we look at the top 10 things your parents kept to themselves because you had to see them for yourself.

#1: They Shed Tears for Your Countless Times

They cried when you first saw the light of day. When you took your first step or said your first word, they shed tears. On your first day of school, your first violin recital, your high school or college graduation, your wedding day and every small and big milestone in between brought them to tears whether you saw it or not.

#2: They Made Great Sacrifices

From the moment you were born your parents started making sacrifices – from sleepless nights when you were a baby to having to miss their friends’ birthdays or outings because you were ill. As you grew up, their careers, vacations, and any minor or major plans probably had you at the center, and every decision they’ve ever made put your needs first. Your dad probably wanted that last piece of cake but gave it to you. In all likelihood, they never complained about any of it once.

#3: They Were Constantly Worried About You

Their full-time job was to make sure you were alright and luckily grew up into a happy and successful person. Life is full of traps around every corner and although your parents did their best to teach you to avoid them, they constantly worried about you.

#4: They Watched You As You Slept

Your parents spent countless nights begging you to ‘please, please fall asleep’ because they couldn’t keep their eyes open anymore. And once you’d finally fall asleep, they’d stay by your bedside and watch your cute face, forgetting their aching arms or back, and all the fatigue they were feeling just a moment ago would disappear.

#5: You Caused Them Pain, but They Love You Anyway

Aside from the fact that children can be egocentric and hurtful towards their parents at any moment in their lives, every child caused its mother pain at childbirth, which is arguably the largest degree of pain a human being can endure. And she loves you anyways! And would do it all over again!

#6: They’re Not Perfect

One of the first signs a child has grown up is when they realize their parents aren’t perfect. You as a child perhaps remember that moment even though your parents might have absolutely no clue when it happened. And no, no parents are perfect, but they are strong for their children. You’re bound to repeat that cycle when you have kids of your own – everyone makes mistakes, but we all have to be tough for our children.

#7: They Love To Just Look At You

‘Unless you have a daughter, you’ll never get to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world’ said a wise man once. Your parents created you, you’re a little him and her, their pride and joy, and they’ve never quite loved anyone the way they love you. Just looking at you gives them great joy.

Childbirth hapiness

#8: They Hated To See You Cry

Every time you fell and hit your head, your parents felt your pain as well. They hated to see you cry for no reason other than they just wanted you to be as happy as you could be. Every time you felt pain, they were right there with you, and shed those tears we’ve discussed already, whether you knew it or not. If they could take away your pain and carry it themselves, they would, but they couldn’t which left them feeling helpless and like they were the worst parents in the world.

#9: Letting You Go Was a Terrible Loss

When you left for college, to join the army, to live on your own, or to move to another country, they hated to see you go. It left a huge hole in their lives that couldn’t quite be filled ever again, but at the same time when you left to live your own life, they knew they did their job right.

#10: They Would Do It All Again in a Heartbeat

Being a parent is the hardest thing anyone has ever had to do. It’s a full-time job that never stops, there are no breaks or vacations, and there is certainly no retirement. And despite all the sacrifice, pain and tears, sleepless nights, missed personal opportunities or their wishes that couldn’t come true because of you, they’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. And why wouldn’t they? You’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

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