Here’s How You Can Keep a Cougar Happy and Horny

I’ve heard a thousand times that men are like wine – the older they are, the better they get. However, we live in a time when women are insanely gorgeous in their 40s and 50s, and it’s no wonder you’ve found yourself wondering how to seduce a cougar. Whether you’re just looking for a cougar sex date or have already fallen head over heels for someone, fear not because I’ve got you covered. Below I discuss my top 5 tips on how you can keep your cougar wanting you like you’re the sexiest beast that ever walked the earth.

#1: Shower Her with Attention and then Pull Away

You’ll keep a cougar always wanting more if you shower her with the right kind of attention, and then pull away every once in a while. Tease her with your words, whisper into her ear how much you want her, don’t spare her the details about the kind of pleasure you want to give her, and then disappear into the night like nothing ever happened. You’ll soon wake up to find your inbox full of messages from her wondering what happened to you, and where you’ve gone. This way you’ll keep her guessing, and she’ll never be certain about what your next movies going to be. Cougars love a challenge, and you could definitely be her new ‘project’ if you play your cards right. Mind you, chances are you’ll meet your match in a cougar, and if she happens to tame you before you make her purr in your arms, you’ll pretty much fall into your own trap and find yourself crazy about her.

#2: Be a Fireball in the Bedroom

It’s perfectly fine to play the hot and cold game during the day, but you have to step your game up and blow her mind in the bedroom at night. Remember that she’s got all the confidence in the world, so you better bring your A-game when you come over on Saturday night. You’ll be expected to make love to her as much as she wants, any way she wants it, and if you’re able to make her scream, she’ll be yours for as long as you want her. Pleasing a mature girl isn’t as easy as it sounds because she’s seen it all, which means you’ll need to take your time to explore her body and see what works and what doesn’t to give her pleasure. If you make it all about her, she’ll always keep coming back for more and will be more than willing to reciprocate in ways you’ve never thought possible.

#3: Never Lie to Her

Never lie to a cougar because she’ll find out anyway. Most cougars investigate better than the FBI. She may be out-of-this-world crazy about you, but if she catches you suggestively talking to another girl, sees steamy texts you’ve sent to someone else or suspects you may be stepping out on her, you’ll be history. Cougars don’t like to share their prey. You must not be available all the time if you want to keep her interested, but you have to be honest with her. If she expects you to be monogamous, you simply have two choices: either comply or walk away for good. Never will she feel the same passion with you if she sees you putting those same moves on other girls that you put on her.

#4: Buy Her Pricey Gifts

A cougar who’s feeling crazy chemistry with you doesn’t care if you fill up her gas tank (no pun intended) or if you pick up her groceries. That’s for a boyfriend of a 22-year-old to do, not you. She wants pricey lingerie, dinners at fine dining restaurants, and designer dresses. Not that she can’t afford them herself, but if you are the one to drop some big bucks on her you’ll become that much more important in her life. Remember, a cougar has probably been married, maybe even has children, and doesn’t need you to get her a diamond ring, give her a fancy wedding so she can wear the white dress or give her kids. She wants you to treat her like a queen, not an equal partner, and a queen only deserves the finest things in life.

#5: Let Her Take Control

Sure, a cougar wants you to take charge and sweep her off her feet with your smooth talking at the beginning, to see your ability to get a table at the most sought-after restaurant in town on short notice or give her back-aching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms. However, as your relationship progresses, she’ll want to take charge and show you what she’s capable of. By all means, let her sit in the driver’s seat for as long as she wants. Cougars are very self-sufficient and proud of it, and they don’t need men to take care of them. Don’t feel threatened by her ability to make money and spend it, give orders or doll up like a cover girl. She’ll probably dress up to stimulate you visually, expect some dirty role-playing from you, and will dominate you feather, fur, massage candles and all. You need to be able to keep up as effortlessly as possible and let her be in charge of every sphere of your relationship she pleases.

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