Velventine Ivy Vibe!

I am only new into the adult shop world and was not wanting to start with anything to intense or powerful that was going to scare me and put me off using toys in the bedroom. Its a little intimidating when you first enter the shop or the website with how many different style, ranges and powers of these toys to pick from.

Talking to the staff in Oh Zone adult shop I gave them a little information of what i was looking for and they advised me to what toys could work for me. We both managed to pick out the Velventine Ivy Vibrator. It was a great pick and suited me exactly for what i was needing. This vibrator is used for external use only to be place onto your clitoris area. Its shaped like a ‘U’ which means you can sit both ends at either sides around your clit. It took a while to play around with it at first to be able to find the right spot that pleasured me the best.

The vibrating was a lovely amount of pressure as well as i do not need very much to get me going and i did not want something to powerful that would make me feel almost uncomfortable cause that is just no good for anybody! The speed settings were perfect for the amount of vibrating i was wanting. Its not the strongest vibration so i would not recommend for someone wanting a toy that is really powerful. This vibrator has 10 different frequencies motions to choice from which was helpful to get the style that best suited my body. It has an easy on and off button you just hold down for a few seconds each time and to change between the different motions you simply just click this button also down once and this will flick through them all.

Another great bonus was it is a rechargeable using a USB cable which meant no messing around with batteries. It is a really quiet vibrating toy which helped as i share a house with my friends so they cant hear what i am up to in my private time. They have used medical grade silicone which is the safest type of silicone that can be used and makes the toy so soft to use. Its also splash proof which is great for being able to clean the toy really easily with water and some recommended toy cleaner.

It’s a fun toy to use solo but its also a nice vibrator to use to spice up with my partner as well. It can be used along side performing oral. Its just a simple way to change it up a bit and keep are sex life exciting and also adds to an orgasm. I found the price very reasonable and cant complain at all about this item.

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