Sex Toys for Spicing up your Sex Life – Extra HOT Pleasure!

Looking for sex toys to add some spice to your sex life? There are plenty of toys out there that can help you and your partner explore new extra HOT pleasures!

From vibrators to handcuffs, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to spicing things up.  Whether you’re looking to add a little variety to your sex life or just want to try something new, toys can be a great way to bring some excitement into the bedroom.

So why not give it a try and see what kinds of fun and pleasure you can discover together?

Do you feel bored of doing the same things in your lovemaking sessions?  Want to add something new for adding extra fun to the relationship?

Every couple goes through this type of situation at some point in their life.  It doesn’t mean your partner has stopped loving you.

Sex Toys for Spicing up your Sex Life – Extra HOT Pleasure!

You want to rekindle the old romance in both of you.  Today, we will tell you about the top 8 sex toys for spicing up your relationship and reliving the glory days of your life.

Let’s read about all of them and then you can buy the one you like the most.

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SEX TOYS to spice up your life – BUY NOW

Cock Ring 

  • This allows the males to have stronger erections.  Girls who want to make the penis of their partner harder before sex should think about using a cock ring.
  • They are very safe and comfortable to use.
  • Having a long-lasting session ending up with an awesome orgasm will make both of you happy.

Butt Plug

  • A butt plug is a great choice for everyone who hasn’t tried anal sex and wants to give it a try.
  • It stimulates the anus before getting banged and makes sure the girl feel comfortable during first time anal sex.
  • The addition of anal penetration will definitely make things interesting on the bed.
  • We suggest using a small butt plug, even if it is your first time for anal lovemaking.  It will make sure you have a purely satisfying experience.


  • Without any doubt, dildos are the most conveniently used sex toys for girls.  You can shop it in a variety of lengths and sizes according to your pleasure level.
  • Using a dildo during the foreplay will give extra satisfaction to the girl and make her crave for the real banging.
  • On top of that, a girl can even ask her partner to stimulate her ass before the real anal sex using a realistic dildo.
  • The feeling of fullness that this sex toy offers is tremendous to experience for the females.

Metal Wands

  • Another toy that has recently gained tons of popularity after featuring in Fifty Shades of Grey is metal or glass wands.
  • There are many times where we want something for creating a perfect bridge for penetrative sex.
  • This sex toy can do it by warming up the penetration area, whether it is the anus or pussy.

Clitoral Stimulator

  • A clit stimulator can bring both physical and mental satisfaction to your relationship.
  • These small sex toys use sonic air to give pleasure to the pussy that instantly creates a curiosity for sex.  It can let the users get a near-instant orgasm before even beginning the penetration.
  • Having even a 10-minute penetration after using this sucker will make things purely satisfying for the couples.

Vibrating Panty or Knickers

  • Imagine your wife or girlfriend wearing the vibrating panty that you are controlling through the remote control!  It will be an enjoyable thing to watch of course.
  • You can find a variety of settings and intensities for modifying the pleasure level exclusively.
  • Amazing vibrations for the clit for ensuring sensual pleasure. You can add extra spice by using this sex toy while roaming in a public place.

Sex Swings

  • We believe you understand how essential sex positions can be for an alluring sex session.  Performing sex in the same type of positions can make things boring over a period of time.
  • Thanks to innovative minds, you can buy a sex swing that will open a gateway for tons of great positions.
  • We suggest you experiment with every possible position after getting a sex swing.  Trust me, it has changed the lovemaking experiences for thousands of couples around the globe.

Wand Massager

  • For couples who like to have fun at places like swimming pools, bathrooms etc should buy the wand massager for sure.  It is a very lightweight and waterproof.
  • Has numerous vibrations modes for letting users give stimulation in the way they like.
  • Brilliant in terms of power and sensation, especially if you use them for the first time.

Sex Toys – Which Ones Will You Chose? 

We believe you will love all the sex toys talked about above.  All of them can bring something brilliant to your lovemaking sessions and help maintain the thrill that might have been lost.

Spice up your life – make it hot, hot, HOT!!

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Red Head On Bed

HELP! My Boyfriend Hates My Sex Toys

Did your lover want to use a vibrator to experience the ultimate climax?  Are you worried that she will end up spending too much time with it at your expense?

Research has shown that sales of vibrators for women have skyrocketed with even some celebrities like Rihanna spending thousands of dollars on them. With such soaring sales, it seems that women are depending more on toys to satisfy their sexual desires.

As a man, this makes me worried and I can understand why most men are intimidated by these devices.

If you are a man and feel that vibrators and sex toys for women are a threat to you, it is time you embarked in a completely new direction.

  • Stimulate her clit whilst using the sex toy

If you are using a sex toy on her, you can stimulate her clit with your other hand or mouth so that you are involved in the action.

  • Invest in couples sex toys

You can also make a point of investing in toys that are designed for use by couples.

  • Have you ever thought about using a Cock Ring?

It will send both of you to the heavens.  A Cock Ring is used to increase the blood flow in the penis which will make your erection feel stronger and help you to last longer.

  • Check out Other Resources

For sex toy options for men, we recommend you to visit is John James from Men’s Toys Hub where you will find the latest information about male sex toy market.

  • Sex Toys are an Excellent Gift

They are an excellent gift to give your girl for special occasions such as on Valentine’s Day or on a Wedding Anniversary.

  • Choose Wisely

It can prove trickier than you anticipate getting the right sex toy that will please her.  You might choose something that she won’t like maybe even end up offending her or upsetting her.   Last thing you want to do!!

Make sure you know what she might like before ordering.

  • Communication is Key

In any relationship, communication is vital.  It is the only way to know exactly what she likes.  If you manage to identify a sex toy that she wants, this will instantly jump start your sex life.

  • Be observant

First, you will need to be very attentive when having sex with your girl.  Take your time to understand what gives her fast and wild orgasms.

She may like clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation.  Or she may like you to stimulate her g-spot and clitoris at the same time.

sex toys
Woman orgasming

Once you have decoded her desires and needs, you will know which sex toys to give her.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Sex Toys

Don’t buy cheaply made or poor quality.  It will disappoint her and she will hate you for it.

  • These toys not only fail to get the job done appropriately but they may easily break which means you will have to replace them.
  • They can also cause allergic reactions while others might expose her body to toxic materials.

Go for high end and luxury

When giving your girl a gift, it is essential that you go for a high end or luxury sex toy that will surely impress her.

  • A gift must be special and be a symbol that you really love her.
  • These sex toys are made with higher quality features, functions and materials.
  • Some of these sex toys may be whisper quiet, waterproof, having multiple vibrations modes
  • Often made with body safe materials that are phthalate free.
  • They may be priced higher but you will never regret your purchase as you will definitely get the value for the money you spend.

My Personal Recommendations for Sex Toys

I personally recommend buying a luxury sex toy made by the adult lifestyle brand LELO.

My favourite vibrator from their range is the LELO Mona Wave which moves back and forth in a come hither motion.   It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is made using body safe materials.

There is a travel locking feature so you are able to take it with you anywhere without the fear of accidently turning on.

Within a few minutes of using the LELO Mona Wave, she will experience a mind blowing G-Spot orgasm.

My Final Recommendations on Sex Toys

Sex toys for adults have really transformed a lot over the past couple of years.  You no longer have to buy products made from toxic materials.

These days you are able to buy a powerful sex toy made with high quality materials and functions which will pleasure you.

I recommend shopping at Adultsmart which stocks a wide range of these wonderful products to ensure that your healthy sex life doesn’t start spiraling downhill.

You will always find something that is perfect for the two of you.  So, what are you waiting for, add the spice!

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