6 Places To Have Sneaky Christmas Sex All Year Round

Couple kissing on bed at Christmas

For some Christmas sex is an exciting event that occurs after a wonderful warm and happy Christmas. Pleasantly drunk and riding high on the waves of gifts, attention and family time, Christmas sex can be special, red lingerie with white fur trim, funny Christmas themed boxers coupled with plenty of time off work it is the perfect storm of arousal… for some.  See the key to amazing Christmas sex seems to be having a place to do it. A room with a bed and a door that locks might not seem like too much to ask but when the whole family is in town; space is a luxury that few have.

Christmas lingerie for men and women
Image: A man and woman wearing Christmas lingerie

I was sitting around on Boxing Day with a group of couple friends (we are a friendship group made up of couples, get it couple friends), all of us fleeing from our families for a few precious hours and the topic of Christmas sex came up. All of us, every single one had found getting busy a near impossibility, we all knew that Christmas could and should be a sexy time but all of us found it wasn’t in the cards this year. Little privacy, too many people around, shared sleeping arrangements and the closeness of ears all kept us with our pants disappointedly on. And I totally get why, when I think of Christmas sex I don’t think of a quickie in the bathroom while Mum and Grandma go out to get more fruit for the pav, Christmas sex should be slow, loving and relaxed. However much like the holiday itself, Christmas sex never turns out that way.

A pavlova cake with fruit
Image: Pavlova

Inspired by this I’ve decided to compile a list of the potential locations that you can use when you want to get down but need to be subtle about it.  Now while this list was inspired by my Christmas trip home, these tips will be useful for a range of situations including:

  • Still living at home with parents
  • People with Kids still living at home (young and old)
  • Non-Christmas home visits
  • Share houses
  • Hostels
  • Anytime you want to have sex but not have everyone know about it.

In these locations, you can even bring your favourite couple’s sex toy with you!


While a quickie bent over the sink maybe your bathroom sex habit, but you can take some extra time and get more creative. Put the towels on the floor to create a soft surface, close the toilet lid and use it as a seat, jump in the shower together and get clean and dirty at the same time.

A bathroom floor painted with the sky
Image: Painted Bathroom Floor

Advantages: Usually pretty clean, running water can cover any noise and clean-up will be simple because you are already where you needed to be.

Disadvantages: Having sex in the same room as the loo, cold tiles and someone may need to use the bathroom while you are in there.

Pro-tip: This works best in a house with more than one bathroom.


Maybe not the first choice but a quiet garage can be the perfect place for some loving. There is normally plenty of space and garages are usually pretty separate from the rest of the house. Plus they can lock. Take a blanket, a bottle of wine and set up for some alone time.  HOWEVER this will not work if you have a garage person in your house (A dad, brother, uncle etc. that hangs out in the shed more than anywhere else) It could get weird.

Garage for sex
Image: Garage

Advantages: Normally empty, normally lockable and away from people.

Disadvantages: It’s a garage with tools, oil and a lawn mower etc. A garage is more open to the elements and lets be real no one really keeps them very clean.


Is there a laundry room in the house? Does it have a door? If so you’ve got a place to get busy! Parents have known this one for years and have made it a classic! The laundry is a loud mostly empty room that kids never go in. During the holidays the laundry may see more action (of the washing type) but if you time it right this could really work.

Sex in the laundry
Image: Laundry Sucks

Advantages:  Loud room to cover sounds, potential for many soft surfaces (as long as you don’t mind dirty clothes) and the washing machine may even have a part to play in your fun.  Put it on a spin cycle, feels the stimulating sensations as if it were a vibrator, start foreplay and thank me later.

Disadvantages: The laundry room can be at the centre of the house and many even are a thoroughfare. This will only work for the right laundry. Also Mum may burst in to see how the nappy soaking is going.

Cubby House

Do Mum and Dad still have your childhood cubby house in their yard? Make use of it! While a little cramped and dusty it can do quite well in a pinch and it brings new meaning to playing house.

An outdoor cubby house
Image: A Cubby House

Advantages: No one has looked at that thing for years so as long as you are sneaky getting in and out you should be able to go undetected. Plus being outside the main house gives it more privacy, actually on second thought, why didn’t we just stay in the cubby house?

Disadvantages: Seriously no one has been in there for years so watch for spiders and bugs.  Also I advise doing this with a long disused cubby house. Don’t do this in one that is still being used by children, you don’t want to scar them for life.

The Car

A classic. Drive to an isolated location, turn on the radio and fog up the windows.

The auto-erotic handbook
Image: Carma Sutra

Advantages: It’s mobile, the doors lock and in the right model the seat warmers can add a welcome addition on a cold night.

Disadvantages: A car has windows that people can see into. Sex in public spaces is also risky and you could get arrested (although a warning is much more likely).


This is very similar to the car but instead you find a secluded spot, set up a blanket and connect not only with your partner but the great outdoors as well.

Someecards with a quote about outdoor sex
Image: Outdoor Sex Someecards

Advantage: You are finally alone so no need to hold back, also the rush of having sex outdoors can be fun.

Disadvantages: Not picking the right location and ending up scaring some nice hikers with your bare arse. Also bug bites and sun burn. Also as with the car, kind of illegal.

And that’s it, I’m out of ideas for alternative places to do but before I go I just want to remind you, I take no responsibility for any broken laws or embarrassment. You should definitely have a look at these crazy places to have public sex!

Happy Humping!

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

10 Sexual Performance Boosting Yoga Positions

Yoga for improved sexual function

There has been much talk about the benefits of yoga and what it can bring to the table. Well, you need a pretty darn’ big table if you want to see all of the goods.

First of all, yoga is consisted of natural body movements. Some of them are harder to learn than others, and although some of them may not seem like they are natural for your body, they most certainly are. Once you get the hang of them, learn the basics and start practicing them consistently, other complex movements will come on their own.

Trust me when I say this, your body will be grateful for it! In a short period, you will most definitely feel some good changes. Whether it’s your posture, strength, flexibility, your body will start to change and with it, your mind. Let’s see exactly how big your table should be.

Benefits Of Yoga

Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga has various types of movements and exercises that target specific body parts in many different ways. Therefore, yoga is proven to be effective in countering many diseases such as erectile dysfunction. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga improves some factors in sexual performance including desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, erection strength, ejaculatory control, orgasm, and partner synchronization.


Although it may not seem like it, yoga is actually a pretty good way to build strength. It won’t bring you the bulk look that guys from the gym have, but you can use it for a nice foundation. You can bring your body to the next level and use yoga as “warm-up” for heavy lifting or calisthenics. Mixing those two types is actually preferred.

Mental Strength

Maybe even the most important aspect of yoga, mental training. Nothing will teach you the techniques of staying calm and relaxed in stressful situations better than yoga. It is no secret that yoga has various breathing techniques that, mixed with different body postures, make a pretty effective combo in your mental training. Let’s face it; it’s pretty important and even necessary to know how to relax.

Body Posture

If you had a problem with your back, yoga would be the tool to get rid of it primarily because this ancient practice lengthens and stretches the spine, thus improving your balance and promoting proper alignment of vertebra, shoulders, neck, and the lower back area.


This one is in direct connection to the first point I have made, however, I had to separate them since arthritis, especially knee arthritis, is such a common problem nowadays. Yes, yoga has its ways around this problem also.

Better Sex Life

The very topic of this article and a pretty good method for solving this problem. Yoga improves sexual performance through stress reduction, i.e. making you more relaxed and willing to surrender to pleasure and satisfaction. Plus, with improved flexibility, both you and your partner will want to try out all sorts of positions.

I have only mentioned some of the benefits and look at the list right now; it already seems quite impressive. I will leave the rest of them for you to figure out.

Another pretty important advantage that yoga has over other “workout movements” is that it is cheaper and can be done anywhere. You don’t have to spend your money on the “best male enhancement supplements” that some of them like to call them, anymore. You can do yoga anywhere whether that’s at your home, park or gym. It would be good if you got into a course just so that you learn the movements from a professional, but there are other methods to learn yoga as well.

Alright, now that you have seen and “met” with yoga, we can move on to the main topic of this article, yoga exercises that will help you improve your sex life.

Yoga for couples sex
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Yoga Exercises For A Better Sex Life

Yoga does indeed help you with your sex life, but how exactly? It does seem odd when you think about it. We got used to the fact that dietary supplements like Virectin help us improve sexual prowess but it turns out yoga can be a great addition to your lifestyle for better sex and overall health. How can exercises help you with this? Well, I have thought the same way, but then I found answers.

You see, yoga can help you have a better sex life by making your body fit and strong, by improving your circulation and blood flow (which is extremely important because the very own reason why your penis gets erected is that of the blood that runs through it), and by increasing your sensations.

Here are the top ten candidates that could help you with this:

Half Plank

You have heard about the plank. A powerful exercise that targets your core muscles, shoulders and lower back. A half plank is just that half of the regular plank. Instead of going all the way down to your elbows, you should be in a position that is pretty similar to mid push-up position.

Holding your body in this position will strengthen up that core. You see, core muscles are your body’s stabilizers, therefore they are playing a key role in your sex life. With strong abs, you will move better, control your body better and look better.

The Cobra

The cobra is an excellent exercise for your lower back. It is quite similar to the half plank, but your hands should be lower and your body a little bit more narrow. This exercise will make you breathe heavily in no time, which is why it is a good way for improving your breathing techniques.

The Haka

You have heard about Haka. If you haven’t, you can check how New Zealand’s natives are doing it. It has originated from their tribe called Maori, and it has maintained as part of their tradition and national anthem to this day.

This position will put your lower body to the test. Your legs will definitely feel the most impact but guess what your body will release a significant testosterone boost after it.

High Lunges

Now this one is a power builder. You will build your core strength, explosiveness, and have a better range of motion in no time. The move itself isn’t that hard to learn and start doing, but it is extremely effective.

The Crow

Now, this is some new level, right here! The crow will test your limits and most certainly drain your soul out! This is a pretty hard, advance move that is as effective as it is hard. You want to control your body and lift it up with ease the crow is the way to go.

The Bridge

You can almost immediately figure out what this exercise is good for just from the looks of it. It will build your endurance and your leg strength which will most definitely help you in the sack.

Down Dog Knee To Nose

This is an exercise with a medium difficulty grade. It will work out that core and help your hips increase their range of motion. You will feel the gains from this one when you get to bed.

The Chair

The chair is pretty similar to the Haka pose. However, it targets your leg and lowers back muscles in a different way. You can build up your endurance with this one and have pretty strong legs at the same time.

The Corpse

You can figure out how this looks like just from the name. The corpse pose, also known as Savasana, will teach you how to relax your body, be at peace and feel calm while lying on the bed.

The Crescent Moon

And last but not least a standing side stretch also known as the Crescent Moon. A pretty important movement that will help to improve body circulation. This yoga position has you moving your body in a side to side movement. This exercise will activate your hips and improve your range of motion. The exercise is not hard to do at all so you can easily combine it with others or use it as a warm-up. Your call!

Final Thoughts

That would be all of them! Most of them, as you saw are pretty easy and fun to do. My advice to you would be to try every single one of these 10 exercises and make a workout plan that you will follow!

These exercises can be done every single day! If you try an exercise and fail, don’t shy away from the challenge. Keep exploring, do an easier variation of it, or simply do others from the list and then when you feel stronger, try the one that you couldn’t do. That’s what progress is all about.

Remember, a challenge is always good and failure is also good. You wouldn’t be able to learn if there weren’t for failures, so go straight on, face your fears and work you ass off!

Trust me, after a while of doing these exercises, your partner will be grateful and so will your body.

That’s about it. Now you know how to improve your sex life while also improving yourself, I don’t see what can stop you. You can even work out with your significant other. That would be an absolutely 100% win win situation as both of you will gain more endurance and strength, and feel better in bed at the same time!

HELP! My Boyfriend Hates My Sex Toys.

Red Head On Bed

Did your lover want to use a vibrator to experience the ultimate climax? Are you worried that she will end up spending too much time with it at your expense? Research has shown that sales of vibrators for women have skyrocketed with even some celebrities like Rihanna spending thousands of dollars on them. With such soaring sales, it seems that women are depending more on toys to satisfy their sexual desires. As a man, this makes me worried and I can understand why most men are intimidated by these devices.

If you are a man and feel that vibrators for women are a threat to you, it is time you embarked in a completely new direction. If you are using a sex toy on her, you can stimulate her clit with your other hand or mouth so that you are involved in the action. You can also make a point of investing in toys that are designed for use by couples and take control while having sex. Have you ever thought about using a Cock Ring? It will send both of you to the heavens. A Cock Ring is used to increase the blood flow in the penis which will make your erection feel stronger and help you to last longer.

Another great resource about sex toy options for men that we recommend you to visit is John James from Men’s Toys Hub where you will find the latest information about male sex toy market.

Sex toys are an excellent gift to give your girl for special occasions such as on Valentine’s Day or on a Wedding Anniversary. But it can prove to be quite trickier than you anticipate getting the right sex toy that will please her. It is very easy to choose something that she won’t like and if you are not careful, you might even end up offending her or upsetting her and this is the last thing you want to. So before you order a sex toy for her from an adult store, you must have an idea of exactly what she wants and then shop for it.

In any relationship, communication is vital, it is the only way to know exactly what she likes. If you manage to identify a sex toy that she wants, this will instantly jump start your sex life. First, you will need to be very attentive when having sex with your girl. Take your time to understand what gives her fast and wild orgasms. She may like clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation or she may like you to stimulate her g-spot and clitoris at the same time. Once you have decoded her desires and needs, you will know which sex toys to give her.

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Buying a cheaply made sex toy that is of poor quality will disappoint her and she will hate you for it. These toys not only fail to get the job done appropriately but they may easily break which means you will have to replace them. They can also cause allergic reactions while others might expose her body to toxic materials.

When giving your girl a gift, it is essential that you go for a high end or luxury sex toy that will surely impress her. A gift must be special and be a symbol that you really love her. These sex toys are made with higher quality features, functions and materials. Some of these sex toys may be whisper quiet, waterproof, having multiple vibrations modes and are often made with body safe materials that are phthalate free. They may be priced higher but you will never regret your purchase as you will definitely get the value for the money you spend.

I personally recommend buying a luxury sex toy made by the adult lifestyle brand LELO. My favourite vibrator from their range is the LELO Mona Wave which moves back and forth in a come hither motion. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is made using body safe materials. It has a travel locking feature so you are able to take it with you anywhere without the fear of accidently turning on. Within a few minutes of using the LELO Mona Wave, she will experience a mind blowing G-Spot orgasm.

Sex toys for adults have really transformed a lot over the past couple of years, you no longer have to buy products made from toxic materials. These days you are able to buy a powerful sex toy made with high quality materials and functions which will pleasure you. I recommend shopping at Adultsmart which is an online trusted sex toy shop which stocks a wide range of these wonderful products to ensure that your healthy sex life doesn’t start spiraling downhill. You will always find something that is perfect for the two of you. There are so many toys available that can make your sex life extremely pleasurable.



14 Crazy Places To Have Sex

Couple Kissing In a Pool

Having sex in public places will get your adrenaline pumping in a new way which you may have never experienced before. Here are 14 crazy places you can have sex.

  1. In A Canoe On The Water: If you are planning on having sex in a canoe you will need to be careful as you may accidentally flip the canoe over and capsize from all the moving around. To top that off, the wood may feel very hard on your body so you should definitely use a blanket. As long as you don’t flip the canoe over, having sex in a canoe would be a lot of fun!
  2. In A Stairwell Or Elevator: If you live in an apartment building that has an emergency exit door that is linked to a stair well that is secluded, it would be relatively safe to have sex there late at night. You could also try having sex in your apartment’s elevator that has been stopped, but keep an eye or ear out for when it starts moving or any doors that are opening or closing as that could be a sign of people coming your way. Living in the moment is the key to thoroughly enjoying sex in a stairwell or elevator as you will get an adrenaline rush from the feeling of almost getting caught.
  3. In An Attic: Due to all the objects and boxes sitting around in an attic, there isn’t too much room for movement but the lack of room will make you stay nice and close to their body.
  4. In The Backseat Of A Car: If you plan on having sex in the backseat of car, I suggest you do it in a long car, one where you can put the seats down. Some of my companions have attempted it in a little automatic subaru car however the sex turned out to be a disaster. Sex in a car can be hot though it can also be somewhat awkward if you don’t have enough space. To make things easier you can opt for a hand job or a finger fuck in the drive in cinema or in a secluded car park. Industrial areas are generally deserted and if you want to ensure you remain anonymous you can pick an area that’s not local. For your personal safety ensure your doors are locked and the windows are up to keep any bugs away.
  5. At A Waterfall In A State Park: If you go to a public area like a waterfall, be cautious of who is around. I recommend swimming to a faraway secluded waterfall to ensure that when you are having sex you can do so in complete privacy.
  6. In The Restroom Of A Plane:  So you are planning on taking a trip in an aeroplane and want to have a quickie in the restroom. The first rule is to let your companion know which restroom you will be in so they can meet you there without any stress. That way, nobody would be suspicious.
  7. In A Pool On A Loft: The great thing about using a pool on a loft is that anyone who comes across you having sex will realise it but they will be unable to see anything clearly since your bodies are under the water.
  8. In The Office: There’s certainly one way to clear a desk in an office and put everything in the out folder. Discretion is key in this situation. There was a couple in New Zealand who were caught in the act in their building, both of them faced a rather awkward and potentially damaging office meeting during the incident.
  9. In A Movie Theatre: A movie theatre is a perfect place to indulge in some finger fucking or a quick hand job. Pick a seat which is in the back row and ensure there are only a few people around.
  10. On A Park Bench: The best time to have sex on a park bench is at night, under the stars to add a touch of romance.
  11. At A Beach: If you plan on having sex on the beach, be careful where you get the sand! But if you have sex with your bodies under the water, not many people who see you will know unless they are up close and personal.
  12. On a Hiking Trail: You can find private areas on a hiking trail that are often hidden with shrubbery, bushes and trees.
  13. At A Golf Course: You can have sex at night time on a clean cut golf course. There will be spinklers, low lighting and a lot of soft mountains of grass to roll around on.
  14. In The Change Rooms: Having sex in a change room is probably a risky spot since there are normally people waiting outside but it will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!
Two People On A Mountain
Photo: Couple On A Hiking Trail

A Sex Toy You Can Wear In Public

If an adventure like that isn’t exactly what you’re after, you can try using a discreet couples sex toy like the We-Vibe 4 Plus the number 1 couples vibrator. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is worn inside the vagina which can be used comfortably during penetrative sex. It comes with a wireless remote or you can download the We-Connect application to your smartphone and control the sex toys vibrations no matter where you are in the world. The vibrator can be worn when you are out and about. For example, a lover can wear it when they are on the train and their lover can control the vibrator functions. Or maybe you can use it when you’re doing a mundane task like when you are grocery shopping.

Remote Controlled Sex Toys For Men

Don’t panic boys, there are remote controlled sex toys for you as well. There are many remote controlled Butt Plugs for those that enjoy anal play and there is also the NU Sensuelle Remote Controlled Cock Ring with 20 functions.

So Why Limit Yourself To Just Bedroom Sex?

I’m not suggesting you replace it entirely but you can definitely kick things up a few gears by exploring your sexual lifestyle outside of the bedroom. All these places have different levels of risk of being caught however this will intensify the thrill and completely expand you’re sexual mind. Enjoy and happy exploring!




Working In An Adult Lifestyle Centre

Adult Smart Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres Photo

When I tell people I work in an adult store, I am always slightly surprised by their reactions. Usually they look around to see if anyone is listening then begins the barrage of questions in hushed tones.

Oh My God, Wow! You work in a Sex Shop?

What is it like to work there?

Don’t you get tired of all the creepy wierdos?

And once they relax…Do you get to try stuff? That must be cool… I might pop in and see you.

All the newbies come in a little shy and are not sure what to expect and almost with out exception are overwhelmed with how “normal” it all is. Gone are the days of elderly men in raincoats, low lighting and darkened rooms…. I always get comments on how approachable the staff are and almost everyone is overwhelmed with the range of products we have and impressed by how unintimidating the atmosphere of the shop is. Yes, times have certainly changed, thank goodness.

Our job as sales consultants is to make the customer feel as at ease as possible. We try and rid them of unhelpful preconceptions, and basically welcome them into our magical world.

It is great that we have so much choice but to someone who has never been in an adult store before it is really helpful for them to have it all simplified for them. I always think sex is like food, it is not only necessary it can be intensely pleasurable. If you had never tasted chocolate, you simply wouldn’t have a taste for it. It is our job to present the customer with an easy to understand tasting menu of what is really available out there for carnal pleasure. There is nothing more satisfying than introducing customers to ideas and toys they would never have thought existed.

I have had many retail jobs in my time and although I have enjoyed them, I have often thought I was a bit of a money making machine for the company and my primary goal was to sell as much product for them as possible. The reward for me was the satisfaction of the results I achieved while at the same time maintaining customer satisfaction. I have found this job works inversely. My main goal is to satisfy the needs of the customer, the money makes itself. By establishing their needs I can help them discover things that can be truly life changing.


Sex Shop Shopping
Photo: Adult Lifestyle Centre Sales Consultant


Now this will sound odd, but I have a couple of friends that work as carers or in the medical profession, and I often feel I have much more in common with them than I do with someone who works in a shoe store. We are very privileged to get to know such personal things about people. I may well spend half an hour helping someone who has recently had prostate surgery, by showing them a penis pump, a prostate massager and explaining how cock rings work. I have a regular customer who is 35. He had had a terrible child hood and had never been able to have sex. He now often comes in with friends to extol the virtues of our herbal version of Viagra and our sex drops. He tells me I have genuinely changed his life. It is great fun to show the younger guys what a masturbator is for. I love to see their eyes light up when you explain how a cock ring can make them cum harder and satisfy their partner at the same time. It is satisfying letting customers young and old feel a lube like superslyde when they have only ever improvised with products like baby oil.

The staff here are in a unique position of advising people on the most personal and intimate aspect of their lives. We are lucky enough to have time given to us to learn about everything to do with sex, love and relationships. Take a look around the blog and you would be hard pushed to find a subject not tackled or a toy not reviewed at least once by somebody. With all that knowledge comes responsibility. I have lost count of all the young couple s who come in with expectations that relationships are like the ones you see in 5 minute free porn clips online. Guys often come in with girlfriends wanting anal toys and numbing creams for the girl. How scary would that be for an inexperienced girl? I always try to get to the bottom of the motives. If it is just the guys idea, which it often is, I always try and persuade him to buy a prostate toy for himself too. That way he can experience the wonders of his own male g spot, and at the same time sympathise better with what his girl will be experiencing. For her, the experience becomes a mutual exploration of each other’s bodies. Not just an anal invasion by a boyfriend she feels she has to impress. Instead of a cream to make her feel less of the sensation, why not buy enough some superslyde lubricant or non numbing anal lube from Pjur to help her relax into it.

Some customers are just plain curious to see what secrets lie inside these stores that you have to climb stairs to reach (although our Kogarah store is at street level for wheel chair access) They might even just want to come in and take pictures of the blow up dolls and giant dongs to show their friends.

From a very young age we are conditioned to think of sex as something naughty and taboo. Our kids find anything they are told not to talk about in public completely fascinating…whether it be farts, bums, boobs, poos or SEX. We carry those feelings into old age. It is great fun to watch a customer open up and embrace the world of what we have to offer and start asking the questions that they haven’t felt able to before.

The rewards for what we do are amazing. My favourite story is of a lovely guy who came in and wanted to buy a present for a girl he was trying to woo in Hawaii. They had met in Australia and really got on. She was splitting up from her husband. She had had a mastectomy and felt this was the reason he was leaving her. Mr nice had also split from his wife who had run off leaving him with their 5 children. He was going over to see her In Hawaii and his intentions, although not entirely honourable, were that he wanted her to see herself as the sexy person he thought she was. (lets face it we all like it when someone’s intentions aren’t totally honourable) He was going to buy her some lingerie, but I suggested he bought diamante nipple tassels instead. He was unsure, but bit the bullet and did it anyway. A few weeks later he was back to thank me, she had cried with happiness. She planned to come over and meet his kids. Since then they have maintained a long distance relationship. I was able to suggest getting a We-vibe so they could maintain sexual relations while so far apart ….and the last I heard was that she was going to come live over permanently.

There are numerous other stories too, the guy in his 80’s I sold lube and a stroker too after his wife had passed away and he had moved into an old people’s home. He came back to tell me he couldn’t believe such amazing things existed!

Honestly, some days I leave work feeling like I am saving the world one dildo at a time, well perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration but it is a great place to work and visit. The shop isn’t full of “creepy wierdos” at all. It is mostly people like you and me who just want to have fun.

About the author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres