Who is Andrew Christian? A Famous Men’s Underwear Designer

Andrew Christian creates designer men’s underwear that are all made in America from environmentally friendly material. Andrew started designing clothes from the young age of fifteen.

When he was nineteen, he moved to Los Angeles, California to follow his dreams and attend fashion school. In 1997, he created his own men’s underwear range named “Andrew Christian” that is now available to purchase worldwide.

This is a VIP Interview with Andrew Christian and sexpert from the Adultsmart Health and Sexuality Blog. We will look into who he is, what inspires him, what he is most proud of and much more!

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Andrew Christian – A VIP Interview

Tell me about yourself

I have been designing ever since I can remember. Created a lot of my own designs in high school for myself and my friends. At the age of fifteen I knew that design was my passion and what I wanted to do for a living.

What are the most memorable quotes that inspire you?

There are so many quotes in Sex=Power=Freedom that I find inspiring. One of my favorites is.

“Total sexual power is complete control over yourself and the freedom to make your own choices.”

Another one of my favorites from my book is.

“Love is the only way to invoke positive change.”

I think about both of these a lot when I’m creating new designs.

Who is your role model?

I have been a huge fan of Madonna since I was a small child growing up in Fresno, California. Growing up in a small town where I didn’t quite fit in.  Madonna was my connection to the outside world.

I knew that there was something bigger and better for me if I pursued my artistic vision for design.  Madonna is an inspiration because of her constant drive to innovate, create, and never give up. When I was starting my company it was really difficult at times. There were many times I wanted to give up, but I thought to myself.

“What Would Madonna Do?”

This gave me the courage to continue and achieve the success I have today.

andrew christian sexy underwear
Sexy Mans Bum

What are your favourite accomplishments?

Sex=Power=Freedom book is a passion project of mine. It’s something that I’ve wanted to undertake for several years. And I am extremely proud of how it turned out.

I knew that now was the right time to publish my book because of the political climate that America is in right now.  Sex=Power=Freedom gives voice to the beliefs that I hold dear in my heart.  I’m glad that my book can also lift people up and that I can be a voice for them.

What is the company story behind the inspiration, creation and development of Andrew Christian products?

I find inspiration from many places, including my own wants and needs in a pair of underwear.  Also I like to take into consideration my customers’ lifestyle and needs and how my products can be most useful to them.

My models are also a big part of my inspiration. They give me feedback on how the items fit their bodies and their lifestyles. I spend a lot of time with them professionally and personally; I guess you could consider them my muses.

What does your company value the most?

My goal is to make people feel sexy and confident about themselves. It is always so gratifying to meet people who proudly wear Andrew Christian underwear because they like the way they look in them. A fact that I can bring happiness to people in that way is really gratifying to me.

How does your company define and measure success?

We at Andrew Christian want people to like our underwear. It is always my hope that each new collection will do better than the last. We’re one of the top underwear companies in the business right now. I am always grateful for that andI measure my success based on how people feel about my collections.

How many pieces of underwear have you sold? What locations around the world do you sell them?

I’ve sold countless pairs of underwear since I started designing in 1997. I sell my brand in hundreds of stores all around the world. Besides our own boutiques, I also sell in luxury department stores like Nordstrom, Selfridges, and Kadewe.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

Andrew Christian has a little bit of everything. We have so many different collections that cater to so many different people – gay or straight. I’m constantly going outside of my comfort zone when I’m designing new styles. It’s something that I think makes us stand out among other underwear designers out there.

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about the Andrew Christian underwear range?

One of the most memorable quotes I ever heard was from a fan/customer I met in Seattle a few years ago. He said: “Andrew Christian Underwear changed my life”.

Then he further explained that he used to weigh 300 lbs, and he had lost 120lbs just so he could fit into Andrew Christian Underwear. It’s a true honor that I could have a positive impact on someone’s life and health through my designs.

If you could pick just two pieces of underwear from your product range, what would you choose and why?

My favorite pair of underwear is the Almost Naked brief. I have them in so many colors in my closet. You would be amazed to see my underwear drawer at home. Other than that, I would have to choose the new FUKR slick brief.

They’re so different than the Almost Naked. So different than anything that I have made before. They stand out on their own.

CoolFlex Brief with Show It Photo
Red brief photo

Andrew Christian Stands For Sex, Power and Freedom

I absolutely love Andrew Christian underwear. Underwear is one of those things that people don’t necessarily pay as much attention to as they should. For some people it’s nothing more than a piece of fabric that sits underneath your clothes.

‘Not everything in life is black and white’

As for others it’s a statement and a symbol of their autonomy, confidence and an expression of their personality.

Maybe because it’s something that is generally considered to be personal, and not something which everyone sees. But I have always believed that underwear is an important expression of who you are and how you engage with the world as well.

It’s an erotic form of freedom and expression that is uniquely you.

Andrew Christian Men’s Underwear review

When I was asked to do a review on Andrew Christian Underwear, I was immensely excited.

I have a few pieces of AC, which I absolutely love, and I was looking forward to trying some new stuff.  Was sent three new pieces.

  • A Cool Flex tagless red piece.
  • Mesh underwear.
  • A pair of swimmers.

First thing I did when I got home was try them all on

And parade in front of the mirror. One of the things that I love about Andrew Christian, is that you don’t need to look like Topher Dimaggio in order to look good in underwear.

Colours, the styles, the way they fit and hug the body just look good on anyone. You know how it is with some underwear, they look nice on the box on some delicious model. But once you get them out and put them on… they just don’t sit right.

They pull, tug, and poke your junk in uncomfortable ways.  Flatten it like a pancake, or worse, they just don’t fit everything at all.

Male underwear is important.

You never know when you’re going to be caught with your pants down. That’s why wearing underwear can give you massive amounts of confidence.

My Teenage Years

This story begins in my teenage years. I moved out when I was 18. It wasn’t my greatest moment, but I felt that it was necessary.

I needed freedom and I needed release and I needed the opportunity to be myself.  Was a lowly nerdy young adult, with a yearning to experience the world in a way that was outside the constrictions of my family.

It was a scary time

But at the same time it was incredibly enlightening and empowering. I made mistakes, I learnt, I grew in ways that had been denied to me and I experienced.


“People will try to limit your own sexual freedom, civil liberties and right to exist to increase their own power. And they may even be your own friends and family.”

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones.

My parents were just a little too smothering with their love and wisdom. Possessions did not account for much, but I quickly developed a single vice.

Getting new underwear.

I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but every pay day I bought a new pair of underwear.

Underwear to me was a private and empowering celebration of my identity, and my freedom. It was a hidden power that only I knew about. It gave me a specific confidence in ways that others might not have understood.  My love of underwear extends to this day and it has gotten me through some interesting times.

Bright colours of my favourite underwear seemingly contrasted with the darkness of my life. It sounds strange.

But the feeling of putting on new underwear is a feeling that cannot be surpassed.

New underwear, the feeling of it against my skin reminded me about the simple joys of life. It helped me tremendously through my battle with depression and anxiety.

FUKR Mesh Brief Photo
Andrew Christian Designer Underwear

Now, for the underwear

As for the underwear, I loved my coolflex pair.  Of the three pairs I received, they were my favourite.

When slipping them on they were smooth, and form fitting. They lifted everything in just the right way. But they did it in such a way that you didn’t even notice that there was support.

Not to mention my ass looked absolutely amazing in them and I immediately took some photos and sent them to my partner. Tonight was certainly going to be a fun night.

 I’d been at Stonewall recently

Where they were showcasing some of Andrew Christian’s videos. If you haven’t had the chance to watch an Andrew Christian video then I suggest that you immediately stop reading this article. Load up youtube or some other variant, grab some calorie free snack and then settle into a comfortable chair.

You’re going to have some fun. In these videos they performed what they called the “bounce test”.

A bounce test

For people that aren’t boys, is a demonstration of an underwear’s ability to provide movement during periods of activeness as well as provide support.

Jumping up and down in some loose fitting underwear isn’t necessarily the most pleasant of feelings. If they’re too tight then there’s going to be no movement at all.  You’re in a club you want some movement. You want the guy next to you noticing that your package is something more than just an immovable piece of playdough sitting in your pants.

Movement piques the curiosity of a guy and it turns them on even before they’ve taken off your underwear.

Bounce test certainly worked – and I may or may not have turned myself on.

Second piece of underwear was the mesh underwear.

Now something like this takes a lot of confidence to wear.  It’s completely, and utterly mesh and see through. There’s no modesty with this pair. If your pants are off you’re going to see everything.

Personally, I’m not usually a fan of mesh underwear.

Firstly, your junk doesn’t look all that attractive when squished up against mesh looking like a strung out Christmas ham. That hasn’t yet been dipped in honey.

Secondly, mesh underwear usually grips things in the wrong way. Movement becomes a little strained and painful as a stray net rubs and rips something the wrong way.

Andrew Christian have solved this by making the underwear more than just a net.  Between the net and your junk there’s a very thin see through mesh that protects loose skin from being caught in the squares. Great for people that aren’t circumcised.

You’re not going to get any parts of your cock caught in this one.

It’s a simple idea, it works well and despite looking a little squished for my liking. My partner absolutely loved the erotic nature that was the mesh and see through underwear.

Why does this story matter?

Because Andrew Christian realises that underwear is more than just a piece of hip hugging fabric.  Sexual power and freedom of expression is important – and as Andrew Christian says in his book

‘Total Sexual power is complete control over yourself and the freedom to make your own choices.’

Wearing Andrew Christian Is A Choice

I feel that it’s a powerful one at that.

A lot of people underestimate the importance of underwear. There’s a lot of other underwear companies which simply mass produce fabric. Since becoming familiar with Andrew Christian, they’ve been a company which has always struck me as placing more importance on underwear.  It exceeds simply being a piece of fabric that is worn.

Andrew Christian, unlike a bunch of other underwear out there, doesn’t flatten your package. It might sound weird but when you look down and you see a nice looking bulge, it definitely boosts your mood as you slip into some jeans, shorts.  Whatever you happen to be wearing that day.

Or if you choose to just waltz around the house in AC.

AC’s Book 

It seems that Andrew Christian feels the same way with the recent release of his book as well.

His book, titled Sex Power and Freedom features images of the Andrew Christian boys with heartfelt and meaningful quotes.

mature gay mags blog
Blog: Queer community

What I love about this book is that it’s not a book of advertising smut.

It’s an empowering book with empowering quotes with boys that just happen to be wearing Andrew Christian underwear.

Quotes that I’ve re-used within this review to demonstrate their applications to life.  It doesn’t come across as a cheesy self-promotional book, instead coming across as something that’s quite powerful and uplifting.

That’s why my story matters when reviewing AC underwear.  Because they’re more than just fabric and cloth, they’re an expression of self-identification and empowerment.

With the themes, thoughts behind and in this book, Andrew Christian transcends a fashion icon. Seamlessly reminding you of, not just amazing underwear, but a way of life.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed

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