Penis Sheaths in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians developed penis sheaths that are now modernized and called penis sleeves or extensions.  Also African tribes and natives from Papua and New Guinea commonly used them both for tribal festivities and during sexual play.  They were used as a technique to broaden the penis and support the male penis.

Why Were Penis Sheaths Worn? 

In Ancient Egypt a penis sheath was a fundamental part of an aristocrats attire.  It was deliberately worn and not hidden.   A sheath was there to demonstrate that the penis was being protect as they valued it as a holy organ.

It was there to reassure the wearer that the penis was protected from things like spiders, insects, ants and bugs. And also ailments, diseases and infections that may impact on the penis.  They were worn during work to ensure it was not damaged. Even during natural disasters such as flooding, fire etc.

Ancient Egyptians embraced outfits that looked after their family jewels

One of the traditional items of clothing worn by men was the schenti which was almost like a kilt but made out of hide or fabric.  This schenti was wrapped around the wearers hips. Covered the genital area folded a certain way to respect the penis that was viewed as a holy part of a man’s body.

Wearing the schenti was believed to make the man more fertile and would help in populating the nation.  Egyptians were careful to display and use this material considerately, especially around the genitals.

Egyptian Shenti and penis sheaths
Ancient Egyptians Penis Sheaths

In Papua New Guinea

Tribes used penis sheaths during customary gatherings, whilst hunting and as a sexual aid.  Each sheath was developed for a specific purpose and could be made from weaving grasses,  from collected shells, crafting timber and other materials.

There were so many different phallocrypts and each tribe decorated them differently.  They are now a sought after souvenir for travelers in that Country.

penis sheaths
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A Phallocrypt

This phallocrypt could be basically hanging from the male genitalia and worn on social occasions or when going to tribal war.  Each one was individually stylized.

Some aboriginal tribes in outback Australia still wear them. But they are called the Lonka and traditionally made from oyster shells.  A lonka is held in place by braided human hair.  Often engraved to identify the tribe and painted in traditional aboriginal art.

Even the South American civilizations wore them. They were made from jade and other gems and stones and held in place through piercings on the penis and testicles.  Ancient South Americans only wore them during ceremonial proceedings.

Phallocrypts and penis sheaths
Tribal sheaths

Modern Times Penis Sheaths or Sleeves

Now in modern times when they are used solely as sex toys they are often used together with a cock ring.  This is to assist in sexual performance increasing endurance and satisfying the wearers partner.   A penis enlargement is used as a sexual and marital aid in many instances.

At which point penis sheaths lost their traditional value and became a male sex toy is not clearly defined. But it is interesting that our ancestors were not perturbed by their use or wearing them.

Perhaps we should take follow their example!

penis sheaths
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My Penis Stuck in tight Anal Masturbator and penis sheaths
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