Get Your Sugar Pop At Vibratex!

Vibratex has been the pioneer in

“rabbit style”

vibrators for some time now. Their excellent Rabbit Vibrator has turned into a main staple in a huge number of ladies’ rooms after it appeared on “Sex in the City“. When Samantha showed the other girls on Sex in the City what a vibrator, it turned all their heads. The sales sky rocketed world wide and rabbit vibrators were flying off from the adult sex store shelves. There have been numerous other rabbit-styled vibrators released since then and countless innovations have been made through the years in terms of programming, independent vibrator control, better materials, water proof and rechargeable docking stations. Vibratex has in their item extended a vibrator called, fittingly, the Vibratex Sugar Pop. What’s more, I need to say, it’s heavenly and certainly made me “pop” in a larger number of routes than one! And I’m telling you, that since I’ve got this I’ve been happier and more fulfilled and just generally in a better mood.

The Vibratex Sugar Pop rabbit vibrator can be portrayed as a splendid pink candy with a bulbous tip like the fantastic Blow Pop lollipop but it does come in different colours like purple. It is made with without phthlate elastomer, this means that it is made from a body safe material. The clitoral stimulation has a wide tickler for a more noteworthy scope and four lines of undulating dabs for included sensation, internally. Vibratex has upgraded their vibrators with a progressed new battery pack that highlights four velocities and five varieties for choosing your most loved combination from very boundless but conceivable outcomes. The controls are effortlessly available during play and you won’t require much practice to get the Sugar Pop to comply with your longings. It really is a sex toy with a little bit of everything.

Rabbit Vibrator

When I used the Sugar Pop allowing my gorgeous partner to watch for some personnel fun.  I tried the different settings on the handle – they made the shaft go side to side or just spins the rotating beads which gave very unique sensation.  The rabbit ear clit tickler lived up to the reputation Samantha gave it with toe curling going on with some wicked orgasms. It is easy to handle and change setting whilst in use and is not the strongest or the weakest around and would suit beginners to expert sex toy users.

There are four throbbing modes and one straight vibration mode that is sure to allow any user to find the ideal setting that is right for them or simply leave it on straight vibrations and ramp up to your power choice.  This baby made me squirt and I should have thought to put some towels down first.  That is not to say that my partner did not enjoy the show and gave me only a few seconds before this lovely toy was replaced by my even lovelier man.

In my opinion, I’d say the Vibratex Sugar Pop is an extraordinary rabbit style vibrator. It is definitely one of the best vibrators I have used because when I turned it on, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the pulsating shaft that felt better when inside me.


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