Adultery Can Help Save A Marriage

“Adultery can  help save a marriage” may sound like an abhorrent statement to most of us but have you thought enough about it? Let us analyze this concept first. You are in a happy marriage. Everything is going perfectly. But one fine day you get attracted to someone. Deep down you know that THIS IS WRONG! However, you cannot resist the temptation when the other person is also attracted to you. And finally, what should not have happened, happens in the heat of the moment. Now what? Are you going to come out of the marriage that you have been nurturing with your partner for so many years?

Let us face it that infidelity is never intentional and begins by a mistake.  So, what happens in the “heat of the moment” should not be assumed as the real intention of a person. Instead, infidelity can be forgivable if we understand why a person has to perform it. Many people have fallen in the situation of infidelity and then are unexplainable for their deed to their partner. Let us review such situations-

Situation 1

You and your partner are living in a long-distance marriage.

Both of you talk to each other in intervals but obviously because you physically live away from each other you are missing out to fulfill your physical needs.

Most of long-distance relationships face this situation as a problem. But physical needs are a thing. Compromising on them can be tough because after all you are a human being too. Getting physically involved with someone to fulfill your physical needs should not be termed as a sin.

At the end of the day, it is all about feelings. So, you know that at last you feel for your partner who lives several miles away from you.  But you are only acquiring to quench the thirst of your physical needs at the place you are currently living. What is wrong here? Due to the absence of physical intimacy many relationships have seen partners becoming frustrated with their partner while living away.

But if you make peace with the fact that your physical needs are important too then your relationship can be saved. Physical intimacy keeps a person stress free to a great length. So, this will also keep the couples in a long-distance relationship happy.

Situation 2

Your marriage has started to become monotonous.

There is no spark left. Even if try to ignite something there is no effort from your partner. You have started to feel depressed in your relationship because it was not like this in the beginning.

But hey! It is not your fault if the other person does not even feel the need to ignite the spark again. You are responsible for your happiness.  So, you can find the same happiness and satisfaction in an affair.

Most of the time people do not involve themselves into affairs because of the need of physical intimacy but because of the absence of genuine happiness. Infidelity here saves the marriage because ultimately you become happy and there is no room for you to complain to your partner.

Situation 3

Your partner discovers that you are involved in an affair.

That is, it. That is the situation. Well, many times when couples discover that there is a third person involved in their marriage, it often gives them a chance to introspect. Introspection of the marriage. What is missing? What made your partner feel that they need to find their happiness somewhere else? Infidelity saves marriage by giving couples a chance to work on the things between them that would again help them live in a happy marriage.

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So, coming back to the point of adultery, many researchers and sociologists have studied the changing patterns of marriage. Studies do suggest that it is very natural for human beings to feel a sense of monotony in a relationship after sometime.  If this monotony does not break then it makes people look for happiness somewhere else.

Physical intimacy equally is a very important factor in a marriage. It is something that couples must explore in their marriage in some way. However, infidelity that is usually believed to kill a relationship should be seen with a perspective to renew a marriage. It provides opportunities to discover the weak points of marriage and start afresh.

Adultery, if seen from a positive perspective, does help to save your marriage. It either helps to re-unite both of you as couples or it can help both of you to stay happy in a marriage without bearing the need to make each other happy. In today’s world, ever individual is quite ambitious and so people do not take out time for each other.

Modern problems need modern solutions. Hence, if adultery is seen from a different perspective, then it does help couples to figure out a lot of things in their marriage.

You can be thousand miles away from your loved one but feel irresistible about your physical needs. You are a human being too and so you need to find someone to make you feel happy. There is nothing wrong in it.  You must be able to look at both the sides of adultery. It is no less than a relief and thus, it does help in saving a marriage. It teaches you a lot and improves your relationship as well.

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  1. ‘Adultery’ is fine as long as both partners are aware but then, is that ‘adultery’. Almost all ‘cheating’ involves sex, either one or the other needs more than can be given. SEX is always the attraction so when the need is greater than can be given cheating, adultery is the next step. Talking between the spouses can be a way of agreeing to some extra-curricular activities and if no agreement can be made well, at least, both parties know where they stand.

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