4 Incredible Ways To Pivot Pleasure With We Vibe Pivot

Coming in to work after 4 days off, I was so thrilled to see so many new sex toys on the shelves, it felt like Christmas had come early!! There is one sex toy in particular I am bursting at the seams to tell you about and that is the We Vibe Pivot.

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any better, We Vibe did it again, creating an incredible product that I simply must get my hands on!!!

We Vibe Pivot is an amazing vibrating cock ring

With so many special features, I am so excited for this to be available in the Adult Lifestyle Centres.

We Vibe are best known for the original couples vibrator known as the We-Vibe, the Sync being the latest and greatest model in this line. They have since released numerous high quality sex toys, including the Tango, Touch and Rave.

These toys appeal to women for the most part so I think it is so great they have created a toy for men and their partners.

We Vibe Pivot Materials and Safety

It is made from high quality, body safe, midnight blue silicone that is extremely smooth to the touch. And is free of harmful phthalates. Silicone is not an extremely stretchy material which could mean a tighter fit for men with a girthy penis.

It is important that when using any cock ring, the fit is snug but not constricting or painful.  This cock ring is only available in one size and like all products in the Adult Lifestyle Centres, it is non-refundable for wrong size or change of mind.

If you’re concerned that it may not fit

I recommend either measuring the circumference of your penis when erect to ascertain whether it will fit. Or try a simple silicone cock ring for size. Cock rings are great to maintain an erection so if this is a concern for you or your partner, this toy will be a welcome addition to your sex life.

What Do The Vibrations Feel Like? 

We Vibe Pivot vibrations are strong and powerful which is so important if you’re seeking a cock ring that will be able to be felt by your partner.

I have had experiences with partners wearing cheap options and it just doesn’t do the job!  Vibrations are often too weak or too ticklish to be pleasurable. Deep and rumbly vibes of The Pivot are sure to please and are a great indicator of just how quality this toy is.

We Vibe Pivot features 10 vibrating options so you’ll never get bored of a mundane buzz.

We Vibe Pivot Photo
Cock Ring We Vibe Pivot 

Most Amazing Feature of the We Vibe Pivot

This is the fact that it can be controlled via the We-Connect smart phone application.  This feature is great for those in long distant relationships as you’re partner has the option to take control of the vibrations.

Also, if you dare to spice up a date night, get your man to wear it out and take full control of when and where you turn it on…

  • Pivot is a rechargeable toy, with the magnets on the outside connecting with the USB charger.
  • This feature means it’s fully enclosed therefore 100% waterproof, a perfect toy for bath or shower play.
  • It also means it’s very easy to keep clean. Simply wash under water and wipe with a high quality toy cleaner such as We-Vibe Clean Spray.
  • It also has a low power alert light which blinks when it needs charging. This means you don’t have to experience one of those excruciating mid-sex power failures.
cock rings and vibrating cock rings

We Vibe Pivot Features and Functions

This toy has multiple super fun and pleasurable functions.

Vaginal or anal sex

Placed over the penis down to the base, this toy is intended for greater pleasure during sex. With the vibrating part placed facing up, during penetrative sex with your female partner, the vibrations will be felt on her clitoris. It is a snug and comfortable fit which means you can mix up the positions and it’s not going to get in the way or be any inconvenience.


Its vibrations are very powerful. So when placed over the penis during solo play, will provide incredible sensations sure to excite any man.

Clitoral vibrator

Just because your man is not around, doesn’t mean this toy won’t come in handy. This vibrating cock ring is a great size to be used for solo pleasure on your clitoris.

Place over a dildo for greater vibrations

Again, just because you may be a lone female, doesn’t mean The Pivot needs to go to waste. Simply place it over a dildo like you would with a man’s penis and thrust away.

Use with a high-quality water-based lubricant when placing over the penis to ensure comfort and greater ease.

We Vibe Pivot is a truly amazing cock ring

With so many great features!! At Adult Lifestyle Centres it is affordably priced and it really is one of the best options on the market.

Oh and just in case I haven’t convinced you of how great the We Vibe Pivot Cock Ring is yet, it comes with a 2 year warranty. This means you have a toy that will stand the test of time!!

So what are you waiting for?

You should definitely check out all the different types of cock rings that are available.  It can also be used as an effortless way to last longer in the bedroom. And can also can help people who have issues with erectile dysfunction.

About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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