We Vibe Sync – What’s It Really Like To Use!

It is no secret that I am a fan of We Vibe Sync. I love their rumbly motors, their innovative designs and their commitment to good sex. You don’t see desperate attempts at coming up with something new and different at the expense of quality and usefulness.  I appreciate that. Instead, they make considered choices based on customer feedback and good research.

We Vibe Sync

Recently someone very kindly gifted me with the new We-Vibe Sync and since none of our Sex Toy reviews so far have included much commentary about what’s it’s like to use during PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex. Sharing with you my thoughts on it after using it a few different ways including PIV. Such a sexy sounding acronym, that leads to a more romantic language just so I can talk about sex in it.  Not sound stuffy? Clinical but rather sexy and sophisticated. It could happen, watch this space.

Back to the couple’s sex toy. Firstly, if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, the We-Vibe couples sex toy is a very popular, wearable vibrator.  It has been on the market in one form or another for the better part of a decade and has been winning awards consistently during that time. Over the course of those years, it has changed a fair bit. There have to date been seven or eight different models, including the latest one.

The We-Vibe Sync is intended to be worn in the vagina. It is sort of like a rabbit, it’s a dual stimulator, but it doesn’t have a handle. It can be worn during sex, which is a little tricky with a regular ole rabbit!

The Standard Innovation Company

The company which makes the We-Vibe sex toys is Canadian, called Standard Innovation, and makes sex toys which are both Eco-friendly and body safe. These are not the cheapest toys on the market, but they are worth every penny. You are not paying for some ridiculous status oriented brand but rather for quality, durability and really damn good sex. This will help promote healthy sexual satisfaction which can contribute to feelings of well-being and better relationships, with yourself and others.

So how does it work?  What does it look like?

All the models are basically a modified, squished ‘C’ shape, designed so that one arm be worn inside the vagina, while one arm sits outside the vagina, resting against the vulva. Hopefully reaching and stimulating the clitoris. So I like to think of it as it as sensually hugging your genitals inside and out! Vibrations stimulate both your g spot and clitoris – provided the shape hits you in the right places, more on that shortly.

We-Vibe is a rechargeable sex toy which has a nifty little charging dock of its own. With a cover to keep your toy clean and discreet when not in use. You’re gonna need to charge it up before you first use it. To put the toy on your body, first make sure the toy is clean and charged,. Then apply some lube fairly liberally to the arm you are going to insert.

It’s the one without the control button, for those who are unsure – and gently insert that arm into your vagina, leaving the outside arm, well, outside. To do it’s thang on your most sensitive spots. The toy is flexible enough that this won’t be a nightmare, and the new We-Vibe Sync makes it even easier.

Below I have added some pictures of some of the more recent models so you can get a better idea after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. We-Vibe Sync
  2. We-Vibe 4 Plus
  3. We-Vibe Classic
  4. We-Vibe 3
We-Vibe Couples Toys
We-Vibe Versions (From Left to Right): We-Vibe Sync, We-Vibe 4 Plus, We-Vibe Classic, and We-Vibe 3

What Models Are Available In the We Vibe Range?

Over the years, various features have changed on different models. Until recently, the 4 Plus model was highly popular. It introduced a remote (with the 3rd model), a smartphone app for programming favorite vibe combinations or remote control, and a sleek design in velvety smooth silicone, which doesn’t attract dust like shiny silicones do.

They also released the We-Vibe Classic, retaining the 4 Plus’s features but with the original shape. However, the We-Vibe Sync now surpasses them all. It boasts two adjustable points in its C-shaped curve for better fit, simplified control buttons, stronger vibrations, and an improved charging dock design. The updated app and slightly altered shape, with longer arms, enhance the overall experience. It’s truly a pleasure to use and comes highly recommended.

This diagram from the We-Vibe website shows how the We-Vibe Sync can be adjusted. As I touched on earlier, everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, and a dual stimulator can run the risk of not hitting both your sweet spots perfectly. Some people found that one or the other of the previous We-Vibe shapes didn’t quite fit them perfectly.

This limited what should be a fantastic toy to a so-so toy for those particular people. But with the new shape and adjustable points not only will it stay in better and be more comfortable but be much more likely to hit almost everybody’s most sensitive erogenous zones. Notice the different ways it can be manipulated. May I also add it is surprisingly easy to adjust it while you’re wearing it, or putting it on, so you don’t have to do too much guesswork.


We Vibe Sync Review
Graph: We-Vibe Sync Adjustments


How Do You Control The We-Vibe Sync?

Over the years, features have evolved across different models. Recently, the 4 Plus gained popularity with its introduction of a remote (with the 3rd model), a smartphone app for programming favorite vibe combinations, and a sleek design in velvety smooth silicone, which avoids attracting dust. The We-Vibe Classic retained the 4 Plus’s features but kept the original shape.

However, the We-Vibe Sync now excels with two adjustable points in its C-shaped curve for a better fit, simplified control buttons, stronger vibrations, and an improved charging dock design. The updated app and slightly altered shape, with longer arms, enhance the overall experience, making it highly recommended.

I’ve found all the app features very user-friendly; I haven’t even bothered with the remote. Though I was excited about Beat mode, Touch mode impressed me more. It’s lovely to have that much control. Switching to set-and-go near climax allows focusing solely on sensations. I prefer steady vibration followed by the wave pattern for climax. Touch mode is great for understanding body responses intimately. When comfortable, I invited my partner to download the app too. Connectivity wasn’t an issue, though we haven’t tried it separated by a distance.

Honestly, I was nervous about using it during penetrative sex, fearing discomfort, especially accommodating both the toy and a girthy penis. Despite being young and without kids, I occasionally struggle with girthier penises, especially when tired. So, I decided to see how it goes for research and personal use.

What Are Frequent Questions About We-Vibe?

I had questions: Would it be comfortable? Would it stay in during energetic sex? Would my partner enjoy it too? Would it feel impersonal? Would I want to use it regularly?

Deciding to try the We-Vibe Sync during penetration, I must admit, I was quite tired and not feeling overly aroused. We’d been experiencing mismatched horny moods all week, leading to some frustration. Nevertheless, I was eager to try it out with my partner and see how it went. If I couldn’t get in the mood, we agreed to stop or switch to something less demanding.

However, I was pleasantly surprised as my mood shifted from lukewarm to red-hot during foreplay with the toy. There was something about those rumbling vibrations that really relaxed me and got me in the mood. I’m definitely in the rumbly vibrations fan club; they win every time. Initially, we used it externally, then inserted it with plenty of water-based lube, allowing time for my body to adjust and get comfortable.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend taking this time to warm up and explore internally with fingers, as it reassures and extends foreplay. This approach worked well, and I’m happy to report that wearing it during penetration was perfectly comfortable, even with a larger partner. The first question was answered to my satisfaction!

How Does The We Vibe Sync Stay In Place?

Yes it did stay in place well during some vigorous thrusting and different positions. Even with a lot of lubrication, there were no problems. As Emily has said, there is a little more grip to the texture of the silicone on this model than the 4 Plus.

we-vibe sync
We Vibe Review

My partner loved it. He said it was a really different sensation, the vibrations were really nice and of course the effect it had on me was a major plus for him. One of the things we noticed was that during penetration the toy reeeeally hit the G-Spot well and I actually came seconds into penetration, which is really unusual for me, while his orgasm was super strong.

Regarding concerns about the We-Vibe Sync potentially creating a sense of distance during penetration, I’d heard a few worries about this in reviews. Here’s my take: Yes, it does alter the sensation somewhat, but it doesn’t diminish intimacy; it transforms it. While you may feel slightly less, the surge of excitement amplifies emotional connection. So, fret not!

It’s waterproof, whisper-quiet, offering a thrilling 90 minutes of play on a full charge. With just a 2-hour charging time, it’s vital to keep it juiced up for uninterrupted pleasure. Embark on thrilling adventures with confidence!

In conclusion, simply put, I would 100% would use again, absolutely love it.

About the Author: Jade is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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