So Many Pluses To We-Vibe 4!

The We Vibe 4 Plus is a sex toy intended to be worn by the female whilst having sex or for solo clitoral and G-Spot stimulation.  Powered by two separate vibrating engines; one in the g-spot arm and one in the clitoral arm.

We-Vibe 4 Plus can be used  in three distinct ways

1 – by manually by tapping the standard controls.

2 – using the remote control for short distance play or finally.

3 – through the advanced mobile phone app for long distance (even intercontinental sex play) which works with either android phones or Apple phones.

Features of the We Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus has got different mode capabilities dependent on which controls you are using. I am not exactly sure why they could not have all the modes available for each control that you are using but there you have it.

  • If you are using the advanced mobile application you will get 11 different vibration modes.
  • But if are using the controls on the sex toy in the first person there are 8 modes
  • Finally if you are using the hand-held remote control there are 5 modes.

Of course the We-Vibe 4 Plus has a USB rechargeable battery that is touted to have up to four hours of continuous use when fully charged.   It is totally waterproof and produced using body safe silicone that feels great both inside and out.


We Vibe 4 Plus sex toy
Updated We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 Plus Upgrade

I was excited that there was an upgraded version of the We-Vibe 4.  It had followed the redesigned other We-Vibe sex toys like the Tango and Touch vibrators.

I realized that We-Vibe’s updates so far had been great and I thought that the 4 Plus would be another straightforward update.

Will it be an enhanced form of the We-Vibe 4 couples vibrator that I had previously owned?   So wondered what changes may have been made.  Another silicone, stronger vibrator, changed shape?

We-Vibe 4 Plus New Use

It permits the user, or more precisely the users, to control the vibrator from long distances even from overseas.

I don’t mean remote control even though it comes with a remote.  Via a phone application that allows you to change the vibration modes whether you are in the next room or across the seas.

Envision being away from your lover and being able to do some face talk or get on Skype and watch as you satisfy your partners needs..

Besides that it is fundamentally the same as the We-Vibe 4.

You grease up the massager and insert the massager inside.  It lays on both her clitoris and in addition her G-Spot.  That baffling little bugger is in there some place.

Once you have inserted the We-Vibe into your partner you can either prod her a bit and simply press the catches on your remote to invigorate her.   Or you can even use the We-Vibe application to make new examples of vibration and sensation.

we vibe 4 plus sex toy
BUY NOW: We-Vibe Sex Toys

Right now, the We-Vibe 4 Plus is seriously impressive.

I mean, it’s like next-level technology.

And not just in the actual device itself, but even in the way you charge it and control it with the app.  It’s way beyond your typical vibrator.  The charging unit is pretty smart too.

It charges both the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the remote, and it’s designed to prevent any sneaky cheating.  Although, they do recommend unplugging it if you’re not gonna use it for a while.

Have Complete Control

When you sync it with your portable devices, not only can you control the vibrations.  But you also get visual data on the vibration level, battery life, and mode settings.

This gives you complete control over how the sex toy operates.

Even if you’re overseas, you can easily share the download with your lover or someone you’ve met online to connect and explore together.

It’s like stepping into a whole new world of possibilities!

Initially, I expected the We-Vibe 4 to have several distinct features.  But it turns out that it’s essentially the same sex toy just with advanced technology that adds a fresh twist to how it can be enjoyed.

we vibe 4 plus
Woman in control of her man

Experience Ascendancy With Vibe Therapy!

I was devastated when my boyfriend left me and  lost all of my self confidence.   My self confidence left me when the relationship was over.

He was my first boyfriend.  I loved him with all my heart and we enjoyed sex together.  Actually he enjoyed sex and I remained under the traditional view that I must give him what he wants and eventually he will marry me.

I was so naive.

Lost my Virginity to Him

He was with me for merely a year after that.  At 23 you can’t look at life as the end of everything.  After about 6 months of self pitying I realised I was being dishonest with myself.

He was not able to satisfy me sexually or mentally and he never did anything to take care of my own personal needs.

I had read something about vibrators, and I tried a few out to see what they were like.

They were all as good as what I remember his penis felt inside me but I wanted something better.   I wanted something which would stimulate my clitoris and give me that amount of foreplay I had always needed.

Then I came across the Vibe Therapy Ascendancy Massager.

It is now my personal favorite clitoral stimulator.  I use it all the time when I watch some of the xvideo DVDs that I have bought for myself.

we vibe 4 plus and porn videos

You would think a mouse shaped massager can’t get you excited

But you would be so wrong.

You just have to maneuver it to where your clitoris is vertically, instead of trying to insert it.   I use the ascendancy massager in combination with some of the dildos and other vibrators that I bought recently.

This means you can have a duel orgasm with penetrative sex toy whilst also having clitoral stimulation at the same time.  Each time I have enjoyed extraordinary orgasms as I used the massager.

This device is so perfect for holding in your hand.

  • 7 different vibration intensities so you can try different combinations of vibrator speeds with this massager.
  • I really love using the massager at lower speeds and gently increasing the speed and pushing in one of the vibrators when I am ready at higher speed.
  • I am always pleasantly shocked with such combinations because this massager has done the arousal bit perfectly.
we vibe 4 plus sex toy massager
Vibe Therapy Ascendancy Massager

Main Features of the Massager

  • Lavender or pink and white in color.
  • It can also be used to massage your feet and other parts of the body, including your face.
  • Best used to massage sexual zones like breasts, nipples, and balls to help enhance the quality of the orgasm.
  • That is why I am able to carry it in flights because I can use it on almost any part of my body that is aching.
  • A softer part of ascendancy massager is made from silicone, which is 100 percent medical grade.
  • In addition, ABS plastic is used to make the harder part.

Other Features

  • Waterproof as you would want it to be because you would after all want to wash it.
  • Buttons for speed or intensity variations are on the top of the device so you can use your fingers like you use on your computer mouse.
  • Device runs with two AA batteries making it portable.
  • Even at the highest speed the person sitting next to you would not know that you have this massager stroking your genitals between your legs.  That is because this massager is indeed very quiet.

A Bit of Manual Help

You can insert your fingers inside when aroused sufficiently with the help of this massager, or use other vibrators as I do.

My fingers are thin, so I opt for longer, thicker, and rounder vibrators that are shaped more like a male penis.  Never have I felt so good about my sex and really do not miss my ex at all anymore.

I am now more satisfied and radiant

You won’t miss your boyfriend once you have this massager and you can get this pleasure for less than $35 from Adultsmart.  Try it, you will thank me for sure.

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