Tantric Sex Secrets – Christine Tells All

Many people have heard about the word tantra, but what are the tantric sex secrets that we need to know?  We find ourselves enamored with the ‘fantasy’ that they can one day posses the seemly supernatural powers of a sexual savant.

Every loving couple has the desire to pleasure their partner in ways that they’ve never experienced. It’s merely lack of knowledge and proper education which holds them back.

What is Tantric Sex?

The word ‘Tantra’ is a Sanskrit word which roughly translates to ‘woven together’.

Tantric sex refers to the intertwining of bodies on a level higher than merely the physical.  As it brings together loving couples and teaches slow non-orgasmic intercourse.

Now we know what you’re thinking, why would I want sex without the ‘big bang’?

It may seem like an unusual idea to grasp.  But those who are able to successfully make love on a tantric level are often able to achieve a profound level of emotional and spiritual merging.

Don’t be mistaken, many people successfully practice tantric sex and bring each other to orgasm.

 But the difference is, they’re able to develop the ability to prolong an orgasm for minutes and sometimes hours!

How Do I Know About Tantric Sex Secrets?

Because my wife Christine and I have been practicing tantric sex and tantric sexual massage for almost a decade now.  Our sex-life is getting exponentially more intense and exciting!

Spiritual Sex and tantric sex secrets
A couple performing tantra

Over the course of our relationship we’ve been asked time and time again about how we’re able to maintain such an intimate connection.

When revealing our mutual love for the ancient teachings of tantric sex these are our top 5 questions.

Tantric Sex Secrets – How did you learn?

My wife and I first learnt basic tantric techniques from spending time at a retreat in Pune, India. The environment was comfortable.  But we really didn’t feel as though we’d learnt real tantric sex until about 3 years ago.

Christine and I ordered a Tantric Sex DVD.  After watching the instructional dvd titled ‘Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets’ we sat while the host explained in detail the different positions and elements which go into the practice.

We learnt things that we had forgotten since our younger years.  Our love-making is now on a completely different level.

Tantric Sex Secrets – Is it Difficult?

At first it was difficult to comprehend as the incorporation of breathing, mindfulness and extended periods of foreplay was a foreign concept.

Before learning tantra, sex was purely a physical activity.  We were both concerned so much with pleasing each other that we lost touch with ourselves.

It wasn’t difficult to learn.  Just the breaking out of old habits which we found most difficult and once we did, it changed everything!

Learning about tantric sexual education really brought us closer together. Since the internet age, you can now find various helpful tutorials on tantric sex positions online.

Tantric Sex Secrets – Isn’t it slow and boring? What’s so spiritual about it?

It’s a very deep and profound form of love making which can either be practiced quickly or slowly.  Most tantric practitioners (much like my wife and I) enjoy slowing the pace down much as possible.

What made it more enjoyable was the fact that it was presented to you in a tantric sex Instructional DVD form, making it completely visual.

There are many misconceptions that tantric sex is some wild, exhaustive and intensely penetrating experience between two horny participants.

Although it does get very heated.

It’s essentially a spiritual form of exchanging energies to both connect better with your partner and yourself as an individual.  My partner and I never fight.  We never argue; we are the honest definition of a very happily married couple!

tantric sex secrets
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Tantric Sex Secrets – What are the benefits over ‘regular sex’?

Other than the strengthening of romantic relationships, tantric sex is a health giving and enlightening experience.

This isn’t to say that regular intercourse isn’t healthy.  Sex between two loving couples is an amazing experience regardless of how it’s practiced.  We feel however that comparing regular intercourse and tantric love-making is like apples and oranges in this respect.

Christine and I understand each other so much more.

Not just on a physical level.  We’re emotionally and spiritually connected and we’re able to feel and work with the ecstatic energy of each others presence.  Sex lasts for hours and never gets boring as we know exactly how to breath, taste and touch each other in erotic synergy.

Also, the practice necessitates open communication about sex between you and your partner.  So all of those kinky fetishes and bought sex toys which many couples hold secret eventually come to the surface and manifest.

Do we have your attention yet?  You and your partner may feel like you need some tantric sexual education?

Tantric Sex Secrets – What does a tantric orgasm feel like exactly?

Understanding what a tantric orgasm feels like is the most difficult question to answer.

Christine and myself often find ourselves laughing in stitches because it’s much like asking a blind man to describe the colour red.  Believe it or not, tantric lovemaking is a constant orgasm.

It can’t be described until it’s experienced!

tantric sex secrets
Basics on Tantric Sex

Tantric sex: what it is and how to practice it to achieve an incredible orgasm

If you’re tired of going to the Kama Sutra to innovate in your sexual relations, maybe it’s a good time to put into practice the techniques of tantric sex. 

Surely you’ve heard about it.  But you don’t quite understand how it differs from traditional intercourse, so let’s start by talking a little about it. 

Tantric sex is based on Tantra

An Eastern philosophy that emerged thousands of years ago. It worships worldly pleasures to achieve spiritual fulfillment. A method that aims to make us experience ecstasy only through the senses, when there are no thoughts, fears or prejudices.

It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body for transformation, healing, and enlightenment.

In tantric sex the goal is not ejaculation or orgasm, but to enjoy sexuality in a different way that takes you to another dimension.  Either alone, as a couple or in the company of an female escort in Melbourne.

Tips to Practice Tantric Sex

The secrets of tantric sex lie in a series of techniques to prolong sexual ecstasy and amplify the levels of satisfaction.   It is a much more sensitive and calm practice, leaving taboos and haste behind. 

Create a suitable environment

With dim light, no noise, clean sheets.  You can also put some incense and candles to help you relax.

Game of glances and caresses

The focus is not on the genitals.  You have to enjoy looking at the body of the other person.  Look into his eyes, and caress little by little.  Tantric sex focuses on feeling the touch of the other person.  It can be the key to reaching orgasm.

Explore and taste your partner

You can play with body oils or aphrodisiacs.  Introduce some food to taste, such as chocolate and cream, and paint your partner’s body.  These activities can also be enjoyed with an Irish escort.

Experience an orgasm with your whole body

Tantric sex is closely related to what many call “inner ejaculation”.  For this there are different techniques such as Kegel exercises, which help us to control the pubococcygeus muscle.

You can play being close to orgasm.  But without completely reaching it several times.  When you finally reach it you have to channel that energy throughout the body without holding it back to find out how long the pleasure lasts.


In tantric sex can also take place intercourse itself.  But here, rather than the speed of movements to reach climax, it is important to perform the penetrations very slowly. 

So that we can feel the penis inside the vagina while we accompany it with glances, kisses and caresses. 

In our day to day life, sometimes we are more concerned about reaching orgasm than enjoying the journey.

With tantric sex we will learn to experiment in intimacy and try new things, intensifying our sensations and letting ourselves be carried away by everything that provokes in our own body.

If we decide to practice it, tantric sex will help us to focus on mind-body connections.  And to achieve very satisfying sexual experiences of great revelation.

tantric sex secrets
sex massage

How Body to Body Massage Can Awaken Your Sex Life

If you’re looking to put the fire back into your relationship, body to body massage may just be the thing you need.

Busy lifestyles, children, stressful jobs and a lack of confidence can all affect your sex life, causing it to become stale.  The passion in your love life can lose its sparkle at any time.

So indulging in an invigorating treatment can be highly beneficial.  A body to body massage involves a massage girl rubbing her naked body sensually over yours to tantalize and promote an erotic release of energy.

There are many ways in which body to body massage can awaken your sex life and here are some of its benefits.

A boost of confidence

Body to body massage is great for boosting your confidence in the bedroom.  A lack of confidence can result in a decrease in intimacy, a struggle to perform sexually and an overall lack of enjoyment.

The sacred practice of body to body massage has been enjoyed for centuries.

With a body to body massage, a trained masseuse will put you at ease and stimulate your whole body.  A massage girl is highly experienced and understands the correct techniques to keep you relaxed.

You’ll be able to unwind in the present moment and your confidence will grow as you begin to enjoy the sensational feelings of skin on skin contact.

More likely to Orgasm

An exhilarating body to body massage is perfect for those who want to experience orgasm.  While the overall goal of this sensual massage isn’t to reach orgasm, many men and women experience climax during the practice.

During massage, your masseuse will focus on your erogenous zones to help you become sexually aroused.  The wonderful feeling of skin on skin contact embraces the entire body to aid sexual bliss.

A body to body massage with a trained masseuse can help you to fully unwind so that you can enjoy the experience and reach heightened pleasure.

tantric sex secrets
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Ejaculation Control

For men suffering with premature ejaculation problems, body to body massage is highly beneficial.  Helping to prolong lovemaking, engaging in the ancient practice of body to body massage allows the flow of sexual energy to flow through you.

This loving art helps you to accept yourself as your body is stimulated with soft skin on skin contact. You’ll be taken to the edge of heightened arousal and back again, which will give you back ejaculation control.

With regular body to body massage in a safe and discreet environment, you’ll be able to enjoy sex again and take pleasure from intimate sessions with a partner.

An increase in Intimacy

A nude massage session can aid those who struggle with intimacy.  Whether you’re lacking time with a partner or you’re anxious when in intimate situations.  This type of treatment with a trained massage girl will help you to enjoy the intimacy between two people.

Using soft candles, light and luxurious body oils.

A peaceful ambiance is created for you to relish the sensual contact between you and the masseuse.

The caressing of the body releases sexual energy and you’ll adore the session.  So much so that your stresses and strains of being in an intimate situation will gradually disappear.

You’ll become highly focused at connecting with another, that you’ll be able to engage in further erotic sessions with ease.

Sexual freedom

An erotic massage gives you the freedom to explore your sexual side.  If you’re female, this arousing experience with a member of the same sex can be incredibly pleasurable.

You will be able to share an intimate moment with another female in a safe environment, without having to rely on a stranger.  Or the complications of sharing this experience with a friend. 

A female on female massage can give you the sexual arousal you’ve been craving.  But even if you’re male, you get to experience a stimulating act that you may have been desiring for a long time.

If you’ve been single for a while, taking part in a thrilling body to body massage will let you release built-up sexual energy.

With regular body to body massage, you’ll become aware of how to stimulate your sexual senses and that of a partner.

An erotic massage can help you be a better lover and prolong your lovemaking sessions. 

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  1. Tantric sex is a practice rooted in ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions, which emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit during sexual activity. It’s based on the belief that sexual energy is a powerful force that can be harnessed for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

    In tantric sex, partners focus on building intimacy, trust, and connection through various techniques, including deep breathing, meditation, prolonged eye contact, and sensual touch. Unlike conventional sexual practices, tantric sex emphasizes slowing down and being fully present in the moment, rather than rushing to achieve orgasm.

    Tantric practitioners often incorporate rituals, mantras, and visualization exercises to deepen their connection and enhance pleasure. The goal is not solely focused on reaching climax but rather on experiencing heightened states of arousal and ecstasy while maintaining a deep connection with one’s partner.

    Overall, tantric sex is about cultivating intimacy, pleasure, and spiritual connection through mindful and deliberate sexual practices. It’s important to note that while tantric sex has roots in ancient spiritual traditions, modern interpretations may vary, and individuals can adapt the practice to suit their own beliefs and preferences.

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