4 Hand Massage: The Ultimate Indulgence

Tantric Massage

A 4 hand massage may be the perfect erotic treatment you’ve craving. This breathtaking massage involves two charming massage girls using their expertise to provide soft, soothing stokes to completely revitalise your mind and body. As one of the most mind-blowing massages on offer, you’ll be pleasantly refreshed after just one treatment. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you need to indulge in a 4 hand massage.

What is the difference between a 2 hand and a 4 hand massage?

Unlike a 2 hand massage which involves just one masseuse, a delightful 4 hand massage incorporates 2 stunning massage girls caressing you simultaneously until you reach feelings of pleasure.

What happens in a 4 hand massage session?

Participate in a 4 hand massage and get twice the pleasure with two amazing massage girls. The sensual touch of 4 hands is accomplished in synchronization so it has the same benefits as two full body massages. For the ultimate stimulation, this type of massage is highly recommended. Your masseuses will use slow and gentle movements alongside hard motions to keep you completely relaxed. You’ll be taken to the edge of climax and back again before reaching a happy ending.

The sensational movement of 4 hands means you’ll be able to fully let go and unwind as the treatment takes place.

What are the benefits of 4 hand massage?

Relieves anxiety and depression

Engaging in a 4 hand massage can help to relieve depression and anxiety. By unwinding with two professionally trained massage girls, you’ll be able to completely relax. With regular massage, your mood will start to improve and you’ll thoroughly look forward to each session due to the enjoyment you’ll feel during each treatment.

Relieves muscle tension

4 hand massage is a wonderful treatment for aiding muscle tension. The movements used help to work pressure points to break down the accumulation of tissue that results in muscle ache and inflammation. The deep tissue massage techniques increase blood circulation and soothe your muscles for a more relaxed state. If muscle tension has been preventing you from enjoying intimate moments in the bedroom, then 4 hand massage can be hugely beneficial.

Relieves stress

With regular 4 hand massage treatments, you’ll be engaged in a deeply fulfilling act that helps to relieve stress in your life. The strain of daily life can cause unhappiness, but with 4 hand massage, you’ll feel soothed as you reach a state of erotic bliss. Relieving stress will help you to sleep better and give you more energy for your love life or day to day activities.

Aids premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

4 hand massage nourishes your mind and soul as well as fulfilling your erotic desires to aid premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Your massage girls will use their sensuous touch to take you to the edge of climax and back again, helping you to balance your sexual energy. This balance will prevent you from an early release of sexual energy. The final happy ending helps you to fully enjoy this breathtaking treatment.

Boosts confidence

4 hand massage is an effective way to boost your confidence, especially in the bedroom. You’ll begin to view sexual acts in a positive way and an improvement in erectile problems will help you to become a better lover. If you are suffering with low body confidence, self-esteem or are stressed about your sexual performance, 4 hand massage will enable both your mind and body to become sexually stimulated in private environment that will increase your libido and your desire to engage in intimate acts.

Increases prolonged lovemaking

An erotic 4 hand massage retrains the mind to physical stimulation. The technique of edging, which uses stimulation to take you to the brink of climax and back again, enables you to experience multiple orgasms in the bedroom. Using the practice of 4 hand massage, you’ll find lovemaking more thrilling and you and a partner can both benefit from the techniques used in this incredible treatment. The deep cleansing massage will make you happier, healthier and more willing to participate in sexual activity.

Tantric Massage Can Help Your Man Last Longer in Bed

The art of tantric massage is a stimulating and sensuous practice that can ignite the passion back into your bedroom. A tantric experience heightens the body and mind, increasing intimacy and ensuring you’re free to explore every corner of the body in delightful measure. If you’re having problems in your sex life or you want to put the fire back into your relationship, here is how tantric massage can help your man last longer in bed.

Reconnect With Your Partner

Tantric massage is a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner. The meaning of tantra is intertwine, which encompasses a path of physical and mental enlightenment via tantric techniques. Tantric massage promotes the feeling of touch. Whether you use blindfolds or watch each other as you savour the wonderful sensations, tantric massage awakens your body to thoroughly take pleasure in every stroke of skin.

A Boost Of Intimacy

A busy, stressful lifestyle alongside a lack of sex life can put pressure on a relationship. Tantric massage gives you much needed time to spend together, boosting intimacy and bringing a fun aspect to your love life. Enjoy a steamy shower together before a tantric massage, creating an emotional connection. Light soft candles, dim the lights and relish the romantic, soothing atmosphere as you wind your bodies together and embrace this spiritual experience.

Learn To Pleasure Each Other

If your sex life has become stale, use the practice of tantric massage to release a powerful surge of sexual energy. The indulgence of a tantric massage can help you to find new ways of pleasuring each other, helping your man to last longer in bed. The sensual, skin on skin contact intensifies the erotic feelings of pleasure as you reach new heights of climax.

Become More Confident In Bed

Tantric massage is a wonderful way to increase your confidence. Both you and your man will engage in intimacy in a more positive way and break free from any sexual tension you’ve been suffering from. If either of you have a lack of body confidence or are worried about your sexual performance, tantric massage allows your body and mind to enjoy being sexually stimulated and you’ll adore learning new techniques to build sexual energy and relish prolonged lovemaking.

Relieve Anxiety And Depression

Tantric massage, like any massage, helps to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. Generally, when we’re feeling low, we have less motivation to participate in activities. A spiritual tantric massage, either experienced together or with a trained masseuse, gives you the ability to start to unwind in a nurturing environment. Engage in a tantric massage and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol to help improve your overall mood. As your low moods begins to improve, you’ll feel more enticed to indulge in lovemaking.

Relieve Muscle Tension

Tantric massage can relieve muscle tension and help you to sustain better energy levels in the bedroom. I recommend using a trained professional to help you gain these benefits and take your new revitalized approach to sexual activity into your relationship. This fulfilling experience can treat tight muscles or areas that hold tension to enable you to fully enjoy intimacy with your partner. Reduced pain and tension will mean your man will last longer in bed and you’ll both be satisfied as you reach feelings of erotic bliss.

Relieve Stress

Performing regular tantric massages is a highly erotic experience that will give you bonding time with your partner. Being able to pleasure each other in a relaxed environment will help to relieve feelings of stress and strain, as well as boosting endorphins to increase happiness. Tantric massage is also a great way to help you sleep better. An erotic massage will make you feel soothed from head to toe and you’ll feel in complete bliss hours after this incredible experience. By relieving stress, anxiety and improving your mood, both you and your partner will sleep better at night, so you’ll have more energy during the day and more energy for your intimate sessions.

Help Premature Ejaculation Or Erectile Dysfunction

Tantric massage and the practice of using warm oil to massage each other’s body will help your man with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The relaxation you feel during massage and the balance of sexual energy allows you to avoid releasing sexual energy too early. The erotic pleasure you feel stimulates the body and helps you to become aware of the erotic limits of your partner.

How to Give Mind Blowing Orgasms Through Tantric Massage

My name is Erica and I’m an expert in all things tantra and the editor at Karma Tantric. who arrange the best tantric massage london has to offer. In this article I’m going to share with you the art of tantric massage and how it can give you mind blowing orgasms. Tantric massage is the ultimate indulgent therapy for you to enjoy an erotic experience like never before. If you’re new to the art of tantric massage, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This ancient practice comprises modern methods to ensure you reach a spiritual and physical awakening. If you want to take part in an intimate encounter, here is how to give mind blowing orgasms through tantric massage.

Engage In Eye Contact

While blindfolds can help to isolate the mind, if you want to experience mind blowing orgasms during tantric massage, engage in eye contact with each other. Staring into each other’s eyes as you take pleasure in the incredible sensations of touch will increase intimacy and make the experience more intense. Explore your partner and relish this spiritual connection. You can take eye contact into your foreplay or take a few minutes out of your day to practice eye contact with your partner. It will deepen your connection and make lovemaking a more stimulating experience.

Observe The Feelings Of Touch

Observing the feelings of touch on your partner can heighten your orgasms. As you begin to pleasure each other, make every touch trigger insane sensations of delight. Make a conscious effort to devour your partner with soft strokes as you build up to sensual skin on skin contact. Forget the stress and troubles of daily life and watch your partner being pleasured – your sex life will be transformed.

Take A Shower

Take a shower with your partner before your massage and create an intimate connection with each other. Use this as part of your foreplay and relax as you caress each other. As your tantric massage begins, surround yourself with candlelight, soothing music and silky oils so you can completely savour this idyllic moment.

Try Something New

A tantric massage give you the perfect opportunity to try something new. It’s also a great way to ignite the fire in your love life and let you enjoy sex again. Bringing sensory elements into your tantric massage is one way to learn new techniques to pleasure each other. Whether its taste, touch, smell or sound, creating a sensory experience can increase your orgasm. Experience lovemaking on a new level by using scented oils, chocolate, cream, honey, feathers or silk. Why not blindfold your partner and let them relish this new experience in a stimulating way? The result will be amazing.

Choose A Professional Masseuse

If you’re new to tantric massage, booking a professional masseuse can help you to learn new skills and new ways of pleasuring each other. Bringing another person into your relationship, without having to rely on an escort or stranger is a safe and private way to indulge in a tantric experience. Expand your sexual knowledge, increase your confidence and bring your new skills into the bedroom. Your contentment will increase to the max.

Speak To Your Masseuse

A trained masseuse will discuss your likes and dislikes before your treatment begins. If you want to experience mind blowing orgasms, let your masseuse know and she’ll use her skills to help you achieve just that. You can be assured that any inhibitions you have will be eliminated as you start to enjoy the practice of tantric massage and the sexual energy it creates.

Full Body Bliss

Experience a full body orgasm with a tantric massage. The practice of edging is one of the best ways to do this. This involves bringing the body to near orgasm before letting go and letting it fade a little. Slowly build up the sexual energy between you, using the breath and intention to let the edge of climax rip through your entire body. When you finally reach orgasm, you’ll feel the ripple unleashed through you.

Stay Relaxed

Enjoy the moment and don’t put too much pressure on yourself during massage. Tantra is about the whole experience, so unwind and let the practice be a fun and enticing act. You’re more likely to reach a mind-blowing orgasm when you’re fully relaxed. Remind yourself of the pleasure of engaging in intimacy with your partner and why you enjoy sex. Explore the elements that you both enjoy and let the feelings come naturally.  

Men Can Have Mind-Blowing Orgasms Too

Some men like to pleasure their partner and watch them enjoy the stimulation of tantra, but tantric massage is something that men can relish too. Don’t be afraid to stimulate the penis as well as the whole body. Massaging every tip is the best way to boost your orgasms.

1 Way To Start Sexual Healing Today

Couple dealing with sexual issues

We have physiotherapists to help us get our body back into shape after an injury. We have psychologists and counsellors to talk about any worries and concerns in our lives. We go to the doctor if something in our bodies is troubling us, with a great deal of attention placed on our physical health, mental health and well being. Our sexual health can be an area that is too often neglected, with sexual healing being a recently more open field focusing on the sexual health and well being of all individuals.

Why would someone see a sex therapist/sexual healer?

Our sexuality can be an area of our lives where much of our trauma, wounding and unhealthy patterns lurk in the shadows. These can come up in destructive ways that can but do not necessarily have to do with sex itself. We could be feeling stagnant in our creativity or suffering with body shame or we just keep on attracting “damaged” people to be in a relationship with.  A sexual healer is someone who can facilitate and support us through a process of healing our negative conditioning, sexual wounds and traumas so that we can live a more fulfilling life.

Man reigniting passion
Image: Rose

Who needs to see a sexual healer?

Just to be clear, no one NEEDS to see any kind of healer, however, if you feel like some of the worries or issues in your life relate to sex, relationships or love, you can greatly benefit from this kind of therapeutic work. People who have a history of sexual abuse or trauma commonly seek out this kind of support due to the nature of their trauma, people who are having unfulfilling, abusive or unhealthy relationships may be drawn to work through their issues with a sex therapist and people who are desiring more pleasure and satisfaction in their sex lives can also benefit greatly from this work. Those suffering from any kind of sexual dysfunction such as low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, and dyspareunia as well as low body confidence or self-esteem can gain a great deal of assistance from a sexual healer or therapist.

What can happen in a session?

No two people are the same so no two sessions will be. Sexual healing sessions are tailor made to each individuals unique needs. They can involve counselling & therapy, working on establishing healthy boundaries & communication skills and bodywork (i.e. massage and touch). With a professional sexual healer or therapist, nothing will ever happen in a session that is not within your boundaries. I stress the importance of professional as it is vital to find someone who is competent and renowned for having integrity. This brings me to the next question…

Sexual healing massage
Image: Massage

How do I know who to go to?

Sexuality is such an intimate area of our lives, with care and attention necessary in order to find the person right for you. There are male and female therapists out there who offer some incredible services in Sydney and across Australia. Women who have sexual trauma involving men are sometimes reluctant to, yet can benefit greatly from working with a male practitioner. To have a safe representation of a man as you heal can be profoundly healing. The same applies for men who may have a traumatic history with women working with female practitioners. It may be a challenge to go into such intimate work with someone of the opposite gender yet it can be very powerful. What is important is you find someone who is trustworthy, respectful and competent. Read testimonials, do your research and ask around. This can be work that is extremely intimidating to start so be kind to yourself and understand it can take some time before you feel ready to dive in. The Sydney Tantric Massage website for those in the area is a great resource for professional practitioners, as well as the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers Website (For Australia and worldwide practitioners). A good practitioner will answer any queries you may have prior to organizing a session – ask as many questions as you feel so that it is clear what it is that will be happening in the session.

Sexually strong woman
Image: Woman pumping her muscles

The right to healthy expression of our sexuality is our birthright as human beings, with many in the world subjected to sexual abuse, discrimination, and suppression. From my experience, diving into healing my sexual traumas and reshifting my conditioning in regards to sex has changed every area of my life. My relationships have become deeper and more fulfilling, my body confidence has skyrocketed and in general, I feel more joy & pleasure throughout my days. I wholeheartedly believe that our sexual health deserves our care and attention just like any part of ourselves.  Once we bring our sexual shadows into the light, we can show up in the world as a freer and more authentic version of ourselves.

Author: Stephanie Curtis – BA. Nursing., Grad. Dip. Sexology

Christine Talks About Her Tantric Sex Experiences!

Basics on Tantric Sex

What Is Tantric Sex

Many people have heard about the word tantra, but What is Tantric Sex? We find ourselves enamored with the ‘fantasy’ that they can one day posses the seemly supernatural powers of a sexual savant. Every loving couple has the desire to pleasure their partner in ways that they’ve never experienced it’s merely lack of knowledge and proper education which holds them back. The word ‘Tantra’ is a Sanskrit word which roughly translates to ‘woven together’. Tantric sex refers to the intertwining of bodies on a level higher than merely the physical as it brings together loving couples and teaches slow non-orgasmic intercourse.

Now we know what you’re thinking, why would I want sex without the ‘big bang’? It may seem like an unusual idea to grasp but those who are able to successfully make love on a tantric level are often able to achieve a profound level of emotional and spiritual merging. Don’t be mistaken, many people successfully practice tantric sex and bring each other to orgasm but the difference is: They’re able to develop the ability to prolong an orgasm for minutes and sometimes hours!

How do I know? Because my wife Christine and I have been practicing tantric sex and tantric sexual massage for almost a decade now and our sex-life is getting exponentially more intense and exciting!

Spiritual Sex

Over the course of our relationship we’ve been asked time and time again about how we’re able to maintain such an intimate connection. When revealing our mutual love for the ancient teachings of tantric sex these are our top 5 questions:

  1. How did you learn tantric sex?

My wife and I first learnt basic tantric techniques from spending time at a retreat in Pune, India. The environment was comfortable but we really didn’t feel as though we’d learnt real tantric sex until about 3 years ago.  Christine and I ordered a Tantric Sex DVD after watching the instructional dvd titled ‘Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets’ and sat together while the host explained in detail the different positions and elements which go into the practice. We learnt things that we had forgotten since our younger years and our love-making is now on a completely different level.

2.  Is Tantra difficult?

At first it was difficult to comprehend as the incorporation of breathing, mindfulness and extended periods of foreplay was a foreign concept. Before learning tantra, sex was purely a physical activity whereby we were both concerned so much with pleasing each other that we lost touch with ourselves. It wasn’t difficult to learn; it was the breaking out of old habits which we found most difficult and once we did, it changed everything! Learning about tantric sexual education really brought us closer together. Since the internet age, you can now find various helpful tutorials on tantric sex positions online.

3.   Isn’t it slow and boring? What’s so spiritual about it?

It’s a very deep and profound form of love making which can either be practiced quickly or slowly. Most tantric practitioners (much like my wife and I) enjoy slowing the pace down much as possible. What made it more enjoyable was the fact that it was presented to you in a tantric sex Instructional DVD form, making it completely visual. There are many misconceptions that tantric sex is some wild, exhaustive and intensely penetrating experience between two horny participants. Although it does get very heated, it’s essentially a spiritual form of exchanging energies to both connect better with your partner and yourself as an individual. My partner and I never fight, we never argue, we are the honest definition of a very happily married couple!

4.  What are the benefits over ‘regular sex’?

Other than the strengthening of romantic relationships, tantric sex is a health giving and enlightening experience. This isn’t to say that regular intercourse isn’t healthy, sex between two loving couples is an amazing experience regardless of how it’s practiced. We feel however that comparing regular intercourse and tantric love-making is like apples and oranges in this respect. Christine and I understand each other so much more and not just on a physical level, we’re emotionally and spiritually connected and we’re able to feel and work with the ecstatic energy of each others presence. Sex lasts for hours and never gets boring as we know exactly how to breath, taste and touch each other in erotic synergy. Also, the practice necessitates open communication about sex between you and your partner so all of those kinky fetishes and bought sex toys which many couples hold secret eventually come to the surface and manifest. Do we have your attention yet? You and your partner may feel like you need some tantric sexual education?

5.  What does a tantric orgasm feel like exactly?

Understanding what a tantric orgasm feels like is the most difficult question to answer. Christine and myself often find ourselves laughing in stitches because it’s much like asking a blind man to describe the colour red. Believe it or not, tantric lovemaking is a constant orgasm and it can’t be described until it’s experienced!