A Sensual Sex Toy Of Wonder – Wartenberg Wheel!

The Wartenberg Wheel is one of my favourite sex toys. This small little steel device doesn’t do much by itself, but when bought with other sex products this little obscure thing becomes a sensual toy of wonder!  There are a lot of people that prefer sex in the dark and they don’t necessarily understand the reason why. Now, it’s not because they don’t like the look of their playmate. When our eye-sight is taken away, our bodies are trying to to make sense of our surroundings. As such, their sense of touch, hearing, smell, and taste is increased. Specifically here, we are focusing on the sense of touch. When the Wartenberg Wheel is applied during sensory deprivation it becomes an awesome tool to use during foreplay. As such it works exceptionally well when combined with restraints, blindfolds, gags and massage oils.


Wartenberg PinWheels BDSM
Sex Toy: Wartenberg PinWheels


A lot of people are intimidated by the spikes on the wheel, and one of my favourite things to do is to pull it out and run it down my own arm first to show them that it doesn’t hurt. They then give me their own arm as people are surprisingly trusting around here. I run it gently from their wrist to their elbow. Most people are surprised by the sensation, it feels as if nails are being gently dragged across the skin which for a lot of people is a major turn on. To start off with the sensation kind of stimulates the body very lightly, almost as if it were a gentle massage. Pressure can be applied to induce a small amount of pain, as much as the skin will bear without breaking it, and a lot of people like this as well. Some people experience pleasure from pain as our bodies natural send through endorphin’s and produce a natural form of pain-killers to cope with the sensations.

It’s important to remember that during a heightened state of sexual arousal, the pain receptors diminish and people can tolerate a lot more pain. It’s kind of like a primal defense mechanism against the

‘roughness’ of sex.’

For some people, it’s necessary to activate the pain receptors in order to achieve the ultimate orgasm, and from there it becomes a game. Finding, and then ultimately pushing, the bodies pain boundaries in the quest for bigger and better sexual pleasure. This is all to gain the ultimate intense orgasmic relief. The Wartenberg Wheel is fantastic used all over the body, but incredible when used on the body’s erogenous zones. This includes nipples, neck, around the joints including the elbows, wrists and very gently behind the knees. You can use it anywhere where the skin is soft, delicate and thin. If you use it in places that people don’t normally touch or use, your skin is very sensitive there. You can try the inner thighs, buttocks, the spinal groove and anywhere else you’d like. I do not recommend putting the Wartenberg Wheel around the balls, clitoris, or labia because the skin here is far too thin and a wriggle in the wrong direction can be disastrous especially when first venturing out.

Because of the evenly spaced spikes, it is actually very difficult to break the skin with the Wartenberg Wheel, unless you slam it down on the skin. This practice is not recommended unless you are experienced and have the consent of your sexual partner. Blood sports is a very different kind of sexual play and requires its own research and understanding of the risks involved before engaging in this form of play. Every different type of sexual play should be researched thoroughly before participating in.

Some playful tips which explore not only the mentality behind some BDSM play, but also explores the use and benefits of steel, leather etc. Steel products are cold when they aren’t being held. So, for a moment imagine an individual restrained on a table or bed with a blindfold, and steel products gently placed on their chest before use. The cold sensation can sometimes excite them as their mind plays and imagines what is about to happen – a form of playful ‘torture’ if you will. The wartenberg wheel can patiently sit there until it’s ready to be used.


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