Types of future families in the upcoming five years

The model of today’s family is becoming obsolete, and this is a natural process. Not so long ago, an urban family of spouses with a couple of children replaced families of several generations coexisting under the same roof with the many children. Parents worked to be breadwinners, helping offsprings on their way in life. However, the mission of this outdated kind of families is no longer appeals to the new generation.


Due to the changes in values, the main goals for the young are to achieve success and have the ability to manage their own time. So what are the possible variants of the families in the next years?


Free relationships or say ‘yes’ to no commitment


This type of family is already established in the lives of many people. After a couple of years of being married, there might be no sparks and passion. So to rekindle those feelings and sensuality, some of us sometimes need to seek another partner.



Platonic family

This term also called ‘co-parenting’ addresses to the relationships without attachment, phrases of love and sexual involvement. The reasons for partners of this type of family are the following:

  • To raise a child. It can be good friends or two people who are not able to bear children.
  • The establishment of an LGBT relationship. It applies to LGBT people, who decide to get together and build a family that is opposite to the traditional heterosexual one.


In some countries, like Canada and the UK, platonic families are mentioned in the laws and approve it, but with another term ‘conjugal partners’. They allow so-called parents to live in different houses, yet share a mutual child.


Single-parent family


There are many single-parent families today. In some countries, their number is comparable to the number of nuclear families. In the UK, for example, this is a quarter of all families. In Canada, the number of such units has increased in the past few years, and they mainly involve males.


The further, the more single-parents families will appear with a male parent and one or two children. The technology will play a crucial role in this process – artificial insemination, conceiving, and surrogate gestation.


People who want to continue their line, both men and women, will be able to accomplish it without a partner in this case. Despite some difficulties, such a family is sometimes better than a nuclear family, in which there is no agreement between parents. Besides, you do not have to be consistent in terms of your relationships and see different people every day.


Business families


Although the family today is losing its economic function, in the future it is likely to strengthen particularly. Small family businesses that promote themselves through social networks are already well visible. Today’s most popular co-activities are:

  • food production
  • participation in crafts
  • establishment of family schools
  • organization of seminars and webinars
  • organization of a workshop


Currently, this takes place a bit haphazardly. However, in the future, couples will probably be created based on professional compatibility for profitable production.


Besides, business couples will hand on their children to professional or ‘graduated’ families to bring up their children. Members of such a family will have functions that complement each other: teacher, psychologist, and cook. Most likely, professional families will consist of several adults rather than actual beloved partners. This system will reduce the number of abandoned children, as well as give parents who do not like the process of raising children the opportunity for an alternative approach to live their life.


It is hard to say whether these types of families are right or not since we have accustomed to the traditional unit system. Nevertheless, all these probable types of future representation of family will, in the first place, help to tolerate one-sex relationships. Secondly, breakups will no longer be like a thunderbolt, since the bonds will be free and open. You should not wait until this time comes, visit dating sites now and find your partner to spend your time with pleasure. Due to these events, people will eventually be focused on their goals and priorities in life to achieve success.

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