Choosing Your First Sex Toy!

Buying your first sex toy can be so exciting, it opens up a whole new world of pleasure and fun. And for those who have never had an orgasm before, buckle up cowboy you’re in for a wild ride!!

There’s so many different toys out there on the market ranging from beautiful bullets, thrusting rabbits, butt plugs with tails, and even dildos shaped like rockets.  Whatever you can think of – you can get it my friend!!

Your First Sex Toy – So Much to Choose From

First Sex Toy – A Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are made for dual stimulation.  They are perfect for any beginner to the sex toy world and range in sizes, colours, speeds and shapes.

Your typical rabbit consists of a long shaft to be used internally.  Attached to the end of the shaft lies a clit stim function usually mimicking the ears of a rabbit.

If you’d prefer something to focus on the G Spot plenty of rabbit’s
have a nice curve or bulge on their shaft to help massage that area. One thing to keep in mind when buying a rabbit is that not every rabbit will work for you.   Some might be too big or too small, won’t sit on your clit or won’t have enough strength.

Really think about your body and have a hands on feel of all rabbits before you buy. I recommend any Evolved bunny.  They are amazing for their price, warranty protected and have enough variety to find the right one for you.


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Vibrating Bullets – A Good First Sex Toy

The good old bullet, you can never go wrong with one of these in your toy kit. They vary in shapes, sizes and speeds.

A bullet looks exactly like the name and a bullet can be used on the clit, and if long enough internally.  They should be cherished,  These little guys work so hard to make you orgasm.

So in return make sure you keep them charged so they have maximum power, and always clean every toy with toy cleaner after use.  I recommend any NU Bullet, they pack a punch and have a huge variety of shapes.

G Spot massager

Your G Spot will give you a whole different orgasm to a stand alone clit orgasm. If you can find the right toy, releasing this new power is going to be life changing.

There is a huge variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to stand alone G Spot wands. They have different sized bulges, thickness and density.

If you need to push hard on your G spot to get it going I recommend the Cosmopolitan G Spot Romance.  If that’s not an issue for you go with the NU Sensuelle G.

The Sensuelle G is very unique because it also contain a massaging ball in it’s G Spot bulge.  If a bunny doesn’t work for you, you can always pair your g spot wand with your favorite clitoral bullet for the best experience ever.


Dildos are great! They can be suctioned onto the wall of the shower, come in all shapes and sizes (like literally any size), and some even vibrate!

A dildo is a great choice for someone wanting that little bit extra, without too much.  Because most are non vibrating they are great to have to add that extra spice when using a bullet.

Some come in a strap on form, so if you want to use your dongs with your partner you can!

Ensure you use lots of lube and take it slow at first to warm up.  I recommend any Tantus or Fun Factory dongs because they’re all made from good quality materials and have enough variety to satisfy anyone.

Anal toys

If anal is something you haven’t done before, toys are a great way to start.

There is such a huge variety of plug shapes and sizes you will always find something to your taste.  While most are made from silicone, if weight is something you’re after try a steel plug.

They’re awesome to use during sex because even the smallest ones feel so much bigger because of their weight.  And the pressure added to anal area is an awesome sensation during vaginal sex.

Some plugs vibrate, some don’t.  Make sure you have an idea in your head of what you want.  Explain to your sales assistant what that idea is and they’ll be able to help guide you in a safe direction.

Lube is an essential when playing in the anal area.  It will help keep your partner comfortable and make things glide in and out. I will always recommend the B-Vibe plugs.  They have an amazing variety, and the best anal training guide set ever!

All in all, this should be a good guide to help you understand what’s what and what the possibilities are.

Just remember your lube, toy cleaner and your hands!

These will guarantee that you’ll be arriving at pleasure land in no time!
Our Adultsmart store is stocked to the brim with huge variety and our staff are always happy to help you!

women red dress luxury present of her first sex toy
a sexy present

Hey Girlfriend! Check Out These First Sex Toys For Beginners!

Your sex life has become conservative and you are doing it the same way all the time now.  Isn’t it time that you picked yourself up from this boring existence and added some sexual spice to your life?

It is easily done with the advent of some extremely naughty  friends in your bedroom. Men and woman across the globe are trying sex products to enhance their relationships.  To help build a more fulfilling and happier sexual wellness life.

There are so many of these intimate playthings available.

Where do you start, especially if you are just introducing them into your couples sex play?

Isn’t it time that you and your partner were once again fully aroused with erotic feeling flowing through your veins?

winter gift girlfriend surprise
Photo: Sex Toys for the Beginner Girlfriend – Man Giving Girlfriend Present

That is what is so special when couples play together.  It allows them to explore each other, their boundaries and likes and dislikes.   Some of the toys you can add are in the list below.

  • Men Masturbators
  • Vibrators For women
  • Chastity Restraints
  • G-spot Massagers
  • Dildos
  • Clit & Nipple Ticklers
  • Penis Rings
  • Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie
  • Realistic Looking Toys
  • Water Plays Toys
  • Electro Sex Toys

A Huge Range of Styles

There are also many others styles which have important roles in enhancing your sexual pleasures either alone or along with your intimate partner.

One of the main features of these sex toys is that you can also satiate your sexual desire by yourself.  No need for anyone!

You need not be frustrated for sex when your partner is far away.  Now, you can understand the importance of sex toys in building a sexual relationship.   Many toys now have apps so you can share the delight with each other whilst away from each other.

Choose Carefully for the First Sex Toy for Your Girlfriend

The gift should be able to let your partner know that he or she is very important in your life and that you care a lot.  Sex toys are great gifts to give him or her on Valentines day or any other memorable day.

But to choose the perfect one, you must know and understand your partner completely in order to find something that pleases both of you.

Think About What She Likes

Does she go crazy when you are stimulating her nipples? Does she scream as you suck or play with her clitoris?  Is your girl maybe wanting to try a bit of anal play?

Getting the right answers to the above questions will help you know which type to get her as you shop the various selections of online sex toy shops.

Let’s say that she always gets crazy when you are stimulating her nipples.  In this case, giving her nipple vibrators or high end nipple clamps would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day.

On the other hand, if she loves clitoral stimulation, you should consider gifting her a rabbit vibrator.   For girls who like spanking, a kinky but soft paddle would be a perfect gift.

Whichever sex toy you decide to get her, always go for quality.

Your lover expects that you will give your best on valentines day.  Don’t be cheap! For her to like your valentine gift, you should first consider what she wants and be ready to spend a little more.

Even though you can spend hundreds of dollars on sex toys, you really don’t need to worry as there are great amazingly priced sex toys out there.

Should We Buy From Any Old Online Shop or Store?

The answer is BIG NO!  As you know your sex organs are very sensitive organs.  You should take utmost care of by ensuring anything purchased is completely body safe.

Generally, products made with very soft and smooth materials like silicone are great.  So, you should maybe get a sex toy made with ultra-soft, skin-friendly, medical grade material.

Go for prominent online adult stores with a great reputation.  Look at the feedback from other customers.

Just Starting Out as A Beginner

If you are currently experimenting with sex toys, you should consider getting beginner sex toys to get things rolling.

The reason why we recommend this is that using them is pretty easy and you are not going to experience any challenges.  Ease of use should never be overlooked by any beginner in the world of sex toys.

Start with something small as such a vibrator is not as intimidating.  As a beginner, you will feel more confident using a smaller and slim vibrator. With time, you will become more experienced.  Then you can experiment using the large vibes which provides more explosive and bigger orgasms.

Vibrators designed for beginners are very flexible and it is much easy to locate your most pleasurable body zones.

What is a Good First Sex Toy?

A good choice for a Sex Toy for the Beginner Girlfriend is a corkscrew jelly vibrator.  It is a perfect toy for beginners especially due to the soft jelly like materials used to make it.

The vibrator also has a flexible shaft and very smooth surface.  The shaft also features some exquisite ribs which guarantee you extra sensation.

You also have the option of choosing the speed you want and you can intensify the vibrations depending on your mood.

Another perfect sex toy for beginners you can find at the best adult novelty stores is pleasure baton vibrator.

This one is designed with a realistic penis and the shaft even features the veins. Made using jelly material, it is as smooth and soft just as you would want it to be.

christmas jolly present wrapped first sex toy
Photo: Sex Toys for the Beginner Girlfriend – Santa Giving Presents

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