Herd Those Rabbit Vibes – Let’s Burrow Down!

Let’s get those Rabbit Vibes. Romant creates a lot of great sex toys with high quality finishes which resemble luxury but at a more affordable price point.

Their range includes battery powered or rechargeable women’s vibrators, wands, men’s masturbators.  And couples toys that have medium to strong stimulation. Designs are generally practical and comfortable to hold.  Romant sex toys come with a year warranty.

Get Those Rabbit Vibes – Romant Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator

One of my favourites from their range of silicone rechargeables. It’s a medium sized adult toy for g-spot and clitoris stimulation that isn’t mega slim.  Also not the size of the common rabbit vibrators that are too long or to girthy for comfortable use.

With larger dual stimulators you need to be concerned about the clitoris arm reaching the right spot when the toy is inserted. Shaft on this toy looks fairly straight with a slightly bulbous head. Underneath the head approximately where the frenulum would be on a real life penis there are ridges for extra stimulation.

Now I say ‘looks’ fairly straight because you will find when you take the toy out of the package.

Wonderfully flexible and can curve with your body.

Which means this toy is perfectly designed to reach your g-spot unlike so many other best rabbit vibrators. If you didn’t feel the toy and nobody told you, you would never guess it could bend just by looking at the box.

It always pays to look at a sex toy out of its packaging! In addition to the awesome, bendy shaft there is a little, rabbit-eared clitoral stimulating arm. Which is also flexible to better fit your anatomy and hit all the right spots.

To use this sex toy

  • Warm up and apply a good quality water-based lubricant such as Pjur Woman Nude.
  • Insert the shaft of the toy in your vagina, aiming to stimulate your g-spot. Your g-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately 3 inches up.
  • If you don’t already know where yours is, I suggest having a play with your fingers first. Try curling them towards the front of your body in a ‘come hither’ motion once they are inside you.
  • Often the texture of your g-spot will be slightly different from the rest of your vaginal wall. Once you have an idea about where to find this sweet spot, you’ll be better equipped to use your toy to its best advantage.
those rabbit vibes
Romant Rabbit G Spot Vibrator

Once you have inserted it

  • And the head is resting against your g-spot in a pleasurable way, pull the handle towards the front of your body.
  • Move the bunny ears to your clit.
  • Experiment with where it feels best. You may enjoy gently rocking the toy and aiming the ears on either side of your clit. Often the most responsive part of the clitoris is on one side or the other. Touching these areas feels better than the direct front or centre stimulation.
  • See what feels best to you.

Controls of the Romant Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator 

  • Hold the lower of the two operation buttons down for a few seconds until both buttons light up blue.
  • Then press the higher button to start the vibrations.
  • Scroll through the 7 different modes including the speeds and vibration patterns.
  • To turn the toy off, press and hold down the bottom button again for around 3 seconds.
  • Vibrator has a memory function, so when you turn it back on again it will vibrate at the same speed or pattern you were using before you turned it off.
those rabbit vibes
The Stats on Women & Vibe Use

This is a rechargeable sex toy

So to charge it up you will need to grab the charging cord included in the box.  Insert the pin into the socket in the very bottom of the toy. Then plug it into any USB port.

Most rechargeable toys take around 1-2 hours to charge completely.  But you can top up the charge from time to time if you prefer.  Rather than letting it run down completely and charging it fully again. That way you won’t be likely to be caught out in the middle of a play session needing to recharge your toy.

Another great feature of the Romant Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator

  • 100% waterproof.

I love waterproof toys because not only can you use them in the bath or shower, you also can feel very safe when washing them clean.  You know you aren’t going to wreck your toy.

Colours available are pink and purple, two perennial favourites.

What can I say? This toy ticks all the boxes

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.  Only exception would be for the power queens.  If you crave the intense power of a magic wand or We-Vibe, or LELO this may not be the toy for you.

For everyone else, this is a fantastic choice.

those rabbit vibes
horny female rabbit

Wow! I Never Saw That Rabbit Cumming!

Wow! No 6 Trifecta Vibrator is part of the silicone luxury sex toy line from the Manufacturer Pipedreams.

I received mine from Adultsmart for review. It arrived in the post in discrete packaging. Once I opened it I saw that it came in a white and pink box with silver lettering and figures.  Front of the box had a silver crown that I took to indicate that it was far from common.

On the flip side of the box there is an image of the Trifecta in all its glory. As well as indication of what it is made of and other manufacturer information and contact details.

Unpacking the Trifecta 

I slipped off the cover of the box and saw a white pink bag that housed a pink vibrator.  Same as the picture that was displayed on the box.  Vibrator was very pleasing to look at.  When I held it felt very soft to the touch with the shaft being movable yet solid enough for insertion.

It was smooth to hold and I could see and feel that this was a toy made of the highest medical grade silicone and could not wait to try it.

  • One thing I did not like about it

Was that it was not rechargeable and require 3 x AAA batteries to operate it.  I guess I have been spoiled by Lelo and other top brands that have fully rechargeable sex toys.

But meant I did not have to charge it so could go straight into my sex toy review. I placed the three AAA batteries in the base where the controls are. Over the battery compartment are the control catches. Initially, there’s the general off catch.

I ought to note that the power catch just turns the toy off.  Had a touch of perplexity with this at first.  And thought I put the batteries in wrong (and improved them around three times).  Before I understood that it’s exclusive the power-off catch.  And that alternate ones turn the genuine capacities on.

those rabbit vibes
Pipedream Wow! Vibrator

Features of the Trifecta 

Shaft rotates at three different speeds and is has a single control with a circle in that goes through these speeds.  Rabbit ears have 7 distinct speeds that are controlled by an up arrow (to increase speed).  And a down arrow to decrease it.

Speeds include

  1. A low consistent vibrating speed.
  2. Moderate and consistent vibrating speed.
  3. Grounded and most consistent vibe, which is higher than moderate vibrating speed.
  4. Beat.
  5. Moderate heartbeat.
  6. Three beats took after a more grounded and longer beat.
  7. Quick beat.

I was happy to find that the noise was not too loud

When the unit was switched on so would comfortably use it in my bedroom with other people in the house.  Without being embarrassed that someone might hear what I was doing.

It was time to do a road these and I lubed the toy up. I found that the soft silicone was a delight when inserting and the bunny ears really hit the mark. Loved the fact that the shaft was hard enough to insert easily.

But once inside could be ‘bent’ to my optimum position. It was not long before I was very well relieved. Dimensions of the toy are approximately 23cm long, 13cm insert-able and 12cm round.

This is a solid rabbit vibrator

It will satisfy the most difficult sex toy user and is on par with a lot of the higher rated brands.   I love how well thought out this sex toy is.  As it even provides a pivoting head along with the rabbit tickler and the vibrating shaft.

  • Three things I disliked about it

Not rechargeable nor was it fully waterproof.  There is nothing I enjoy more than after a hard day at the office disappearing into my bath tub for half an hour to relax and wind down.  And nothing aids that better than having a massager or sex toy to accompany me.

The third was that you could not turn the rabbit ears off when the shaft was switched on.  It would have been nice to have that option.

All in all, I will give the Pipedream Wow! Vibrator a review rating of 7.5 out of 10.

those rabbit vibes
JimmyJane Rabbit

You Will Not Believe What This Iconic Rabbit Can Do!

JimmyJane sex toys are a luxury sex toy designer who have created a special adult product range named ‘Iconic’.  Made in white which makes for a very vibrant look. They have recently released version 2 of the Iconic Rabbit, which has been significantly upgraded. If you do not know what a rabbit vibrator is then I guess I should explain that first.  Or you could simply type it into Yahoo and see what pops up.

What is a Rabbit Vibe? 

A rabbit is a vibrating sex toy that has a shaft that is used to insert.  And then an outer vibrator piece generally shaped like two bunny ears that tickles the clitoris.

Most rabbits have dual vibrators one in the shaft and one on the ears. Some may even have rotating beads on the shaft for even extra stimulation. Rabbit vibrators have been extremely popular ever since sex toys have been invented.

At first pulled in to it’s straightforward outline without sparkle, pearls and splendid shading that the sex toy industry expect ladies like.

JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2

It has a long shaft and rabbit ear simulator which allows you to have synchronous g-spot and clitoral stimulation.  This Iconic Rabbit has a pivoting shaft, internal “pearls” and an awesome arrangement of bunny ears that hit me at simply the right “detect.”

It’s double slide, singular speed controls let you play with various velocities for various territories.  Test and pick the force truth is stranger than fiction for you. Other Rabbit’s I’ve attempted since, I observed JimmyJane’s Iconic Rabbit to be sufficiently flexible for when I need intense incitement.  And for when I am in the inclination for a lighter touch.

It’s stylishly satisfying and runs well with my white and dim room … it’s the easily overlooked details that have any kind of effect, correct?  Iconic rabbit is made of a phthalate free and body-safe materials.

those rabbit vibes
Sex Toys for Couples 2023

It is supple enough yet hard enough to be used comfortably.

Also very easy to clean and best of all can be used with both water based and silicone based lubricants. This clitoral stimulator is supple enough that it invigorates that area without causing any distress. Yet when you push it harder it can give you a more intense vibrating stimulation.

It hugs your clitoris with those fluttery ears and although strong enough is not too intense with its vibration strengths.

those rabbit vibes
Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2
those rabbit vibes
Jimmyjane Products

An Ideal Gift – JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2

Has lithium batteries which are rechargeable inside and can be charged with most electronic devices through a USB cable which is supplier.

Box of the iconic rabbit has the words ‘the usual suspect’ and is quite pretty and bright.  It would be an ideal intimate gift to a very special loved one.

  • There is 5″ of insertable length.
  • Girth for the main is 1.25″ in diameter.  Apart from the head which broadens to a 1.5″.
  • So it is a reasonably sized vibrator but not overly so.

Rabbit style vibrator has been produced in Japan now for well over 25 years and is the type and style that was made famous in Sex And The City Series. JimmyJane has used this proven formula to produce a sex toy that can be enjoyed by you.

Features Of The JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2

  • Made of body-safe and phthalate-free elastomer.
  • Odor and latex-free material.
  • Dual Stimulation: the external clitoris, and the internal labia and G-spot.
  • Vibration and rotation speeds can be varied.
  • Dual motion: user controlled movement and the tickler motion.
  • Shaft filled with rotating beads for more tickling feeling.
  • Rabbit ears tickle the clitoris.
  • Light weight.
  • One year warranty from JimmyJane.

This is my favourite JimmyJane rabbit vibrator from their Iconic Range that I purchased from Adultsmart.

Jimmyjane are just one of those companies that never seem to let me down. I love this sex toy because of the tickler and pivoting head of the vibrator.

those rabbit vibes

Heat Up That Rabbit!

Last couple of weeks have been like monsoon season in the store. It is literally raining down cool new toys. I don’t even need to write a review today.  But I just need to tell the world about this Rabbit.

I nearly fell over when I found out how much this cost. It is such good value for money I feel like customers should be queuing outside the shop like they do when Apple releases a new phone.

Once word spreads, trust me, they will.

It is the Xena made by Rianne S.

A heating rabbit.  I love this company.  Her roots are in burlesque and this often shows in the designs and colours of some of the products.  Packaging is always really good quality.  Box the sex toy comes in is a sturdy one suitable for long-term storage.

It isn’t as discreet as most Rianne S packaging I have seen as it has a full-size picture of the rabbit on the front surrounded by golden swirls.

Box contains a little surprise.

I love little touches like this.   And I like the cosmetic bag that houses the moon and the stamped gift box the heart vibe comes in too.  Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator sex toy comes with a rose gold coloured bracelet engraved with the words “she believed she could so she did”.

I love that. A sex toy is presented alongside it, under plastic on a velvet covered foam.  Underneath there are the instructions and charger cord. It is a magnet charger, which thankfully is strong enough that you don’t have to babysit for hours checking on the connection…

Instruction booklet was made for someone with much better eyesight than myself.  I needed a magnifying glass to read it. It is straightforward enough and I wish I had looked at it before I struggled for a few minutes working out how to use Xena on my own.

But then I never do sensible things like that.

those rabbit vibes
Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator

Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator comes in three colours.

  • Purple, Rose and Coral.
  • Handle is a lighter or darker shade than the main body of the toy.
  • It is covered all over in 100% body safe silicone.
  • There is a seam between the handle and the insertable part which will need extra care when cleaning.
  • You can use a toy cleaner or simply rinse it under warm soapy water as it is completely waterproof.
  • Waterproof property obviously has a zillion other benefits when it comes to playing with your toy.
  • Silicone is smooth and silky with just enough drag for those that like it that way.
  • Once it is covered in a water-based lube it is as slippery and smooth as anyone could want it to be.
  • I thought it might be a bit of a dust collector, but so far it hasn’t proved to be.

Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator rabbit is an average size.

Similar to Lelo Rabbits. It is 21cm x 4-6 cm x 4cm.  Has two motors.  Citoral arm is fairly flexible. This is a good thing especially if you haven’t used a rabbit before. No matter what your body shape it is versatile enough to hit you in the right spot.

A problem some people have with a flexible clitoral arm though is that there is not as much direct pressure as there would be with a rigid toy that fits your body shape exactly.  That is often the case.  Except that Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator has a motor that is really impressively strong.

This thing knocks away like a jackhammer which will give you a powerful orgasm. Motors in this toy are worthy of a far higher price point. When the insertable motor and clitoral arm are in use together it even reminds me a bit of the We-Vibe Nova and that is one excellent rabbit.

There are 10 vibration patterns and you can increase and decrease the intensity. Some are stronger clitorally than others.

Controls are on the handle and well placed.

  • There is an on/off button in the middle which needs a long press to get it started and to stop it.
  • Plus and minus symbols on either side are for intensity.
  • Top button is to scroll through the vibration options.
  • Bottom button…..that is for the heat. Let’s face it who isn’t impressed by anything that heats up?  There is just something so satisfying about it.

Whether it’s a Tenga hole warmer, or my toast in the morning, I am into it.

It does take a while, maybe 5 minutes but a red light flashes to let you know it is in heat mode.

I think this rabbit is amazing for the money.

Not going to pretend it is as good as the L’amourose heating sex toys, but they are the best in the world in my opinion and they cost a lot more.  But I can definitely mention them in the same sentence together.

If my budget was slightly less I would go for this Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator rabbit above any other in the entire store.

those rabbit vibes

Abby The Rabbit By Romant!

I like the brand ‘Romant’ because they are priced halfway between the luxury and basic sex toy brands but definitely look like they belong in the former. A few of them have features that you usually pay a lot of money for. Abby is one example.

It is not only a dual motor rabbit, but it also has a temperature feature too. This product comes in a sleeved pearlescent sturdy gift box that is perfect for long-term storage.  There is something a touch the 1980s about the style of the box within the sleeve. But as I say that is being pedantic considering the quality you get for the price. It is discreet though and only has the brand name written in italics.

If anyone saw it they would probably think it contained a fancy pair of crimpers.

Unboxing Abby

It is embedded in white foam alongside the charger and plug. USB rechargeable and you get the plug too, which most of the top brands seem to think we can all do without.

It is a magnet charger, which can be a fiddle. But with this one, the attraction was so strong as I was plugging in the USB, the magnet and toy found each other without my help!  How about that!

Amazing Features 

  • This rabbit comes in green, plum and pink.
  • It is 9 inches long with 5 inches insertable. and a clitoral arm of 2 inches. Has a diameter of just over an inch.
  • It is made of beautifully silky silicone, the type of silicone that works twice as well when it is covered in a good water-based lube.
  • 100% phthalate free and completely body safe and the lower half of the handle is ABS plastic.
  • Buttons are well placed on the handle.
  • There is an on/off button, which must be pressed for 3 seconds.
  • An arrow up button which you press for 3 seconds for the temperature function and when you just press it normally it scrolls through modes.
  • The arrow down button also scrolls through modes.
those rabbit vibes
Sex Toy: Romant Abby

It is worth noting Romant toys don’t seem to come with any charge in them

Even in the time it has taken me to write this it will still not turn on. Therefore the rest of this review will have to wait until such time as Abby is ready for me.)

To be fair it does say to charge before use in the instructions.  It flashes a violet light while charging, which illuminates the handle a little too. After an hour and a half, the light went off which is supposed to indicate it is fully charged.

Until then the toy would not function. It has enough charge in it to play around with it for five minutes.  But clearly needs a lot longer for the 3 hours play the instructions promise…

Its not as Easy to Operate as the Manual Suggests 

What I can say about it so far is, it is not as easy to operate as the simple manual would have me believe.

I couldn’t get any kind of temperature sensation going on at all. All that holding down the temperature button did was turn off the motor that is in the top end of the toy. I haven’t tried every combination yet to see what it does yet, as obviously, it conked out on me. Without the temperature feature, the toy works fine.

Its second motor is not at the base of the shaft it’s in the handle. When the temperature mode is on.  And the top motor is off you don’t feel much at all except in your palm. When the temperature function is off and you use the modes from the arrow up button.  Both motors work together well and provide a good level of power.

Shaft has a raised crisscross pattern on it for extra sensation

Which some people will love and the ridges are gentle enough.  Silicone smooth enough to make this a complementary feature rather than a distracting, unnecessary one.

Clitoral arm is very flexible which in my opinion is a good thing because it will suit more bodies.  I also prefer less pressure there.  Another great thing about Abby is that it is very quiet.

10 different vibration modes are all very different and there is something for everyone. It isn’t rumbling but it isn’t buzzy either.  You can find something approaching either with the great choice you have.  It is splash proof too which is always good for some in shower fun.

I decide to investigate the temperature play feature online

As I am sure they would not make a heating toy OK for showers.

From what I am able to deduce I think perhaps I am right, it doesn’t heat up.  It is exactly the same technology some of their other toys use such as the Lisa rabbit.  Also in this range by Romant but a slightly different shape and 3/4 of the price.  I think it has sensors inside which detect your temperature and make the toy vibrate accordingly.

I feel slightly miss-sold.

Don’t understand why it is marketed specifically for a function many of Romant’s sex toys have already.  I cannot find anything on the internet to find out exactly how this technology works or what it does.

So I Am assuming the hotter your body is the more intensely it vibrates.

That sounds very intriguing. Aside from discovering Abby doesn’t heat up, this is a perfectly good toy and if it charges well, later on, I would have no problem recommending it.

Romant has some other great vibrators and rabbits in this range in Adult Lifestyle Centres.  If you are looking for something around that price point they are definitely a brand to consider.


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