Tantus Luke 02 – Believe In It

Tantus Luke 02 is a hand poured matte finish dildo which is professionally sculpted by the Eco-friendly sex toy company Tantus.  Tantus aims to provide people with sexual happiness by creating dildos made with the highest of grades silicones since 1997.  This company has been running longer than both high end companies Lelo and Fun Factory.

Tantus company tagline is: “Good clean fun.”

In Australia, the sex toy industry is unregulated.  Any company can claim their sex toy is made out of a particular material which can make it difficult for people to understand whether a sex toy is made to be of quality. Tantus is a company that has undergone specific testing to verify their silicone claims.

There are numerous ways to create silicone sex toys

As this article by Dangerous Lily explores during an interview with a Tantus founder Metis Black.

If you have a look at the above interview link to Dangerous Lily, the article will explain the processes of how they get different silicone finishes which is interesting.

It will help with the question of ‘You say Lelo and Fun Factory are both silicone but why do they feel different?’.

As Matis Black states in one of her interviews, one of the hardest things to break through in the sex toy industry in 1997 was convincing people that an ‘expensive’ dildo is worth the cost.

Tantus dildos are indeed expensive at $100 a sex toy.

These dildos can be a little difficult to sell at times only due to the price point. A dildo doesn’t vibrate, it has no special ‘functions’, and it doesn’t have a suction cup to use in the shower or on tiles.

But by buying a Tantus dildo you know you are never going to sacrifice product quality. I firmly believe that Tantus is one of the best and will last you a lifetime.

Let’s Talk About Tantus Luke 02

Tantus Luke 02 has three different ‘types’ of silicone.

  • Hardcore.
  • Soft matte finish.
  • Slick finish of the head.

02 Tantus range is touted as being their most realistic dildos and they achieve this by using a dual density silicone.  So Luke has a strong and firm silicone core, with a thin softer layer of silicone on the outside giving the toy that little squishy feel without it being rock hard.

This feels more pronounced on the shaft of this toy where you have a different finish to the head. Tantus Luke 02 has some realistic veins on it as well for a little extra stimulation without it being overly veiny and weird looking. No offence to all the veiny cocks out there – and there are some doozies! This product is suitable for harnesses, and for anal play.

Use of Silicone Sex Toys and Silicone Lube

This is still very much debated in the circles. But generally most companies agree that a high quality silicone toy will work with a high quality silicone lubricant (i.e SuperSlyde, Pjur as can be seen in the above interview).

Tantus toys including the Tantus Luke 02, are extremely durable and hygienic.

Cleaning the Tantus Luke 02

  • You can sterilise with a 10% bleach solution.
  • Dish wash them.
  • Boil them for a short period of time.
  • Use an alcohol-free toy cleaner.
  • It is advised that you don’t put them in the water. But rather put a towel in the bottom of a glass bowl, put the toy on top and pour boiling water over and let it sit for a few minutes.

Feel of the Luke

I like the Luke because of it’s unique feel.  Knowing that it is real silicone, and has a soft finish compared to some of the other silicone toys means that I know it’ll be more enjoyable.

Be warned!

Tantus products can be a little on the above average side of things.  Despite the Tantus Luke 02 being at a standard length of five and a half inches it does have a diameter of two inches.  So if they’re after something standard sized, this may not be the toy for them.

Remember that whilst this toy is soft, it’s not a jelly/ur3 material.  It simply doesn’t have as much give as some of the other materials.

Whilst some people do prefer hard sex toys and silicone, it can be in particular for anal play, difficult on the body and place undue stress.  This dildo just feels awesome and I can’t speak more highly of it.

Grab it out and touch it, you know you want to!

tantus luke

Lollipop Candy With The Tantus Flurry Dildo!

Tantus is a famous sex toy company for their high quality products.  As a sex toy consultant at Adultsmart we sell a high range of dildo’s.  I never have a problem recommending Tantus to any of our customers.

Tantus Flurry Candy is my current favourite on the wall of dildos.  I find really realistic ones quite intimidating.  But this one is a representation of a penis rather than a duplicate or a caricature.

You might call it “penisesque”.

It comes in three different gorgeous colours candy, ice and twilight.  Candy is the one I have chosen, which is pink. Ice is blue and twilight which is violet. Colour choices are wonderful and I would be happy to have any one of them. They are mixed with a milky white to form this beautiful lollipop candy look.

Tantus package it comes with stands out from all the others.

It looks cool, hip, young and happening.  In a transparent plastic case within an outer hard case. It is sturdy enough to keep for storage but probably too big of a size.  You would want to get a drawstring bag or a silk bag for it because it definitely deserves to be looked after.

Flurry is standing upright in the middle of the box with a backdrop with brightly coloured overlapping circles.  It looks very majestic.

Tantus Luke
Image: Tantus Flurry

Features of Tantus Flurry

Tantus Flurry is 7 inches insertable with a 1.5 inch diameter.  It is quite a big size.  But the size is quite good compared to the realm of dongs world.  It is made of really good quality dual density silicone, like a lot of their sex toys. By that I mean it has a harder density core and a softer density exterior layer.

To those not in the know, this makes it feel very realistic.  Less pressure you use, the softer the dildo will feel.  You can increase the level of pressure to achieve a more intense penetration experience.  It has a flared flat base which means it can be safely used for anal play if you like.  Although that isn’t what it is designed for.

It is certainly not a beginners anal toy.

Base is perfect for use as a strapon sex toy too. What I noticed was that it is very slightly convex on the bottom.  I don’t think this is an intentional design feature, more a happy accident  There would be an increased comfort for the harness wearer.  It would act as a bit of a shock absorber when you’re pounding away.

Materials and Lube

Silicone on the outside, which I should mention is of course 100% body safe and phthalate free. Soft and matte and a perfect vehicle for loads of lovely quality water based Lube.  You could even even a high quality silicone lube like SuperSlyde.

Colours of the Sex Toy

It is what sets it apart from all the old fashioned flesh coloured dongs around it.  It’s like a teenager in a room full of old men.  It is a milky white frosty colour with a neon core that graduates downwards to the neon pink base.

What Makes it So Cool?

Wait though, its not only this that shoots it into the stratosphere of coolness. Shape is to die for.  Head is more squishy than the shaft and has two beautiful undulating thick lopsided ridges. I was going to it looks a bit like a saggy foreskin.  But it didn’t have the same ring to it.

Shape is designed perfectly for g-spot stimulation and more than makes up for the fact that it isn’t curved. It makes for a good thrusting sex toy. It would also be really nice to rub against your clitoris if you have one.

There is not much else to say about this lovely looking thing

Except to add that it is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with toy cleaner, detergent, boiled or placed in a dishwasher.  Dildo’s are a very common sex toy to purchase.  As they can be hygienically taken care of to some of the highest standards.

I love the Tantus flurry range and I hope they make more of these!

tantus luke
Naughty Teacher

Tantus Story & The Duchess

In 1997, a woman called Metis Black was busily handed pouring beautifully coloured silicone dildos.  During this process she helped to develop a process which produced the highest grade of silicone which is today now called 100% ultra-premium silicone.

She wanted to create a longer lasting product whilst challenging the quality of current sex toys.  Her dildos were solely sold in boutiques sex shops but she strived to further her company.  She wanted to educate people all over the world about the benefits of using silicone products.

That’s how Tantus was born.

Now the Tantus company has been running for over 19 years with her silicone Tantus dildo’s selling all over the world.

I can only speculate that in 1997 there probably wasn’t a lot of information on what materials were body safe appropriate choices for sex toys. Today, we have an extensive amount of information readily available online.  Including personal opinions and studies on the safety of certain materials.

Metis Black is the Sole Owner of Tantus

But she also is on some not for profit organisation’s boards including the Centre for Sex & Culture and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

It’s important to mention her work outside Tantus. As it highlights the ethics the company upholds when it comes to developing safer materials and practices to better safe sex and masturbation when using sex toys.

Anyway, On to Tantus The Duchess!

Tantus The Duchess is a semi-realistic dual density dildo available in two colours ice and candy.  Ice is a light blue colour and candy is a pink colour.  Both colours are mixed with the milky white colour which makes the dildo look super sweet.

tantus luke

What Does Dual Density Mean?

For those unaware of the greatness of Tantus The Duchess dual density, I’ll explain it now.

Tantus The Duchess has two layers, the inner core and the outer layer.  If I think about it realistically the inner core is like the muscle of an actual penis. It keeps it sturdy with just the right amount of flex. Outer layer is a softer shore of silicone and is kind of fleshy and skin like.

Tantus has claimed it has a ‘Realer than real” feel.

Due to the see-through colouring, you can see the separation of the two layers.  The inner core is a hot pink or blue colour whilst the outer softer layer is white.

Tantus the Duchess has a cult following within the sex toy blogger network.

It does have a duke but he is just single density silicone of the same shape. Tantus The Duchess stands at 7.5 inches and the circumference of the head is a huge 1.8 inches! This toy will please those who enjoy that full feeling without the usual overbearing length girthier dongs have.

There is also a natural rounded head of a penis with a large ridge to create a comfortable and textured level of penetration. Head of the Tantus The Duchess is all white.  It does not have the harder shore of silicone present and it is almost close to flesh as silicone will allow.

It’s roasting marshmallow soft!

Duchess’ shape so basic.  But also so much more its incredible texture-less shaft is smooth and glossy.  It does present some traction if not enough lube is present. Thanks to the flared base this is harness compatible.

It is a fantastic choice for those who want a real feel but not real look dong!

Tantus The Duchess does come with a small waterproof silver bullet to equip the duchess to become a vibrator.  But it is only single speed and its vibrations struggle to travel through the thick silicone walls.  Its actually like the We-vibe Tango was born to accompany this dong! It fits perfectly the vibrations travel well and THE COLOURS MATCH PERFECTLY!

Duchess is silicone and I’m sure you’ve read 1 million times how to keep it clean!  What I love most about this type of product is that each one is hand poured, this means they are all made slightly differently to the next.

So when you buy a Tantus The Duchess you will find that your one is a completely unique sex toy.


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