Why Everyone Should Own A Realistic Dildo


There is simply no denying that technology is changing everything. Heck, just look at what it has done to the Internet and online gambling. And, look at what technology has done for the automotive and manufacturing industry.


Simply put, technology has transformed many areas of life for many individuals. Well, it has not only changed these fields, but it is changing the sex industry as well. That’s right, thanks to technology, you can now get your hands on some of the most realistic and life-like sex equipment that you’ve ever seen. And, you’d be surprised to learn all the benefits that come along with owning a realistic dildo.


What Exactly Is A Realistic Dildo?


Most adults are probably familiar with dildos and other sex toys. They might even be familiar with realistic dildos, but do you truly understand what the term means?


A realistic dildo is simply a dildo that is phallic in nature. These models tend to be modeled after the basic shape of the male penis, characterized by a fairly uniform shaft and pronounced head. There are additional features to give the device a more realistic look and feel. These would usually include but not limited to veins, balls, and sometimes color, which comes down to the preference of the buyer.


Now that you know and understand what a realistic dildo is, it is time to look at how you can benefit from owning one.


Lifelike Sensations


Not only does new technology gives these dildos the ability to look more real than ever, but they’ll feel more real as well. When using the device, you’ll get a more natural feeling that what you would receive with those zany models currently available on the market.


There is nothing wrong with the shapes, styles, and design of these other models, but sometimes the human body craves something more natural, right down to the very touch, and that is where realistic dildos come in handy. The natural feeling offered by the devices lends itself to fantasies and imaginary scenarios that you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve with lesser models.


Simply put, these models will make the fantasy and experience of masturbation all that more pleasurable and life-like.


All Genders And Body Types Can Take Advantage


Another wonderful thing about these models is that they are inclusive. Literally, anyone and everyone can take advantage of everything that they have to offer.


That being said, most of the time these models are used for vaginal purposes, but this is just one of the many ways that a realistic dildo can be satisfying. They can provide a whole realm of other pleasures with unlimited possibilities.


This is if you buy the right model. While there are tons to choose from, not every model on the market might be suited for your exact needs. Hence, make sure you read many realistic dildo reviews before blindly buying a model.


They Are Versatile


Not only can anyone take advantage of these toys, but they can be used for a wide range of sexual activities. You just learned that most models available today are used for vaginal purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case at all.


These models are versatile and can be used in a variety of positions to satisfy a variety of unique fantasies. Solo, BDSM, couples play, or pretty much whatever you could think of, you can use these items.


In addition to this, these models come available in a wide range of styles and features, so finding one for your specific needs and desire shouldn’t be a problem. It might take a little bit of research, but finding one won’t be a problem.

11 Brilliant Pleasures With A Real Feel

Hot Sexy Man With A Big Penis

Is it just me or is it very hard to find a cordless real feeling and looking vibrator out there that comes in different sizes for a great price?

Oh, shit! I found it… ha-ha it is our very own Pipedream Products Real Feel Deluxe being a top dildo choice and  they come in various sizes and two different shapes (with balls and without). The shape is very realistic looking with a nice round tip so you’re actually getting a penis like shape and not something that has a pointy end poking you in the places you don’t want to be poked.

The real feel vibes have the texture and material designed to feel like the real thing (hence the name). Pipedream is the only company that make their dongs out of a material called Fanta Flesh which mimics the soft skin feeling that a real penis would have, it looks and feels real too as it has a veiny feel to it not too many but very natural like this definitely helps with the stimulation and pleasure.

As it is designed to be a dong it is suitable to put into a harness as it has the suction cup on the bottom which also allows to put in other positions if needed as well such as on the floor or shower wall for that sex in the shower feel. The only down fault to the suction cup is it is very bulky but once you are fucking him you won’t even remember it’s there.

The real feel vibrators have a moderate type of vibration to them not too soft and not too strong and they aren’t noisy at all, they are also 100% water proof which makes the experience in the shower or bath that much more enjoyable just remember to make sure you screw the battery cap shut all the way, nice and tight to protect those 2 x AA batteries it runs off.

Now to the looks of each and every one of these beautiful looking and feeling dildos ranging from No. 1 all the way to No.12. They come in three different colours which are Flesh, Brown and Black.

No. 1

This little guy is a 6.5” only come in a flesh colour, he has a nice thinness to him and his head is shaped to hit the g-spot with nice squishy balls to hold onto whilst fucking yourself.

Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 1

No. 2

This guy is also a 6.5” but the difference is that he is a lot thicker in the girth allowing you to fill the fullness of him inside you his head is also not curved. He comes in a Flesh and Brown.

Dildo Vibrator By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 2

No. 3

This bad boy is a 7” and comes in a Flesh and Black colour he does not have balls so it allows you to take the whole thing as he is a perfect size all round and great if you get freaked out about balls ha-ha.

Phallic Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 3

No. 4

This guy is a 7.5” and only comes in Flesh, he’s not thick but most definitely not too thin and has a nice length on him giving you that satisfaction you need.

Realistic Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 4

No. 5

This guy is 8” long with a nice curve to which hit the spots. The length and thickness is just what you need for those nights you want to go hard. He comes in Flesh and Brown.

Strap-On Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 5

No. 6

No. 6 is a straight up and down vibe with some nice set of balls on him with a length of 8.5” gosh their getting big 😉 He only comes in a Flesh colour.

Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 6


Now to No.7, this guy is 9” long with nice flexibility to get in smoothly with some lube of course but this guy will make you satisfied in more ways you can think he comes in Flesh and Black.

Lifelike Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 7

No. 8

This feller is a bit different as he has two parts to him one for the bum and other for the vagina so you are getting that fullness in both holes this guy is 7.5” and comes in a Flesh colour.

Double Penetration Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 8

No. 9

This big man is a 9.5” with a good-sized girth and amazing length to make your fucking worthwhile, he comes in a Flesh colour.

Dildo Vibrator By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 9

No. 10

Now shits getting real this guy is 10” if you’re game go for it guys! But you might be sore in the morning. He comes in Brown and Flesh.

Vibrating Dildo With Testicles By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 10

No. 11

The second largest guy that real feel make. He feels amazing, his length and girth can make you feel things you’ve probably never felt before. Lube this guy up and ride him like you’ve never done it before. He is 11” and is available in Flesh and Black (like they say once you go black you’ll never go back 😉

Huge Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Real Feel Deluxe No 11

No. 12

This 12” dildo is available in Black or Flesh, I guess go hard or go home hey!

Large Vibrating Dildo By Pipedream Products
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All I can say is Good Luck! Now you’ve seen all of these crazy guys going from our little man of 6.5” all the way to the challenging 12”- Which one will you choose?

Author: Demi is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres