Super Charging An Erection With Hot Octopuss

In 2013 two best friends named Adam and Jules released the first ever “Guybrator” The Pulse. Over the past few years, the London based company has won multiple Xbiz awards for best male product, best couples toy and best boutique pleasure brand. Hot Octopuss’s luxury sex toy designs for the Pulse range now sell out all around the globe.

This year they have released two new cock rings called the Atom and the Atom/plus. After having a feel of the Atom/plus tester we had on display in our Caringbah Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I am super impressed by this product and I wouldn’t be surprised if they become our new bestselling cock rings.


When you open up your new toy you will find a charging cord, an information manual, and a storage bag. All the basics that you would need to know are listed on the side of the box. I honestly think that they could have done a little bit more with their packaging and provided a better storage case. When you’re spending $100+ on a luxury toy I think companies should be providing a hard carry case rather than a thin bag. Maybe I am expecting too much…

Image: A Hot Octopuss recharging


To charge, both toys have a section just underneath the plus sign that you pierce your charging cord into. The USB side of the charger needs to be plugged into a wall dock. If you start charging your toys through a computer you’ll find that they won’t charge up properly, so best to always charge your toys with a wall dock and the products original cord. You will see a flashing light indicating that your toy is charging and the light will stay solid when fully charged.

The only downside I have found with these toys is the charging and running time. They should take up to 2 hours to completely charge up and you’ll have up to 40 minutes of play depending on what settings you are using. I mean it could be worse but it could also be a lot better!


Atom & Atom/Plus

These luxury products are both made of high grade, body-safe silicone and the buttons are made of ABS. When using silicone toys make sure not to use any silicone lubricants with them otherwise you will end up destroying the material. Both toys have 5 powerful, rumbly constant speed vibrations and 5 patterns that you can increase and decrease. I’m super impressed with how strong these toys actually are and I love that they are rumbly rather than just buzzy like most other cock rings. Also considering how strong they are they are both really quiet products. Atom has a single motor at the top of the toy. Atom/Plus has two motors, one at the top and another at the bottom which makes it the more powerful one out of the two products. Because they are both so damn strong you can still feel the vibrations around the bands of the toys which means you do not have parts of the skin being left out without stimulation.

Image: How to wear a Hot Octopuss cock ring

I have attached a photo above to help anyone who doesn’t know where the cock rings should be placed. If you need more information, read a guide on how to use cock rings. The Atom can either be where the photo shows it or you could turn it so that the motor is sitting downwards depending on personal preference. The Atom/Plus should have the bigger side on top and the smaller side underneath for a more comfortable fit.

Both can be used for single or couples play.

Make sure to clean your toy every time after use with some trusty toy cleaner!

Image: Hot Octopuss Atom


Both the Atom and the Atom/Plus are completely waterproof which makes it an easy and a much less stressful cleaning process. And yes, they are bath and shower friendly! When using products in the shower make sure to be a little bit more careful, no one wants to be shocked by a powerful vibration, end up slipping over and getting hurt. I’d suggest having a look at our Shower Sex products, they have some awesome stuff to help you out with having the safest shower sex experience you’ll never forget… because you didn’t fall over and end up with a concussion ?

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Atom and Atom/Plus come with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defect in the workmanship of these products. A proof of purchase is essential for warranty services.

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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  1. I Bought a Hot Octopussy Duo , and after charging overnight I have a solid green light but the unit does not work ?

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