Stepping Into Stilettos – A Brand New, More Exciting Version Of Me!

It all started over Seventeen years ago with my wanting to be a mermaid. Okay, maybe not a real one, but close enough. See, I as well as a few friends of mine applied for a job at a local seafood place as a mermaid character. Long story short; I didn’t get the job. And even all these years later, I couldn’t be happier about it.  This is my story of stepping into stilettos.

As bummed as I was about not landing what I believed to be my “dream job”, I couldn’t sit back and pout about it.  Fresh outta high school, and had to take care of myself.

I still needed a job. So I once again combed the classified section and there it was in big bold lettering.

Attractive girls with good personalities wanted for lingerie bar. Cash daily. Must be 18+. Come by today for on the spot interviews and hiring.

Cash daily?!

And all I had to do was strut around wearing lingerie and serving drinks? I had a good personality and my looks weren’t too shabby either.  So I figured I’d give it a go and see what happened.

I realized very quickly when I walked into the place it was not what I had imagined it to be.  Ad may have said “lingerie bar”. But even with my younger naiveness, I knew it was a strip club.

It was earlier in the day so there weren’t that many people around.  On the stage, a tall, slender, blonde woman in high-stilettos was climbing the pole in the center.

She worked her way to the top and seductively removed her bikini top.

Immediately two things terrified me enough to tinker with the idea of hauling butt out of there as quickly as I could.

Not only was there the very high possibility I might break my neck trying to wear those heels should I get hired. But I too would be on that same stage with my goodies exposed to the world.

Still, I decided to go through with the interview.

It went pretty much like an interview for a vanilla job would go.  Only difference being I had to go into a private room and dance for the owner. Now, that part had me nervous.

Even I knew my dance moves were an embarrassment, but the owner was a female. Plus I had already come this far, so I figured why not?

I still remember wondering if the woman who would later become not only my boss but also my mentor and friend, could see how badly my body was shaking.  As I performed my best reenactment of the sexy stripteases I had seen in movies.

If she did, she sure didn’t make it known.

To my surprise; I was hired.

She handed me her business card with instructions to come back later that evening with outfits and the other stuff for my “performances.”

Looking back on it now; I think she saw something in me and she thought it would surface once I got on the stage. I’m not sure.

All I know is, I’m glad she gave me a chance. I’ll spare you the long and boring details of what I wore and such. To be honest; I don’t remember. It was probably something cheap and thrown together being I was broke as could be at the time.

Stepping into Stilettos

As expected; I was completely terrified while sitting in the dressing room awaiting the moment the DJ would call my stage name. When I heard my name, I made my way to the stage.  And took the very first step into the role that would become my identity for the duration of my career as an adult entertainment industry performer.

I was told the DJ would play three songs.  Afew seconds into the third I was to remove my top.  I was nervous but I told myself to pretend like there weren’t a bunch of pairs of eyeballs staring at me and I was alone, in my bedroom.

Surprisingly it worked. A bit better than I anticipated.

What surprised me most was the almost instantaneous change that took place in myself.  Minute I heard “holy (insert expletive here) she’s hot!” it was on!

As cliche as it may sound; something inside of me awakened. I became an entirely different person.  Was no longer the “good girl” everyone knew me as.

I was Jenna; a sexy, adult entertainment performer.

And I loved it! I went through the first two songs.  Taking extra care to do a little more teasing towards the ones who were throwing their money onto the stage floor.

Honestly; I had no clue what I was doing.  I figured I’d do what any woman would do if she were trying to seduce a man.

When the third song came on, I slowly took off my top and revealed my boobs to the crowd. If there were a time where I would have “snapped back into reality” it was then. But it didn’t happen. I was unaware of my near nakedness. Instead I was liberated and I felt free.

I felt alive!

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t obsessed with being the good girl who played by the rules.  Wasn’t worried about what others thought of me.

I was no longer concerned with the humdrumness of the everyday world. In fact, to sum it up; I was the polar opposite of my vanilla self. And it was those feelings and others that made me realize I was already hooked.

I also learned quite a few things that I have used extensively to further my success in the adult industry. Both as a performer and behind the scenes.

Things I Learned 

  • You don’t have to be “supermodel” gorgeous to attract a tribe of devoted fans.
  • Personality goes a long way.
  • Never judge a book by its cover.
  • Anyone can be a success if they’re willing to put in the work.
  • Standing out is a good thing.
stepping into stilettos
True Life Story

I also learned just how easy (not to mention, fun!) it is to have a man darn near worshipping the ground you walk on once you “push the right buttons”. But that’s a story I’ll share in a future post. 😉

Stay Tuned For Part Two In This Biopic Story!

Everyone has that moment in life where it all becomes so much clearer.

For most of us, we have more than one. I myself, have had plenty of eye-opening experiences. But the one that sticks out the most is when I discovered there was more to the adult entertainment industry than just dancing on stage.

If you’ve read the first part of this story, you know that stripping is where I broke my adult industry cherry over seventeen years ago. It’s where I fell in love with the industry as a whole. And it’s where I blossomed into a brand new, more exciting version of myself.

I went from being a shy, jeans and t-shirt wearing goody two shoes to a sexy, seductive woman who proudly showed off her body.

More importantly knew how to work what she had.

Best part is I was having a blast doing it! However, as much as I loved stripping; it drove me crazy that most of the lust-driven eyes I was dancing for seemed to just be enjoying the free show.

Needless to say; I preferred doing the private shows for that reason.

Fast forward a few years…..

A friend of mine and I were riding through a neighboring city.  We came across a brightly lit sign with huge arrows pointing towards the door of what appeared to be a house.

Sign said: All Nude Private Dancers. No Cover Charge. Also Hiring For Dancers. Inquire Inside.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next, but I will just in case you’re still in the dark. Looking back on it now; I don’t even think the fact that I would be completely naked should I get hired even crossed my mind.

Was excited to see they only did private dances.

When I opened the door and walked in, the first thing I noticed was the building was indeed once a home.

You could tell it had been gutted and completely redone to fit the strip club vibe. There were two rooms that held porn DVDs. One for straight and the other for gay and lesbian.

Sex toys of all sorts donned the walls. At the front, an older man sat at the counter.

Counter was glass and filled with various lubes, edibles, and other sex session accessories. I was in awe at it all.

Sure I knew about dildos and vibrators.

But the other stuff was completely new to me.  I made a silent promise to myself to look into it all later.

I won’t bore you with the details of the application and such. It went pretty much like every other dancing gig I applied to. Introduced myself, gave a brief rundown of my experience, and danced for the owner.

Luck was still on my side and I was hired on the spot. I returned later that night for my first shift and boy, was it a shift to remember!

See, during my time doing private dances at the regular strip clubs, I learned folks are a lot more open about their sexuality when it’s just you and them. This club taught me that the more private the setting, the more open a person becomes.

My first private performance that night was one I will never forget.

It is one that resulted in my eyes becoming wide open to the world of adult entertainment and human sexuality in general.

I was sitting on the couch, waiting for a customer to come in when the bell above the door rattled. A signal to the girls that a customer had entered the building. I was the only one working that shift so if this one wanted a dance, it would end up being mine for sure.

And as luck would have it; he did want one. A long one. Thirty minutes to be exact.

Owner motioned for me to come over to the counter. I stood up, straightened the short tight dress I was wearing. Tussled my hair a bit, reapplied some lipstick and sauntered over to him.

Making sure to sway my hips a little bit as I did.

I introduced myself to the customer and he did the same. He looked me up and down as if I were some sort of prize he was admiring.

I’ll admit; it felt good. Really good. He nodded his head as if giving himself the go-ahead to get a dance. Gave the manager the house fee, and motioned for me to lead the way.

I took my time walking towards the back and chose the farthest room. I opened the curtain, told him to have a seat in the chair and that I would return after setting the music for his dance.  Chose the playlist CD a DJ friend of the owner had made for the girls and walked back into the room.

My client was sitting in the chair, hands down his pants, which was nothing new to me at this point in my career.  Plus it was perfectly legal in my state as long as there was no sexual contact from either party.

I went to go remove my heels and he stopped me.

He asked me if I had ever done a fetish show before. I, of course, had no clue what he was even talking about. And I was honest with him about my lack of knowledge of fetish shows and to my surprise, he was very understanding.

He offered to explain to me exactly what he was wanting.  And if I chose to not go along with it, he would still pay me for a full dance as well as tip me extra just for the hassle.

This guy was pretty decent so I decided to see what he had in mind.

For all, I knew I could end up liking it.

As the slow, seductive, music played in the background, he explained to me that he was into something called Femdom or female domination to be precise.

His particular kink was to have the Domme belittle, berate, emasculate, and humiliate him while he pleasured himself. I was completely shocked at this information.

But it sounded awesome so I told the guy I’d be happy to try it.

I felt I needed to tell him that in reality, I was actually a sweetheart who wouldn’t say a bad word to anyone. Unless they absolutely deserved it, but I would try my best.

My dance went as expected. He pleasured himself while I told him how horrible of a person he was, how much he sucked as a man in general, and all sorts of other mean things.

I did everything in my power to make this man who seemed to be such a nice guy, feel like the lowest thing on earth at that moment.

And just as he said he would; he loved it!

stepping into stilettos
Angel McDaniel

I was happy he enjoyed himself

But more so I was caught up in the fact that I did as well.

Don’t get me wrong I hated being mean to him when he hadn’t really done anything to deserve it. But once I got over it and told myself it was just a fantasy and what he wanted, I was able to get into it pretty quickly.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out that he left that club a very happy man and I ended my shift that night as a very curious woman.

stepping into stilettos
What is Kink and Bondage?

I just didn’t have a clue of how curious I would become.

Finished the rest of my shift, paid my fees to the bouncer and went home with the intentions of keeping the promise I made to myself to look into things.

Only now; I was going to look specifically into Femdom and all that it entailed. I learned quite a bit about Femdom that night.  As well as accidentally introduced myself into the world of fetishes and kinks.

That in turn, resulted in my becoming a fetish fanatic and like with all things, there was a choice few that stood out from the crowd and became my ultimate favorites.

Stay tuned for part three where I dish out all the dirty details

stepping into stilettos

Stepping into Stilettos

If you’ve been following this mini-series of mine you will know that I started out as most who choose to enter the adult industry; as a stripper.   I later found my way into a club/adult store that offered only private dancing.  And into a world of fetishes and kinks beyond my wildest imagination.

I guess you could say I became a regular fetish fanatic for lack of a better term. Like with most other aspects of life; I have my favorites and I have those I would rather avoid.

For this post, let’s just do the ones I grew to really dig, shall we?

Foot Fetish

A highly popular kink that both men and women are into. In fact, It’s one of the most searched for fetishes on the internet. People who have a foot fetish are into the human foot. It’s usually a man into a woman’s feet, but as I previously stated; there are plenty of women who are into it too.

I’ll admit; I’m not really much of a foot person myself, but it doesn’t bother me to have mine enjoyed. It actually intrigues me to know that something as nonsexual as my feet can turn the strongest of men into a weak submissive mess.

I mean, I never saw my feet as sexy. But I learned there are plenty out there that do! And it’s not just the foot itself that gets em going. I’ve come across men who are into the toes specifically.  Arches drive others wild.

For others, it’s the soles. It depends on the individual. In my opinion foot fetish, guys are also some of the sweetest, people you will ever meet.


By nature, I’m known as a sweetheart. A “nice girl”.

I think that’s what I love the most about the humiliation kink.  Get to drop the good girl role I’m known for and become the exact opposite. I’ll admit, at first, I had my reservations about it. But as I got more clients that were into it, it became one I really enjoyed.

From a psychological viewpoint, I understand the why’s behind it.

It’s usually the men Alpha male type that wants this kind of session. They spend their day to day in charge and looked up to by everyone around them. It makes perfect sense that they get their rocks off by having a dominant woman doing the polar opposite of what they get in their vanilla lives.

They want a break and for them; a Femdom dating attract dominant women is the way to get it.

stepping into stilettos

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

This is precisely what it sounds like. A person with this fetish gets sexual pleasure from having their penis humiliated, mocked, and made fun of.

It can be with a humiliation session or on its own. You would think it would be the ones with actual small members who get into this fetish, but it’s not. There are plenty of guys out there with a rather generous size that enjoys this fetish.

To help in these types of sessions, I like to pretend the client is one of the annoying guys that think their rod is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🙂 A common thing found in online SPH sessions is to make the guy pay what’s often called a “small dick tax”.

They measure their johnson and pay whatever the designated amount for that measurement is.  Look up online Dommes and I can almost guarantee you you’ll find them charging their subs for not measuring up to size. 🙂

stepping into stilettos
BDSM Angel

So Many Fetishes 

There are a number of others that I could include that would make my list of all time favorite fetishes. But it would end up being a book.

In the last post, I told you about my first Femdom show and how much I enjoyed it.  Truth is, I became hooked with the first one. Since that night, I’ve discovered so many fetishes and kinks.

Some turn me on.  Others turn me off. Some just make me curious to learn more about the reasons behind someone being able to achieve sexual fulfillment from them.

Either way, my time working in the private club I talked about in part 2 showed me there’s a whole world of different things out there that turn people on. Every bit of it excited me.  Even learning about the fetish world didn’t excite me as much as finding my way into the world of online adult entertainment.

Online adult entertainment industry is where I found my home.

It all started with my getting a job as what I jokingly call a “professional dirty talker”. I’ll share that experience and more in the next post.

About the author:  Angel Hardly

I usually refer to myself asa good girlwho fell in love with the spicier side of life, but you can call me Angel. ?

My journey in the Adult Entertainment Industry began over 17 years ago, the same as most who got into the industry back then.  As an exotic dancer. ie; stripper. I did that for a few years until I discovered the world of online adult entertainment.

Since hanging up my stilettos for good.  I’ve had the pleasure of being able to delve into the many exciting avenues and aspects of the Adult Entertainment Industry. This includes; webcam modeling and studio owner, phone sex operator, sexting operator. Online domination with a specialization in fetish and financial domination.

CurrentlyI am a skilled creator of adult natured content and author of erotic short stories.

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