Sexual Health Tips for Adventurous Swingers

Swinging is becoming increasingly popular among adventurous Australians according to theGreat Australian Sex Census. The days of struggling to find like-minded individuals to frolic with are long gone with swinger clubs popping up everywhere, including on social media an in the local newspaper. As exhilarating as the lifestyle may be, it does require all participants to be extremely conscious of their sexual health.While your typical swinger community generally cannot reiterate the importance of safe sex enough, the possibility of contracting an STD always exists. It is therefore extremely important to always be careful and responsible when embarking on a sexual adventure of any kind.

No glove, no love

The last thing you want after a night of fun is to wake up with an itching or burning sensation near your genitals as this could indicate a possible herpes infection. One of the simplest ways to keep STDs such as genital herpes at bay is to make sure a condom is always used during intercourse. Condoms are not only easy to use but very affordable as well leaving no valid excuse why they cannot be used every time you have sex.  Apart from decreasing the risk of getting infected with all kinds of nasties, using a condom will also prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Depending on your own personal kinks you can even invest in a range of ribbed, flavored, and glow-in-the-dark condoms that can take your sexual adventures to the next level.

Don’t rely on others to provide the condoms

Don’t ever assume that someone else will bring along all the condoms and lube that you may need (although they more than likely will. The swinger scene typically relies on a BYOC (bring your own condoms) policy where everyone always carries sufficient protection with them at all times. While having condoms on standby is of great importance, it is as critical to ensure that they have not expired and that the packaging has not been compromised in any way.

Keep your fingers clean

Just like you wouldn’t eat with dirty hands, you shouldn’t have sex with them either.  Hands and fingers are very often used during foreplay and therefore need to be as clean as possible before putting them to good use.  Short fingernails and frequently-washed hands are a good combination, especially if you are planning to insert your fingers into various orifices. It is also extremely important to avoid cross-contamination at all costs so refrain from inserting your fingers into your partner’s mouth or vagina after anal sex unless they have been washed with an anti-bacterial soap or waterless cleanser.

Don’t forget about mouth and genital hygiene

Your hands are not the only part of your body that harbours germs. The genital area is known to be a breeding ground for bacteria which can course a range of infections that may be hard to get rid of. All swingers should make sure to wash their genitals properly before and after each sexual encounter and even keep a packet of antiseptic wipes on them for a swift clean-up. Dental hygiene is equally important as mouth sores and bleeding gums can increase the risk of infections being spread during kissing and oral sex. Brushing your teeth three times a day and visiting a dentist on a regular basis will ensure that your mouth remains healthy and swinger-friendly at all times.

Don’t swing when you are sick

STDs aren’t the only conditions you can pick up from your sexual encounters. Many common illnesses such as colds, flu, strep throat, cold sores, and even hepatitis can spread through the saliva you are bound to exchange during your romps.  When you are feeling under the weather it is best to indulge in some solo-satisfaction so to avoid making anyone else sick as well. If you are sick, seek professional medical attention to help you recover as quickly as you possibly can. While you do not necessarily need to refrain from having sex with you partner when you are sick you might want to avoid spreading your germs to an entire swinging community.

Get tested regularly

If you engage in a swinger lifestyle it is important to have yourself tested for STDs on a regular basis, regardless of the precautions you take. Even if you do not consider yourself at risk of contracting an STD it is unfortunately never possible to know anyone’s true sexual history. If you are an active swinger you undoubtedly put yourself at a somewhat greater risk of contracting an STD as what you would if you were in a monogamous relationship. Aim to have yourself tested at least twice a year and definitely much sooner should you suspect that you may have picked up something along the way.

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