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Sex toys go a long way to fulfill our fantasies if not those intense dreams we have when alone. Even so, finding the right toy is often not so easy. Just because one pleases you on the eye doesn’t mean it will please you on the other end. Then there is the much talked about category of toys whispered among friends. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is with no doubt in this category and not without reason. Let’s review this fantastic product and see why.

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Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a unique product

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is really different from their other Satisfyer clitoral sex toys for women. This unique product is made with silicone and has a plastic gold-colored stripe separating the head and the body. The shape is that of a boomerang with an almost 90-degree angle. It is accompanied by a magnetic charging cable.

The standout feature making this product unique is the nozzle and its design. The nozzle is not detachable like previous designs of their other toys, the whole product is firm. Additionally, the nozzle area is covered with silicone and is very smooth. One cannot help but hope that it will feel just as good. What’s more exciting is the way the nozzle is angled slightly to sit perfectly on the clitoris. The head is ergonomically shaped to comfortably nestle against your clitoris sucking it gently with the chosen intensity. The range of intensities to choose from is almost enormous with eleven choices. The stimulation will engulf the whole clitoris teasing it with pleasure waves you have not experienced before.

This fantastic product has combined the power of air pulse wave technology and vibrations to offer that unique sexual pleasure and sensation that you crave for. One can choose either of the two since they can be operated independently of each other or you can choose to use both types of stimulation at the same time. The best experience is using both simultaneously since the pulse wave creates strong orgasms that will be compounded by the vibrations. The vibrations come with a choice of speeds and up to 7 pulsation patterns.

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How to charge the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The Satisfier Pro Plus Vibration is USB rechargeable either using your computer or a USB charger. This really comes in handy. It should charge for up to 8 hours for the first time but subsequent charging takes around 3 hours. This will largely depend on how often you use the product and for how long. On average though, a single charge of two and half hours should give you at least half an hour of ample playtime to enjoy an orgasm. The charger is also magnetic so that one can connect it to the contacts on the toy that are also magnetic. LED lights on the toy will blink to indicate charging and will stay lit when it is fully charged.

Working with the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The control mechanism of this fantastic toy is quite easy, to be honest. There are just three controls that can be used to operate the whole product. One button turns on the vibrations while another switches the pulse wave sensations on and off. The vibration button has a wave sign on it and controls both the pulse patterns and the speed of vibrations. The speed and pulse patterns are ten in all with seven different pulse patterns and three speeds. The third is a larger middle button which can be used to increase or reduce the speed of pulse wave sensations. Use this button to adjust the speed to the right amount that you desire. On turning it on, the speed of vibrations starts on a high just as with other sex toys. You may not prefer this but there is no need to worry because you can turn down the speed.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is amazingly light which makes using it easy and delightful. It is also easy to hold due to its design with the head further away from your clitoris. The incredible shape and design come in handy as it also suits nipple play.

Imagine having some fun in the bath. Wouldn’t you like that? Well, that is what the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration gives you as it is waterproof. The great advantage of using the toy in water is the seal that it creates over your clitoris for greater efficiency in giving you the pleasure you desire. This is the principle behind water-based lubes that may also be used to achieve the same effect. This little unique product comes with a lot of surprises for sure.


The product is a fabulous clitoral stimulator offering the satisfying pleasure of vibratory power coupled with pulse wave sensation and stimulation. The effects of this combo are beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. The vibration and pulse wave can be independently controlled and combined to create different sexual sensations. The dual controls offer different sexual adventures for you to explore.

This sex toy is also really comfortable and easy to use. The ergonomic shape make it easy to hold and control. The head nestles very well on the clitoris to give you a nice time. The design is clever and thoughtful as it will also allow you to clean the toy without struggling. The nozzle can be dried using a tip. Since the product is waterproof, one does not need to worry about it coming in contact with the water. This also makes it ideal for use during bath time after which you can immediately clean it.

It is unbelievably quiet when one is using the pulse wave stimulation or the vibratory stimulation. It is a little bit noisier when the pulse wave and vibrator are used together but not noisy enough to worry you. It maintains the required silence in all and does get the job done satisfactorily.

A little setback

This Satisfyer product, like all others, may be challenging to position in the right place. The ideal position is critical for the pulse wave stimulation to work efficiently. The head may be firm to some while the silicone coating on the nozzle is very smooth. The trick to deal with this is by just gently holding it in position and it will work just fine as it is very powerful.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a unique product that provides pleasurable stimulation. It is worth your while!

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