A Whole New World Of Pleasure Opened Up To Me Today!

I Sound So Vanilla And Boring!

I am so grateful to be given a Romant Kawayi 2 to review this week. I have to be completely honest and upfront, out of all the sex toys in store, this vibrator was the last one I would have gone for. I never really understood the appeal in vibrators that aren’t dildo or bullet shaped (I sound so vanilla and boring!). The quirky shape of this vibrator led me to believe that it would be annoying and awkward to use. I am so glad I got to try it for myself as a whole new world of pleasure has opened up for me!!! It now sits proudly at the top of my favourite sex toys, in fact I actually have it in my makeup bag in my handbag right now…you know, just in case an opportunity arises to use it as I go about my day!!!

“Romant is a relatively new addition to the sex toy industry. Based in Asia this is a company that produces quality and affordable vibrators and intimate products. Encompassing a range of rechargeable and battery operated intimate products they have created unique designs that facilitate your pleasure using the best and most innovative technologies available.”

This brand has only recently entered the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres & the Adultsmart Online store and let me just say it’s a very welcome addition!! There are so many of the Romant toys that I want to get my hands on and with a really affordable price tag, I think I’ll be able to.

The Kawayi 2 is made from medical grade, silky soft silicone, available in vibrant pink or purple. It’s 100% waterproof which means it’s easy to clean and makes for a perfect bath or shower massager. This toy is rechargeable, with the magnet base sitting easily in a USB charging dock. It is a super light toy and very easy to handle. The toy features a pretty purple light that turns on when in use. Perfect just in case you drop it in the dark, you will be sure to have a quick recovery come back!!

The most impressive feature of the Kawayi 2 is the quality of vibrations. They are deep, rumbly and oh so enjoyable. I am extremely sensitive to shallow, ticklish vibrations and find the vibrations of cheaper toys irritating. The vibes of the Kawayi 2 were extremely pleasurable and not buzzy or numbing. A major positive!! This toy is so quiet at only 46 decibels. I googled exactly what this meant for users of this toy and I found out that the quietest dishwasher is 46 decibels. A pointless fact just to keep you entertained…you’re welcome!!

Romant Kawayi 2 Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 2

Find The Best Position For Your Body

As mentioned previously, the shape of the Kawayi 2 is unique and quirky. It is 12cm in length, featuring a rounded ball base that is ergonomically designed and very easy to handle. From the base, a smaller round part leads on to a curved, thin tip, measuring approximately 3cm. When turned on, this tip vibrates back and forth-similar to some of the rabbit toys on the market. On the curved underside is a raised textured bump intended for extra stimulation.

The tip of the Kawayi 2 is incredible for direct clitoral stimulation. The rounded top and tip is intended for G-Spot stimulation. Now it could have been the fact that I used it in the bath therefore there was a lack of lubrication but I found this part difficult to use on my G-Spot. It was however really amazing to use with the bulbous base on my clitoris and the tip facing down towards my vagina. It’s the kind of toy with so many possibilities, I would suggest trying out all different ways to find the best position for your body.

The Kawayi 2 is also an amazing anal stimulator toy. Placing the tip on your butt or slightly in with the curved tip facing up provides really pleasurable stimulation. The base is wide enough for it to be safely used for this purpose.

The other vibrators in the Kawayi Range are definitely worth a mention here, with shapes and features to suit everyone!

  • Kawayi 1- A massager with a textured rounded tip, perfect for clitoral stimulation
  • Kawayi 3- A rabbit style vibrator, the “ears” perfect for direct clit stimulation
  • Kawayi 4- A multi-purpose massager with a long tip, perfect for G-Spot clitoral or anal stimulation.

All Romant Kawayi Vibrators include a 90 day replacement warranty. The packaging of these toys is very simple and plain. Don’t even consider using it for storage unless you were extremely insistent on saving the cardboard! The Kawayi 2 is an incredible vibrator that I really cannot fault and is really affordable to purchase from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and on Adultsmart. I recommend it to anyone looking to steer away from the traditional dildo or bullet vibrators to add a fun and unique vibrator to their collection.

About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave



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