BS Atelier are the Epitome Of Hipster!

BS Atelier are the most visually pleasing adult toys

It was a covert operation the first time I found BS Atelier, I was at another adult store picking up a copy of a book I wanted to be signed at Vaginafest. The store I was in was a grunge palace it was dark and legit I wanted to get the fuck out of there they had crappy down-lights and something magnificent caught my eye in all of its cow print glory it was the BS Atelier Gspot in Vacca. I knew I had to have this sex toy it was amazing!

BS Atelier is the epitome of hipster. They hand pour every product in their Madrid workshop with love and care so each product is unique to their owners. BS is one of the most visually pleasing adult toys I’ve seen. They basically invented aesthetic. Buying a BS Atelier can be like a choose your own adventure story there’s so many patterns and colour combos to choose from but for those that are impatient just pick one up from us at Oh Zone!

The silicone used for these toys is in a league of its own! It can only be described as bouncy with a slight chance of extreme squishh! The downside to this type of silicone it picks up EVERYTHING! I had to wash it like 40 times it was an absolute nightmare especially because I didn’t realise the lint was coming off my jumper. It’s easy to clean BS you can simply rinse it with a mild soap, boil it or toss it in the dishwasher. The extreme fluff magnet that it is means it needs special care when in storage the packaging it comes in is perfect for this task! I already store the majority of my collection in variously shaped snaplock bags – easy for transportation, hygienic purposes, inexpensive and provides adequate protection from the horrors that lurk in the bottom of my bag. I didn’t really think twice about the effects of BS Atelier already sending their products in these sealed, reusable snap bags.  The people at BS striven to find something that did little ecological damage, presented great in retail, kept products safe during transport and of course reusable. I really respect the steps they took to make an environmentally-conscience choice on the packaging. Akimbo thumbs up.

The G-spot shape comes in 3 sizes small medium and large and their specifications are as follows:

Small: 14cm (total length), 13cm (insertable length), 3cm (average diameter

Medium: 16.5cm (total length), 15cm (insertable length), cm (average diameter), 9cm (girth of the tip), 15cm (girth of the shaft)

Large: 18.5cm (total length), 17cm (insertable length), 4cm (average diameter), 10cm (girth of the tip), 15.5cm (girth of the shaft)

In my current collection of g-spotting toys, I have the Lelo Ella made from a very very firm silicone, the Hell’s Couture Chrome Crescent a steel product, Laid D.2 stone and finally the silicone Ophoria Beyond 3 (since discontinued in 2012, I found it in Penrith’s Oh Zone discount pool). These toys are all very firm silicone with little flex or rigid natural materials and larger prominent heads so when I was asked to review the BS Atelier GSpot I can say I was concerned I wouldn’t get much gratification or worse I’d be bored.


BS Atelier GSpot Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: BS Atelier GSpot


A Really Good Tool For G-Spot Stimulation!

Initially, I thought that BS’s silicone blend was far too soft for me to apply enough pressure for my appreciation but it actually made for a nice alternative to my above rigid collection. Being soft enough to curl around into a donut I figured it would be difficult to handle and thrust with but it maintained its shape during use but did become difficult when I tried to apply pressure to my G-spot. Previously when I’ve used the Lelo Ella or Beyond 3 they get stuck on the exit or take a bit more finesse to maneuver the pronounced heads especially, the snubbed tipped Lelo Ella. When noticing that Gspot had a similar tip I was concerned I would experience that dreaded stuck feeling again but the extreme softness and flexibility of the silicone BS uses teamed up with the subtle incline it actually became a really good tool for gentler G-Spot stimulation. Where it did give me a sensation of fullness and softer stimulation on my G-spot and occasionally my A-spot. I personally haven’t been able to hit the top note and squirt with this product (yet, squirt or die trying).  Apart from beyond 3, I would say that the GSpot definitely has a larger diameter width 4cm in fact, than the majority of my other toys I usually go for the pronounced head, skinny neck and body. BS is a toy I want to force into my comfort zone.

The Gspot stands at 18.5cm tall with a 17cm insertable length with a 4cm diameter at the widest part of its tapered body. I found that I struggled to fit the Gspot further than halfway any further and I felt that stabbing pain of bumping my cervix or (thanks to my Mirena I know it all too well). I can however certainly recommend the large GSpot for A-Spot stimulation for most ladies. I googled the average lengths and diameters of women’s vaginal canals, I was curious why the whole 16cm didn’t fit! Not that I’m insecure but I’ve always felt mine was shorter. I was curious, I had a brief look into what sizes vaginas should be. A 1995 study titled vaginal anatomy and sexual function by Dr Anne Weber suggests vaginal canal varies between 6.5 – 12.5 centimetres and the average for most women is 9.6 centimetres (here’s the Womens Health Website I found the info on! the only thing I was insecure about has been put to bed thanks to this!). Where it wasn’t the targeted G-spot stimulation I am used to I liked BS’s GSpot it was a different style I hadn’t experienced. When I team it up with an external massager (sometimes Lelo Lily and sometimes zumio) a decent blended orgasm can be achieved.

BS’s GSpot is the perfect companion for first-time users whether it be solo, paired or pegging due to its soft silicone and smooth textureless surface. The GSpot features a widened base so it can easily be used in a harness for pegging and the ability to move up in size makes it great for pegging newcomers!  Flared base also give the GSpot the ability to explore the back door with comfort, easily and safely! The length and curve make this a great option for those who may be looking for some gentle P-spot stimulation. The flexibility of the silicone, subtle curvature and rounded head may be able to satisfy women who find their pubic bone makes it difficult for them to thrust with other more protruding dildos.

I recommend BS Atelier as a dildo and if you don’t like it you’ve got a really good looking dildo you can wow your friends with when they are over orrrrr you can keep it on display like I do on my nana’s antique buffet.

Click this link to have a look at the BS Atelier sex toy range.

About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres







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