Be Gay With Respectful Compassion

As a human being, each one of us demands respect because it is in our human nature to feel respected and dignified. This is not dependent of the background where we came from or from the race we come from. Each person is unique and we must all understand this. However, there are many cases where that respect is not given, as we all know, and the world can be very unfair to some people.

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For example if you are born gay and you are happily married or in a mutual relationship with your faithful partner who kisses the ground that you walk on and you wear a piece of gay jewelry to express that love, some close minded people will think that you have committed the worst sin. Homosexuality unfortunately, causes some people to lose the respect that others have been showing to them before. This loss of respect can really hurt emotionally and psychologically especially if it comes from their own family members. These family members sometimes feel embarrassed to have a family member who is gay. Therefore if you are a gay man or a gay woman, the big question is, how can you be gay with respectful compassion?

Well, it does hurt emotionally and psychologically and we do understand that it is not anyone’s fault, but the first step to being a respected gay would be to respect others. As we are all well aware, respect cannot be earned when one does not respect the others. This can be seen from the famous saying of treat others the way you would want to be treated. Then, the second step that can be followed in order for a gay person to become a respected gay is to be careful and aware of his actions, so that his actions will not be seen as something that other people will have the chance to belittle or criticize and make you embarrassed because of your sexual orientation. For example if you are a lesbian, you could join charity organizations and support homeless children or provide counseling services to HIV positive people.

Carrying out a great purposeful activity for the community can make people trust you as well as know you better and understand you as a human person. On the other hand, if you have a job getting a big promotion, this will also make people respect you. It is unfair, that you have to stretch yourselves further and try more just to be a respected person in the eyes of close minded people but unfortunately in this stereotyped society we live in, you have to try more. We all hope that this perception will change soon and gay people will have equal chances that straight people have.

Here are some tips be be respectful to other people and hopefully make other people’s days a little bit better:

  • Once a week, consistently give someone you know or an acquaintance a true compliment. Make a week by week organizer that will help you track your conduct. Every day you should compose who you gave the compliment to and portray their response so that you will remember how positively it effected your day.
  • Make a rundown of things individuals do who are conscious of their respectful actions. Here are a couple: hold the entryway open for somebody who needs assistance, listen without intruding, don’t argue, cry, or backtalk.
  • Whenever wronged, abused, or generally furious somehow handle the debate with artfulness. This implies drawing closer the individual so as to safeguard their nobility. The most ideal approach to handle it is by means of a quiet and private discussion, instead of an open shouting match.
  • Another approach to show that you esteem somebody, is by regarding their time just as it is important. Nothing says this superior to being prompt. On the off chance that you have an issue with being constantly late, perused my post Always Late? How about we settle it.

Being a respectful gay person can take personal mindfulness and acknowledgment. You will have to frequently remind yourself every day to try and be a more respectful person. Recognise what is essential to you as a person and what you can do, to be a better person. It is likewise about monitoring your needs, understanding your ‘primary concern’ on specific things and settling on more positive decisions that will be good for you but also be good for other people. To be truly mindful you will have to review who you are personally you may need to take a shot at how you view and feel about yourself. Advising or conversing with somebody you trust can help with this.

The following stride is regarding others. This doesn’t mean you need to respect or like everyone, it’s more about treating others with thoughtfulness and reasonableness. They may not generally respond and treat you with the same admiration, nonetheless, you are driving the way to be a more thoughtful individual. At the end of the day, being gay is also about being confident and proud of who you are and acknowledge that being gay does not give other people the right to judge and disrespect you.

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