Fifty Shades Of Pleasure With Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls, ben wah balls, burmese balls, venus balls, geisha balls, kegel balls…. Oh my! 30mm of hollow medical grade surgical steel shaped into a sphere ball and mirror polished.  Inside that sphere is a smaller weighted sphere rocking back and forth with each and every movement. Double chains hanging at a length of 9cm from the base of the sphere with two 10mm balls attached at the end of each chain. Is this what you’re thinking of when you’re thinking of pleasure with Ben Wa Balls?

pleasure with ben wa balls
Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa, ben wah… any which way you pronounce these or call these the many different names they answer to, what these are, are small balls that can range in size from marble sized to two or more inches in diameter.

Often made of steel these little gems can also be made from glass and different silicone coatings.

Pleasure with Ben Wa Balls

But aside from toning your vagina, do these little dynamites send you into waves of pleasure from each and every movement?

After the release of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series many women have wondered what these little balls of delight feel like.  Many women are often discouraged or disappointed with the outcome.  This is typically because their expectations don’t match the outcome.

If you go into this expecting orgasmic results like you would with a vibrator – this is not going to happen.  You will be very disappointed very quickly.

Strengthening The Pelvic Floor Muscles With Ben Wa Balls

Results these balls give aren’t always apparent straight away

It’s about body knowledge and in another way it’s about having your own little secret. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises can have a weighty long-term impact on your sex life.

Many women benefit from having more control and deeper orgasms with regular and long term use, aside from the health benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor.

Many women do find using these little gems pleasurable and enjoyable

A bonus is the real benefit that comes from long-term use which won’t only be noticed by you but by your partner as well.

For those women who wear their ben wa balls during the day and then engage in sexual encounters later that day or evening have spoken of having more intense orgasms.

For many women this is due to the fact that they have a naughty little secret no one else knows about.  A fact that there is a constant reminder that pressure is being placed on their G-spot is arousing and the build-up can have a climaxing experience.

Other Benefits Of Ben Wa Balls

If you are looking for a sex toy that’s a little more “typical” these balls might not be your go to.  But there are vibrating options you can purchase.  These might be more suited for your particular needs and desires.

If you are looking for something with hidden class and elegance that is more of a tease and a subtle reminder that something is inside of you, these balls are the way to go!

pleasure with ben wa balls
Image: Surgical stainless steel

Stainless Steel Ben Wa Balls

Whether it’s the way they look, feel or make you feel these little gems hit you on all levels. They are placed in the most sensitive part of your body, so clearly hygiene is a common concern no one wants embarrassing infections or reactions.

Antibacterial toy cleaner is all you need for cleaning, a few minutes soaking and a gentle scrub with a sponge or cloth. These toys are made of non-rusting metal.  So soaking will not cause any damage or harm to your product.  Because it is a non-porous material it will not retain, hold or store any bacteria.

I do highly advise keeping all toys in separate storage bags to make sure there is no contamination from other toys or substances.  And I always highly recommend cleaning before use as well.

pleasure with Ben Wa Balls
Why Use Steel Sex Toys

Lubricant and Steel Sex Toys

If you are naturally well lubricated or need a little help, it is always important to consider the use of lubricants, especially with surgical stainless steel sex toys.

Although they are sleek, glossy and slippery, lubricants are always incredibly helpful and will make using your steel toy a breeze. There is no lubricant that is recommended with steel toys, any lubricant in the range can be used.

Element of elegance and class associated with steel sex toys and these ben wa ball is no different. The look, the feel, and the thought of wearing this toy is for some enough to increase pleasure and arousal, it has a beautiful smoothness to its design along with a naughtier side with the chains.

Great for Temperature Play

You can use this ben wa ball in other ways such as temperature play and massage. Running the smooth ball over the body is ideal for foreplay and exciting sexual arousal. When it comes to many toys imagination is vital, and imagination is the only hurdle we face stopping us from pleasure.

Give it a go… what do you have to lose?

Pleasure with Ben Wa Balls
Fifty Shades Lube

A Grey Silky Caress From Fifty Shades!

I have always wanted something to spice things up in the bedroom a little better and that is exactly what I got after trying Silky Caress Lubricant from Fifty Shades of Grey.

This is the ultimate bedroom companion that got my marriage back into a good place.

My wife was tired of how our sex life was going.

Lets face it, it was getting boring and mundane.  But ever since I went online and searched for something that would excite things up a little.   We were both getting rusty in that love making department so I thought lets oil it up.  So I got the Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress Lubricant and I have never looked back.

It is an incredible product that has improved our sessions in many ways and has reignited that spark of desire that we have been wanting for quite some time.  A fact that it actually lubricates and makes more sensitive our erotic parts as well as making sure that we maintain a steady fore play that will lead to really wild as well as intimate love making.

I love it more each day.

pleasure with ben wa balls
Shades of Grey Lube

My Wife is Ready to Play All the Time!!

She started to lose interest in me at the bedroom department but is now coming home from work ready to play.  Is even now waking me up just so that we can do it more.

Sometimes we even do things differently.  We take it to the shower and this is where it even gets hotter. This amazing solution will even withstand water.  So that we can never be hampered from having incredible sex anywhere, anytime that we feel like it.

Sometimes when we come from work and we are so tired, this is great for massaging and feels just like the name implies.

A Silky Caress

My wife loves this foreplay the best is why we have now gone places we have never thought of before.

When massaging it on her still beautiful body, it just makes everything even better.  Within no time all the stresses of the day disappear and we are on top of the world. This is amazing and will mean that our marriage survives any turbulent times thanks to this secret silky caress formula.

Not just amazing but  also totally safe for me as well as my partner.

pleasure of ben wa balls
Fifty Shades of Grey Book

We have now begun experimenting with sex toys

Fact you can also apply it on toys safely for that much needed extra slipperiness is what makes it perfect.  Because we get to have that feeling that we have always looked forward to and my wife actually enjoys it when she is wet.

She says it loosens her up when she is about to orgasm and allows her to have a more deep, smoother and sensual climax. It is also approved by the author of Fifty Shades of Grey which my wife has read a million times over.  This is one of the reasons when I got this lubricant, she was so ecstatic about it.  It is just incredible they endorsed it.

For goodness sake they would have so much money from the rights to the books and movie.  I am sure they would not want to damage their brand franchise by endorsing a dud.

It Works and is the Real Deal

What you see is what you get and that is exactly what I got and now my sex life is now at a place that I wanted it to be again.

We are like a couple of 20 year olds out on camp each night that cannot keep our hands away from each other that with my wife we give thanks to this amazing formula.  It is also really small and I can carry it in my pocket so that whenever we go away from home.  We can always take it with us which makes the whole amazing  experience even better.

pleasure with ben wa balls

Silky caress is Just Amazing

I like the author of Fifty Shades of Grey endorse it and the fact that my wife also gets to enjoy it just as much as I do I find pretty cool.  We get to apply it and have all the sensual fun in the world that we want.  This is what keeps a marriage going and in a better places as I am a man who never wants to cheat on my wife.

This secret formula Silky Caress creates that atmosphere for the most intimate fun in the bedroom or anywhere that we want to do it is why you should try it too.  It is amazing and we get to have the most intimate sex that we haven’t had in years.

I am just grateful to this lubricant and massage oil. It also comes at a very affordable price which is very small considering it has actually helped my marriage as well as my sex life.  This is the ultimate solution that I had been looking for just to make things hotter and it has done just that.

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