What Penis Plugs Feel Like

Until recently I had never heard about a penis plug. In fact, I kept on asking myself questions such as why, what and where. The thought of putting a piece of stainless surgical steel in my urethra was just something out of question. Ideally, any stuff is supposed to come out of my penis not to go inside. Apparently, after a few weeks of debate from within, I finally gave in. But what is a penis plug? And what does inserting a penis plug feels like?

A penis plug is a piece of stainless steel inserted into urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. I need to state that although some men have tried experimenting with some house objects they are quite unsafe. You may also find some websites selling plugs made of glass or beads, but there is too much danger in case they break. Always ensure that you only use plugs that are made of stainless steel. These are forms of sexual exploration for both men and women although women are slowly getting into the act, men are the largest group using them. In fact, women usually require smaller shorter plugs.

Penis plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Urethral sounds, which are slightly curved or straight pieces of steel, are largely used to unblock obstructions from the urethra or increase the size of the urethra. Apart from these, there are also prince’s wands which require piecing of the underside of the penis. This is inserted into the urethra then a threaded pin is put into piecing and connected to the wand. For elimination of fluids, a ball on the wand can be unscrewed. Penis plugs, on the other hand, do not need any piecing and has the largest variety of models. They are solid plugs that are just used for urethral play.

When I wanted to use a penis plug my first thought was that it is painful but this was not the case. The feeling is quite different for every man and is quite difficult to explain. What I felt with Penis Plug Insertion is  like having an orgasm from the inside. Although the top of the penis should easily accommodate a 10mm, as you go down things starts getting narrower. Remember, if it is bigger and you go pushing it down it might hurt since you might tear a bit of your skin. But overall, there is unlikely to be a major problem, just be careful and everything will just be fine.

IPlug Cock Plug BDStyle
Sex Toy: IPlug Cock Plug

Why you should try a penis plug

Although they may look scary, penis plugs are popular for sexual stimulation. Inserting a penis plug helps both couples to reach their highest level of sexual stimulation.

If you are a fan of pleasure chances are you will like penis plug a lot. I actually found it super sensitive, tantalizing the nerve endings on the inside of the shaft especially, those that sit in the sides of my penis. When I combined this with masturbation, it created a powerful orgasm that lasted a longer time than the one I created with my hands alone.

Penis Plugs  can be used during Couple play. Penis Plugs is not just ncessarily just you and your hand, but you can also include it if you are having a foreplay with your partner. As the penis plug touched the sensitive walls of my shaft and squeezed those sensitive nerve endings even the gentlest of touches could have me reaching the climax. It makes you harden up; these plugs are not only for orgasm, but they can also make you harden up within a short time. More so, after using it kept me harder for a longer time. Not only was as hard as rock but I also went longer since it restricted ejaculation

When using it for the first time always clean the plug and use good water based lubricant. After that, relax because if you tighten up you will never get inserted. Currently, many men are using them for sexual gratification and pleasure. Before using them, it is very important that you understand what they do and how they work. Penis plugs come in different sizes. It is good if you choose one that is right for you.

Before using it, check how well crafted the product is. To allow safe urethral plays these plugs have to be carefully designed. Penis plugs typically have pointed tips, curves or textures which are suited for the man’s anatomy to allow for a safe play. If it allows for a smooth painless insertion then they have been designed well. Ensure that the insertion end of the plug is smooth and safe for insertion. It should also be made in such a way that it allows a good fit to keep it in place. This is one of the reasons why a plug should be carefully designed.

To prevent it from going far, some plugs use a ball or a disk while others have special handles. Keeping the plug in place for a long time might prove to be a headache due to the urethral muscles trying to push it out, but with practice and careful insertion, you will definitely get it in. to get a good grip inside your urethra, it is important that you choose a plug with a narrow shoulder. You can also use various types of gland rings to keep it in shape. However, since these glands are complex they are not recommended for first-time users

To get the best experience with the plugs, you should ensure safety. Use clean sanitized toys and take your time. Do not forget to clean both your hands and toys before you try inserting a plug. You will also need a nice hygienic and sterile lubricant  like Superslyde or Surgilube as you begin the process of insertion. Besides, your penis should be soft and erect before you can slowly begin to insert the plug. During insertion, try to be as much relaxed as possible because if you try pushing it your urethral muscles will push the plug out or work against it

You should feel no pain while inserting a penis plug. The idea is to remember all the safety measures and if you do feel pain this is your body telling you to stop. Also, make sure that the plug you have chosen suits you.


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