Penis Jewelry – Improve Your Cock Image For The Modern Man

Penis Jewelry is a form of men’s body art, which will increase the beauty of your penis to no abound.

When you adorn this exceptional and distinct body jewelry, you will experience an increase in both your strength and confidence. The assortment of dimensions offered in penis plugs is what draws users in, as they can opt to use a single plug or switch it up for different events. The availability of diverse sizes and shapes has made it a trendy choice among the younger and non-traditional demographic.

Penis Jewelry

If you are just a beginner, then you should not use the heavy or extra long penis plug jewelry for your penis.  Choose a suitable width for beginners when selecting a tool for insertion and removal. A width of 4-6mm is recommended to avoid being too wide.

Start with a beginner’s tool to determine if it is suitable and then try different types, until you find one that suits you. For beginners, it is recommended to use a regular-sized one with a curved end for ease of insertion and removal. Trying a plug for the first time can be a new and enjoyable experience, and it’s worth trying to see if you like it.

You may not know what you are missing until you try it.

Imagine the feeling of coming from the inside out when wearing a penis plug.

Penis Jewelry
Cock Ring Plug Jewelry


Penis plugs as well as penis sounds have really found an active niche market.  It seems that men who have tried one, come back and buy more.  Wearing a penis plug will certainly mystify and make you more intriguing to your lovers and partners.  Often they may be used during intercourse to increase sensation and enjoyment.

Penis plugs can be used by men that have pierced penises.  There are various body bracelet plugs for sale for the non pierced penis plug jewelry enthusiasts. They have remarkable design, style and look.

Hygiene Is Essential For Safety

Glans rings can also be used in conjunction with  wearing a penis plug and they will definitely help improve your sexual prowess.  As with anything inserted into the body it is essential that hygiene and care are used.  There are many safety tips that must be followed to ensure fun and healthy use.

Jewelry for the penis, even not for the piercing type are known to enhance pleasure and the look of the penis.  Penis piercing is very popular and has been used for many centuries.  For those that are not just interested in the look and want to go deeper within the urethra there are penis sounds as well.

Urethral play and urethral systems are famous for enhancing and improving sex in a man or woman. If used correctly urethral sounds will give you pleasure.   If you never tried a penis plug then buy a penis plug today. Not only will you find itdifferent, but your lover will too.

What Is A Slender Penis Plug?

Slender Penis Plug is one of the popular men’s penis jewelry among the fetish community.  Many of them use it as the part of their body jewelry, or penis art. A Slender Pipe Penis Plug is ideal for new users as it offers a an excellent size which makes it user friendly, more so than any other penis plug .

It  is generally the right beginners size being only one by four inches inside and the largest size up to 2 to 1/4″ long excluding the actual excellent glans ring. This penis plug part has 1 to 7/8″  insert-able length and possesses a five to sixteen inch ball around the end.  It has a glans ring linked to allow for simple as well as easy wearing whilst going out.

The penis plug naturally crafted from 316LVM Surgery Steel and is cum thru or hollow.  Ensure that everything will flow through, whether it be cum or urine.  This will ensure there are no serious or harmful problems.

Why not try using a Prince Albert piercing, or not.  It makes the penis look like it is pierced without the actual piercing. There are so many fascinating penis plugs out there. This cock jewelry is famous for remarkable design, as well as excellent style.

The Popularity of Penis Plugs

Penis jewelry is very popular.  Even non piercing types continue to give pleasure with other urethral toys and penis sounds. Penis Jewelry has become the ‘it’ for men’s sex toys and urethral medical play. Insert the penis plug into the eye of the penis, also referred to as a urethra and insert slowly up the urethral canal.

Manipulate it in and out slowly whilst relaxing and you will experience an orgasm inside out These plugs can be made with steel, plastic or silicone.

Penis plugs can be also be solid or soft. It depends on the type of the penis plug and which form you will feel most comfortable with. Most users prefer a cum thru plug, which is a plug with a hole! The kinds with thru-holes let you ejaculate or urinate via them. These can be worn for a long time.

Penis Plugs And Electro Sex

If you love electric sex, which is one of the greatest form of sex you can have – there are plugs designed for this too.. The most important thing is to be certain the one you are going to be buying, is manufactured out of quality resources.

Penis jewelry is becoming very popular.  The penis is the most valued part of the man’s body.  Many smart as well a handsome men and their lovers want to give his penis a stylish look making it different from the others.

Cock jewelry also will help you to improve your confidence whilst having sex. You will feel the difference when you first start to use it. You will get awesome feelings.

Be smart, and buy a penis plug today to feel the real energy and difference. If you are a girl, why not buy a penis plug to give your boyfriend, lover or husband for an excellent surprise gift!

Why Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs?

Long gone are the days when the use of penis plugs were something to be hidden or ashamed about. With our progressive society both online and in real life there is so much information out there.  Things that were once considered taboo or at the very least risqué are now commonly accepted.

Societies attitude has almost become as long as not one gets hurt and it is not a crime then it is acceptable.  There is nothing that beats a good pleasurable sexual experience.   Previous boundaries of how or where you could get those pleasures have been taken down. Arousal often leads to a climax of sexual activity.

Penis Plugs

Ever since I started using Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs, I have been able to explore new heights of sexual sensations and fulfillment. Skeptical at first because I had used many types of sex toys before that had disappointed me. Once I got into urethral play all those things changed.

I had found a sexual activity that brought me to ultimate relief, whether being used by myself or with my wife.

Hells Couture is the leading brand of Surgical Steel Sex Toys and BDSM products.  The company has nothing but the highest regards to product quality and materials used.   I can safely purchase their products knowing that they have gone through a thorough Quality Control process.

Hell’s Couture Products Go Through a Quality Check

Their wide selection of penis plugs is astounding.   I have yet to find a supplier with as much choice that has ensured that I got exactly what what was ordered each and every time. Unlike many low quality cock plugs out there that are made using third grade materials.

Hell’s Couture Plugs are made out of certified surgical steel material. This means that it will not react harmfully to your body.  Let’s face it is something you are going to put into one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Regardless of your kind of fetish fantasy, if you are into surgical steel sex toys Hell’s Couture products are the ones to own.  You know my fetish is urethral play unlike ordinary cock toys.  Penis plugs gives me intense sensations as the nerve endings in the urethra are extremely sensitive.

The plugs also give the holder an undefined feeling of control of how much, or how little, to push the urethra.  To me that is very exciting. Penis plugs from Hells Couture finishes are incredibly smooth and instantly heighten my pleasure.  I love trying different plugs, on some occasions pushing how far I am going to dilate my urethra giving me a totally full feeling.

Inserting Penis Plugs.  What Does It Feel Like?

Inserting and removing the penis plug slowly in and out of my urethra will bring me to orgasm.  Then I choose whether to leave the plug in which.  This will cause a backlog of semen when I am coming, as it stops me spurting around the plug.  This sensation is often described as

‘cuming inside out’

and is a unique experience.  Only those that have used plugs will ever feel.  Other times I bring myself to climax, remove the plug at the moment of orgasm.  This has the effect of increasing the volume and waves of cum.

When I am lucky enough that my wife plays as well, I will have sex with her with the plug inserted in my penis.  When I do this I choose to use a cum through plug, with a very secure glans ring.

I tend to last longer when having sex and when I do finally orgasm my cum shoots through that tiny hole in the plug.  It  does not dilate, so even after having completed orgasming, my semen still escapes through the tip of the plug.

Both my wife and I find this extremely horny to watch. If you have never used penis plugs before I suggest that you visit to read all the tips on safe penis plug use.  I highly recommend this site and have learnt so much more about penis plugs and how to use them from this free resource site.

Using Penis Plugs
Sex Toy: Prince Albert Penis Plug With Ball


Penis Plugs Enhance Sexual Enjoyment

Granted, there are many penis plugs that give us many sexual experience options. However, Hell’s Couture Plugs stands out. They have unique designs that makes it suitable for people with many different penis sizes and shapes to choose the right plug for them.

There are different urethral designs, giving everyone something to choose from from their literally hundreds of different choices. I specifically found the plugs charming because they are sturdy, sterile but equally make for a perfect fit.

The plugs also stay in place no matter how much I move when I use a glans ring. Of course, plugs with stoppers gives a great feeling of control and enjoyment. The Hell’s Couture Penis Plug with stopper is also safer as it ensures that the plugs do not go deeper than intended. Honestly, this penis plug has been perfectly designed for my body type – however you may not need or want a stopper.

How To Choose The Correct Penis Plug Design?

Even though there are many designs out there, it is important to go with a penis plug that will meet all your needs and wants; just like this one can for me.  Hell’s Couture Penis Plug allows progression. When I was a beginner, the smaller diameter plugs served me well. Overtime, I progressed into the large couture plugs.

Initially, they allow for slow use and as long as you do not tense up effortlessly slide into the urethra. Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs gives an easy and unique experience when it comes to sexual stimulation. They are also easy to clean and sanitize and even easier to use.  Personally after use I pop them into the dishwasher.

I found the plugs to be perfect for use with my wife as they make sliding them in and out a fun experience.  I relinquish control to her loving and caring hands. It is always better to instruct your partner on how you want the plug to be positioned.  Be absolutely comfortable and have total trust in that person.

The Hell’s Couture Penis Plug inserts naturally and my muscles rarely fight it. A lubricant also makes the insertion process easier. Even though the penis plug perfectly suits me, because I am sexually adventurous, anyone who is shy can also try it.

Lets you explore and tap into that unknown sexual side and push the boundaries of both your sexual and emotional life.  Hell’s Couture is by far the highest quality with the best range.

Hell’s Couture is known for the best S&M and surgical steel sex toys.

Just like I did before; you may think that using penis plugs is unorthodox, or not the norm but in reality. iThe best way to understand yourself sexually and you will not believe the amount of men that have tried them. Don’t be alarmed when using Hell’s couture plugs.  Each user experience may differ from person to person.  The one thing everyone experiences with this plug is utmost pleasure and sensations.

For me, it leaves nothing to be desired and is my ultimate sexual choice.


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