10 Penis Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of questions about how a man’s penis operates that we often find ourselves thinking but struggle to find the answer to. Have you ever wanted to know why men experience erections in their sleep or why testicles shrink when it’s cold? This article answers those hard to ask questions here are 10 Penis Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind.

Is the penis a bone, a muscle or an organ? The penis is an organ which is made up of muscle tissue. Like any other muscle, the penis can be exercised to maintain strength and elasticity.

What is the average penis size? The National Health Service claimed that the average erect penis size is 14cm to 16cm which is 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches. The average erect penis girth is 12cm to 13cm which is 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches.

Are there different types of erections? There are two different types of erections including psychogenic and reflex.

  • Psychogenic: Psychogenic erections occur when a man think of thoughts or images which are sexually arousing. The nerves within his body reacts which tells his body to form an erection.
  • Reflex: Reflex erections can happen without any types of arousing thoughts or images. It can be triggered by a full bladder which stimulates nerves within the spinal cord. It is often thought that erections from having a full bladder is your body’s natural process to prevent urinating where you are sleeping.

What are the different penis types? There are five common different penis types that range in functionality and shape.

  • Circumcised Penises: Circumcised Penises are penises that have the foreskin removed. It is one of the most common types of penises worldwide.
  • Uncircumcised Penises: Uncircumcised Penises are penises that have the foreskin intact. People who have uncircumcised penises need to spend some extra time cleaning due to the extra skin.
  • Growers: A grower is when a man’s penis becomes much bigger during erection compared to when he is flaccid. An international Men’s Health survey found that 79 percent of men have growers.
  • Showers: A shower is when a man’s penis remains a similar size to when he is flaccid to erect. An international Men’s Health survey found that 21 percent of men have showers.
  • Curved Penises: Curved Penises often bend gently in one direction normally to the left or the right. The curve of the penis is made obvious when he is erect.


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Why do men get erections in the morning? When men are awake they release a hormone named noradrenaline into their body which prevents erections.  Noradrenaline is released less when you are in REM sleep, so you are more likely to have erections when you are asleep and in the morning when you wake up.

How does alcohol impact men during sex? It is the common assumption that alcohol provides people with Dutch courage and bravery which is often the case in social interactions. Alcohol is a depressant and has some negative side effects for men that can include lower levels of arousal. It can make erections and orgasms more difficult to achieve, sometimes giving people temporary erectile dysfunction. The McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois say that it is most common in men who have a blood alcohol concentration above .08.

Is blue balls a real thing? Blue balls is also known as prostatic congestion, it often happens after a man has been in a state of arousal for a long period of time without the relief of ejaculation. It can cause pain within and around the testicles due to uneven blood flow which can trap blood in the genitals. His penis and testicles may appear to be enlarged during his experience with Blue Balls. Not everyone man experiences blue balls and some people consider blue balls a myth. To help with blue balls it is recommended that men regularly masturbate, eat healthy and go on walks. Ejaculation can almost immediately get rid of blue balls.

How do condoms impact sex? Condoms provide a thin layer of latex to cover an erect penis that is used prevent the transmission of sexual infections and pregnancy. Although the layer of latex is thin, condoms take away from some of the pleasurable sensations of sexual penetration. This means men may enjoy larger amounts of foreplay to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

What happens to a man after he ejaculates? After a man has orgasmed a mixture of chemicals are released into their body including oxytocin, vasopressin and prolactin. Lower levels of prolactin dictate that the man is able to recover quicker. Higher levels of prolactin mean they will have to go through a recovery time before they are able to ejaculate again which will make them feel sleepy. Oxytocin and vasopressin are another two chemicals that make people sleepy. Oxytocin can also provide people with lower levels of stress which aids in deep relaxation.

Why does a man’s penis and testicles shrink when it’s cold? The human body is made to reserve heart and energy supplies. If a man is cold, the penis and testicles will raise themselves closer to the body in an effort to remain warm. Your body also directs more blood flow from external body parts like the fingers and toes to help with regular function of your organs. When the weather becomes warmer, a man’s body will readjust back to normal size due to increased blood flow.



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