Find Out Your Penis Type!

There are several reasons affecting the joyful moments gained from sex such as the level of arousal, the chemical attraction between people engaged in sexual activity, position during intercourse, tightness of vagina/anus, penis size, penis shape and so on. There is no doubt that all of us want to maximise the sexual satisfaction, so we are looking for ways to improve the gratification. To achieve this, putting all other variables aside, we should have a closer look at the various shapes of penises, firstly, then I may give you a few tips on how to attain maximum joy with different penises.

First and foremost, penises can be classified basically as circumcised and uncircumcised. It is known that the uncircumcised men have more sensations than the circumcised ones do during sexual activity as they have foreskin to stimulate their frenulum. However, cleaning process can be a burden on them because bacteria can be easily trapped in foreskin and it may need special attention; not a big deal though. You are also free to give some additional examples of penis types like veiny, black, fat, petite; but I don’t want this kind of classification to be our approach in this article tough. On the other hand, there are two main groups of penis which are grow-ers and show-ers. Simply, show-ers have nearly the same penis size both in flaccid and erected state whilst the grow-ers are smallish in flaccid state but they exhibit what they have in the package when erected. Having had a general look at penises, we can move onto the types that I compiled for you.
Types of Different Penises
Graph: Penis Types
  1. Pencil (Straight, Rocket): This kind of penis has thin shaft with narrower head which is pretty uniform from the base to the tip. Whilst the shape is good for anal penetration due to its narrow tip helping with easy insertion, pushing the walls of both vagina and anus with a thicker penis would be more favourable for most recipients. Additionally, it is known that longer penises may hit the cervix and cause pain during intercourse, so the sex position must be chosen wisely. Doggy style is an option for this kind of penis and it enables him to stimulate her clitoris with his hands while having sex which is a must-have for most women. Well, the most suitable position for this type of penis seems like the receiver lies down on their back and he penetrates while he is on his knees so that the receiver can put their feet on his chest and in that way, not only does the receiver control the depth of penetration but also tightens their vagina/anus.
  2. Banana (Curved): This type of penis can be curved either downward or upward with 10 degree angle at most. Whilst the glans and the base have the same diameter, the shaft is thicker in the middle which applies extra pressure during penetration. If the curvature has more than 10 degree that can be a sign of a disease and it is better to seek medical attention before things get worse as sex can sometimes be painful for both parties. If it is curved downward, reverse cowgirl will be your favourite position to play; if it is upward, missionary position will help him hit G-Spot/P-spot easily and perfectly. Additionally, Pogo Stick where he stands with his partner’s legs around his waist and he embraces his partner’s ass then they bounce together in a harmony, is another option for upward ones to have added ejaculations. By the way, I should warn you that even if banana type of penis looks small at first glance due to its nature, you will understand when he penetrates you that the look can sometimes be deceptive.
  3. Mushroom (Big Glans): This penis type has uniform shaft with bigger glans. Whilst oral sex can be enjoyable with this kind of penis, it is hard to say the same thing for anal penetration so some precautions should be taken prior to the intercourse like extending foreplay or raise in the amount of lube used. And I also think that doggy style would be pretty helpful to have orgasms with mushroom penis.
  4. Carrot (Cone): This type of penis gradually thickens from the tip to the base with its smaller head. It is suitable for deep penetration, you don’t feel anything at first but it pushes the inner walls as it goes further in its way due to increasing girth to the base. Additionally, it doesn’t disturb cervix as the other types would do and it is favourable for anal play as well for the very same reasons.
To be honest, it is OK to prefer a special one over the others, I have my own personal favourite too among all these possibilities aforementioned. Nevertheless, we should know that every penis is unique and every single of them has absolutely something to offer to anybody as long as we know how to use it.

About the Author: Goki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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