Best Marijuana by Microsoft Executive

Hemp Park

Pot is the slang term for bits of the Cannabis plant. It is one of the most established psychoactive substances utilized by man. Pot, likewise called pot, weed, ganja, mary jane, and a large group of different epithets, is produced using the Cannabis plant, which has three species: Cannabis sativa; Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. The blooming plant, which can develop to 16 feet (5 meters) high, likely starts in the Central Asian steppe, close to the Altai or Tian Shian Mountains, and was initially developed in China and India, as indicated by “Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Potential,” (Routledge, 2002).


Hemp Weed

The leaves, stems, blossom buds and concentrates from the maryjane plant can be vaporized, eaten, blended in a tea or put into a tincture. There are several mixes in maryjane, however researchers trust the one in charge of the medications’ psychoactive impacts is tetrahydrocannbinol, or THC. THC ties to cannabinoid receptors all through the body, and maryjane’s “high” originates from THC’s authoritative to mind locales in charge of delight, time observation and agony, as indicated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This authoritative thus triggers a compound course that inevitably empowers the creation of dopamine, a mind concoction frequently called the “vibe great substance,” which is a piece of the body’s prize framework,” said Mitch Earleywine, a brain science teacher at the University at Albany in New York, who studies pot’s wellbeing impacts.

“Subjective impacts truly differ,” Earleywine said. “People who like it stress the rapture and the unwinding, and afterward relying upon the strain, it’s somewhat empowering, or gently calming.” Restorative weed advocates tout the medications’ capacity to relieve sickness and expansion voracity, calm agony, alleviate uneasiness and even decrease epileptic seizures. In any case, since exploration on the medication is so firmly limited, few studies have tried these restorative cases.

Hemp hasn’t generally been on the wrong side of the powers. The Puritans conveyed hemp with them to New England in 1645 and Europeans were developing it much prior in Chile. George Washington planted hemp as one of a few yields at his Mount Vernon bequest. Be that as it may, hemp’s fame melted away in America as different plants utilized for materials, for example, cotton and jute turned out to be all the more broadly accessible. The U.S. Naval force quickly battled for more hemp cultivating amid World War II to supply ropes for boats. Be that as it may, the central government proceeded with confinements on hemp after the war.

Fleeting utilization of the medication debilitates deduction and coordination, and in long haul contemplates, high schoolers who smoke weed have lower IQs later on, and also auxiliary contrasts in their brains, however researchers face off regarding whether this is an impact of the medication or an aftereffect of continual pot smokers searching out less mentally invigorating interests. Pot use has been connected to emotional instabilities, for example, schizophrenia, as per NIDA. Pot smokers are likewise likelier to experience the ill effects of bronchitis, as per a 2014 New England Journal of Medicine audit of cannabis’ wellbeing impacts.

Former Microsoft executive manager James Shivelly has gone from IT guru to marijuana entrepreneur. From the payroll of the respected corporate giant Microsoft to wanting to produce the best weed on the planet Mr Shivelly says his new legal high business in Washington is a no brainer.

His legal pot will be a premium blend that the former executive is quoted as saying is similar to ‘fine cognac, fine brandy or a fine cigar’ and ‘something to be savoured by responsible adults’. There is not denying James pedigree as it is claimed his great grandfather was the largest marijanna product in the 19th century. Shivelly says of his grandfather, ‘He was supplying hemp rope made from the marijuana tree to the Spanish armada during the Spanish-American War’.

Recently the state of Washington in a bid to decrease the criminal element in the drug trade and also monitor and control the safety and availability to users legislated that from December 6 of this year it will be legal for USA citizens to possess, produce, distribute and sell marijuana. On a financial level the Washington Government says it can potentially bring billions into the state coffers through legalizing the drugs through taxes, decreases in spending on law enforcement and ensuring safety to users.

This is an approach that Australia should look at rather than spending many millions of tax-payers dollars fighting a battle that cannot be won. The approach of regulate instead of legislate is a win-win situation for government and public and is something that should seriously be looked at and implemented.

Introducing Sex Toys to Relationships

Woman on Bed with Gift Photo

The web is flooded with adult literature and most of this information revolves around the use of adult toys. Sex toys have become very popular among the people of Australia along with the rest of the world. Nowadays, people whether they are men or women, single or married believe that there is more than just the conventional ways of sexual activities. They want new & innovative things for their sexual experiences to make them more exciting and pleasurable forever. For this, couples sex toys are the ultimate option for them in which involvements of their intimate partners need not to be essential but is preferred. They can enjoy these sex toys by themselves and get their lovers to join in after or their lovers can use these sex toys on them allowing for an intimate and fun time. There are various adult stores and online retailers in Australia, which are dealing with these toys by considering peoples’ sexual needs and requirements. Most of these stores provide affordable deals for the customers as per their desires and whether buying online the customer can rest assured that the purchase will be kept confidential and expediently.

Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship:

The first step to introduce sex toys to your bedroom is therefore to understand the benefits to be derived from its use. Armed with this information, you should gradually introduce it in your bedroom through casual communication and teasing your partner. See how they respond to know your next course of action. Any healthy sex life makes room for trying out new things like sex positions, fetish, and bondage among others. This prepares the room for trying out more and better ways to realize the ultimate sexual satisfaction with time.

There are some partners that are persistent and will stick to their guns why they don’t think adult toys are a good idea. Well, grab the clue and claim you aren’t interested either, but only try it once to get the feeling. Most people gave kept off the use of toys because they feel embarrassed to move to a shop counter, point at a toy, pay and take it home. People are always looking and therefore, if you share the same worries, then you can always shop in the comfort and safety of your home. Some toys for proper vaginal and penis play are designed to conceal their real identity.

It is fun to use sex toys in your bedroom but only if your partner loves the feeling. If you enjoy the initial experience, you can gradually introduce something bolder based on your expectations. Once your partner is hooked, feel free to consult with them what you would like to go for next. Surf through the many collections on the web; consider the colors, designs, shipping, costs among other factors. Don’t be surprised if they offer to make the next purchase.

Couple Kissing Intimately

Benefits of Using Sex Toys:

Sex toys are used to enhance your sexual relationship and don’t replace your partner. There is a multitude of reasons why people use sex toys including:

  • Partner’s is overconfident: This problem is about next case scenario: your partner tries to pleasure you, but every time when you are intimate, he acts like he is Sex God whose every touch makes you moan and orgasm. However, moans and orgasms do not happen-he is not doing it right! Do not think right away that it is really bad luck to end up with great guy who sucks in bed. Sometimes they’re just used to doing something in a particular way which is just not your way. Which is totally okay! It’s just how you handle that situation without hurting his feelings and still getting what you want. It is probably that he started doing something in certain way from the beginning-and you didn’t object because you thought it was the right thing to do. So, naturally, he has the idea that he is doing everything as it should be done. How to overcome this problem? Heat things up with porn DVD and give your partner a private show with female vibrator. Show him how you do it to yourself, without much talk. He will surely try to replicate it. If he is verbal type who likes “dirty talk” tell him about what you are doing to yourself, and how that makes you feel. You could even tantalisingly tease him by giving him a phone call when they’re on their way home from work where they can’t really say much in return, but can certainly listen to you go for it!
  • You and your partner have different libidos: It is not so rare that men have low libido, but not many will admit it. This can cause many women who have higher libido then their partner to feel bad, to feel that they are not attractive to the partner, or that they have problem with nymphomania. Do not worry, you are not nympho and it is completely normal that you want sex more often then your partner, especially if there is an age difference whereby you both hit your sexual peaks at different times in your lives. Also, this doesn’t mean that you are not attractive to your partner. It is simply a fact that your and your partner’s libido are not on the same level, and you have to accept it. Do not take it personally, and pleasure yourself when you feel desire. Get yourself some of sex toys online and make the most of these.
  • Assist medical problems: You can feel shocked when your partner can’t achieve erection or can’t ejaculate, or maybe he ejaculated even before he entered you. These are problems that happen to young men and men in their prime, and older men. Basically all me succumb to issues like this every now and then and the reasons for this are physical or psychological-more often psychological. If this happens only occasionally, there is really no reason for worry. Your partner is probably under stress or is simply going through rough period in life. This can also be caused by bad nutrition or lack of exercise. However, if this happens too often, or always-it might be a good idea to visit sex therapist together. They will hopefully be able to locate the underlying cause and suggest solutions.
  • Enhance sexual lifestyle: When you two just got together, you were in heat. You wanted to have sex everywhere and any time, very often and in every possible position. Now, after some time has passed, you feel like your sex life is everything but interesting. And believe us-this is completely normal! Many couples after years of relationship get stuck in sex routine: they know when and where they will have sex, like they are on a schedule. Couples who are together for long period of time know exactly what turns on partner, and this is reason why they “play safe” every time. However, it is good to break the routine and remind each other of fun you had in the beginning of the relationship. Go online and visit best adult stores. Buy any of adult novelties and surprise your partner. He will surely be more than happy to take part in this game!
  • Sex toy’s don’t replace your partner: Forget about the belief that sex toys are mainly designed for masturbation because there are so many couples in the world who use them to improve their sexual satisfaction. You may experience multiple orgasms with your toys but there is no day they will substitute real human love. Adult devices are not harmful at all and they are only designed to make your sex life better and not to replace your partner’s efforts. Sex involves many things; from vagina and penis play to kissing, cuddling and even watching porn together. There is no crime so long as it is what turns you on.

Where To Buy Couple Sex Toys:

Sex toys are available in a wide range from the tame ones to the totally crazy toys for adventurous couples and others in between. For a couple wishing to try the wild aspect of sex life, there are some crazy sex toys sold at the best adult stores and you must surely have them in your drawer.

  • A new site has been launched and provides an informative guide as to the top 10 couples sex toys purchase and provides useful information as to how to use them and what they are designed for.  With the aid of this resource customers can confidently go online or to a retail store and make educated decisions of what product is right for their intimate needs,
  • The Oh Zone group of stores make it their mission to provide the best adult stores in Sydney that cater for all including men & women whether gay or straight, couples and disabled.  In such as sex positive outlet doing a bit of research  will only help.  There are various tabs on the couples site that will provide detailed information about sex toys including links to other resources and retail outlets. This will help you to locate the store nearest you or online. A prominent store of Australia, Adult Smart has huge varieties of sex toys for men as well as women including male masturbators, chastity restraints, OVO, dildos and vibrators along with various others.  They always try to sell branded products which could provide the ultimate orgasm to the people and they could be fully satisfied like real intercourse. Thus, you can buy various top 10 couples sex toys online in Australia at reasonable prices.

Types of Couple Sex Toys:

  • Accommodator Dual Penetrator: The first of these sex toys is the popular accommodator dual penetrator which the man wears when having sex with his partner. The penetrator works like the cock ring but with this toy, you can enjoy double penetration without having tri sex. Your girl will thank you for the double penetration and you won’t have to engage in threesome sex.
  • Prostate Massager: Another sex toy for the adventurous couple is the waterproof prostate massager. With this toy, any woman can give her guy a killer and mind blowing blowjob that will leave him feeling weak all over. The woman gets to massage his guy’s prostate when having oral sex and this will surely result in more intensified orgasms. For a man, the prostate is his g- spot and there is nothing better that a girl can do than stimulate it with this toy.
  • Penis Extension: Perhaps you have come across The Rhino when browsing through your favorite sex shop online. This toy is basically a penis extension and has so many uses. By placing it on the penis, you will have a thicker, longer cock that will make your girl crazy after you penetrate it in her vagina. This versatile sex toy is preferred by most couples as it really huge, very thick and extremely long. It is a great device to experiment with your partner what a huge schlong can do. Finally, always remember that how wild and kinky you get will depend on your creativity and attitude.

5 Top Whipping Techniques

Professional Woman With Whipdominating

So you want to go out and flog someone? Now you need to know how to do it!  There is an actual technique to using a whip properly.  Done incorrectly it can be not enjoyable and possibly dangerous.  But first lets explore why someone would want to whip someone and more importantly why someone would want to get whipped.

All things considered, most partners like a little bit or role playing.  One of the terms used endearingly between lovers is lets go an do a little bit of slap and tickle.  We are sensory beings and enjoy these senses being activated especially during sex.  But how do we determine who is the submissive and who is the dominant.  First off let us clarify what these terms mean –

A Submissive – A submissive (sub) is a sexual participant who willingly gives up some or all control to a dominant partner. This type of partnership is often referred to in the BDSM community as a dominant/submissive (D/s) partnership. There are varying degrees of D/s relationships. Some men and women only play at being submissive during certain times, such as during sex or when in a BDSM club. Others may live as full-time submissive and relinquishes control to their Dominants in all aspects of their lives.  They are commonly known as a sub, slave, cuckold.

A Dominant –  is the partner in a BDSM relationship or in a BDSM scene who takes the active or controlling role over that of the bottom or submissive partner(s). A person who submits control of a large percentage of his or her day-to-day life to a dominant partner, or who submits within a formal set of rules and rituals, is the slave, and the person who assumes power over the slave is the master or mistress.

In gay relationships the dominant is often referred to as the top whilst the submissive is called the bottom.

Research into heterosexual couplings done in the 80’s shows that about 75% of women take the submissive role in sex and role playing – so doing the math 75% of men are the dominants (masters) whilst 25% of men are the subs (cuckolds, slaves, babified, sissified).  So with our ever increasing politically correct stance of equality for women, how does this play in relationships?  To have a successful and professional wife that is career orientated, while the stay at home husband who looks after the kids reverse that role in the bedroom can often create difficulties.  How does a kept man dominate his high achieving wife.  This paradox has many believing that this statistic is changing.  However it is up to each individual couple as to whose role is what.

A dominant and submissive relationship is like a contract.  AND like all contracts they are not to be broken as trust between the parties is no longer there – and safe and enjoyable Bondage Games are all about safety.  There must be safe words for when the sub wants something to stop.  It must be agreed before hand how much or how little ‘slap and tickle’ is to take place and it could entail a complete dungeon with all the apparatus or simply the addition of silk binds as these are all tools to increase the Bondage Role Playing.  Just like these tools one of the most popular types is the humble whip –

Just to be clear whips are different to crops, floggers, clappers, canes and other punishment devices but they serve to attain the same person.  A sensory explosion on the area that is being taunted, teased or punished.  A whip can tickle, create fear, cause an explosion of sound, sting, slap, thud and more when used in the correct hands.  And there are different whips for each of these purposes –

Sana Whip – Soft leather, pvc or silicon wider multi tailed whip that is designed to tickle and even when used strongly will not inflict pain.

Stockmans Whip – Often called a Bull Whip.  This is a long leather whip often over 1.6metres long that has a ‘cracker’ on the end.  These whips when used correctly will flip back and make a massive crack and can reach speeds of up to 3 times the speed of sound.  This whip is to be used with care and is a theatrical accessory in the BDSM game – not to be used as it will break skin and cause serious damage.

Cat O Nine Tails –  Originally used as a means of punishment in the military and prisons for Centuries.

Florida Cow Whip –  Similar to the Stockmans whip except it is thicker and heavier – it is hollow in the centre

Snake Whip – A snake whip can be made out of leather, rope and other materials and is generally made in a patchwork design.  At the tip there is a single or sometimes multiple narrow strings that will create a crack effect.  Because it is braided it is a very flexible whip.

Quirt Whip – A quirt is a forked type of whip which usually has two falls at the end sometimes called a riding quirt or horse quirt.

Riding Whip – are up to 43 inches long, including lash or popper, and are used to refine the aids of the rider, not to hurt the horse. They generally ask for more impulsion, and are long enough that they can reach behind the rider’s leg to tap the horse while the rider still holds the reins with both hands. The shaft is slightly flexible and tapers to a fine point at the tip.

Hunting Whip –  Similar to a riding whip except on one end of the stock it has a lash that is several feet in length, on the other end it has a hook, which is used to help the rider open and close gates while out

Qilinbian –  Originally used in martial arts and is made of segmented metal chains.  The lash is made of steel rods decreasing in size linked by progressively smaller steel rings.

Sjambock – Was a very popular weapon used in martial arts for centuries and is very long.

Shambok Martial Arts
Shambok Whip


Bludgoen Whip – Has a heavy stick on one end with a rope whip or weapon on the head

Jiujiebian – Originally used in martial arts and is made of segmented metal chains equal in size the whole length.

So now that you know what styles of whips there are and you have agreed on the sensations that you wish to impart or receive.  Here are the 5 best Whip Techniques that are used –

Now remember these can take some practice beforehand to make sure you get it right, and careful discipline will ensure that you get the best results

  • Overhand: Stand in an upright position.  Bring the whip up over your shoulder and ensure your elbow is parallel to the body – if it is facing inwards or outwards it is possible that you will end up whipping yourself.  Bring the whip straight down to the target.
  • Carnival:  Similar to the overhand but just prior to hitting the target snap/flick the whip back towards yourself.
  • Reverse Snap: This one takes a bit of practice but circle the whip overhead gaining speed and then snap the whip towards the target.
  • Sidehand – With your hand facing palm outwards and arm to the side, flick your hand towards your body and the whip will travel sideways to your target.
  • Underhand – With the hand facing a downward position snap the whip upwards to your target.

Bondage/Punishment whips are available from the best sex toy stores online, bondage suppliers and even equestrian and farming supplies.  They are easily obtained online or you can visit an adult lifestyle center.  Adding one of these can make a drastic change in your relationship and certainly those that are committed to such a lifestyle will increase their trust factor immensely.  There are multiple resources available online to find more in depth information about this type of lifestyle and the whipping fetish.  One of the more popular whipping groups is Whippersnappers Atlanta that has a whopping 4456 members that have open discussions and forums.  If you are a newbie into the world of punishment I strongly recommend you join this or a similar group that will be able to guide your through your journey.






Tenga Makes Pleasure – The Way It Should Be!

Tenga Soft Masturbator

All men masturbate, well in actual fact from surveys conducted 96% of men in the Western World have masturbated – the other 4% may not have because of physical or mental disabilities have not.  Masturbation from early teens and may time per-pubescnet males use masturbation as their way of achieving sexual enjoyment prior to loosing their virginity.  Strange that even still some men are hesitant to say they are Fappers and get embarrassed at the mere mention of the M-Word.  Generally as a young man masturbation techniques use fingers and hands to jerk off, and sometimes a bowl of warm jelly for added sensations (LOL).  But as these boys turn into young men more adventurous stimulation is sought.  This will often come in the shape of an M-Cup, Male Stroker or even a sex toy like the realistic vagina.  These  adult toys will provide the ultimate & sensual pleasure they can’t get by masturbating as close to the real thing without having sex with a partner. .

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup is one of the bestseing and most popular male masturbators that are used by men for their mastubatory sexual enjoyment. The size of this toy is bigger than the standard edition for those with a larger penis and it is made with soft materials which grips tighter to give you amazing sensual sensations. So, satisfaction is guaranteed and one of the main features that ensure this is the lotion reservoir which helps the entry point to be supple and wet ready for easy & enjoyable sex just like with a real tight pussy.

Before we go on about this amazing sex toy let me tell you a bit about the Tenga Corporation that is located in Japan.   The goal of Tenga is to make products that are accepted by main-stream consumers that create pleasure the way it should be.  The creator of many of the Tenga Sex Toys, especially the earlier ones  Mr. Koichi Matsumoto said Regardless of use of sex toys, the majority of men have masturbated at least once. Honestly speaking, it’s a natural human need. I am sure that most of males do think like this and there is nothing good in holding yourself back. It leads to detrimental mental effects from repressing a human need. Proper education on the matter and a controlled sexual appetite lead to health. Therefore, no one should feel ashamed or feel guilty for masturbating. I just have a dream that TENGA will be a brand that is loved anywhere in the world.  And this is why so many celebrities have endorsed the Tenga product including Jorge ‘Vicki’ Gomez, Shun, Eli Reed, Jaguar Skills, Tokyo Shock Boys, Zebrahead and many more.

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup became a bestselling M-Cup almost as soon as it was launched. The Soft Tube Cup is made with TPE within a plastic case that can be removed so that the internal sleeve can be cleaned. This means that it is not a one shot toy like the Tenga eggs (that by the way are sold in many Japanese Supermarkets) but could be used over and over again. The sleeve can be cleaned up using luke warm water and a little soap rinsed off, then allow to dry.  You can then put the sleeve back in the casing ready for the next use.  When using it add lube to experience a sexually realistic experience like the real thing.  There is a suction control so that you can simply increase or decrease the suction/tightness of the sleeve on your penis.

Tenga Soft Masturbator
Sex Toy: Tenga Soft Tube Cup


The contours inside the sleeve are both delicate and adaptable with nudules and stubs lining it from front to back.  There are ‘protruberances’ along the shaft that will increase enjoyment with a smooth pad insertion pad.  Another great feature for first time users is that it comes pre-lubricated for optimum performance so you have a gauge of how much lube to use one your next outing.  To say this M-Cup feels awesome is an understatement – the snugness and nodules, ribbing make it an outstanding choice for mens sex toys. AND what makes it all the better is the price point.  You do not have to break the budget to afford it and you would never pay more than around $30 for it.  When you consider that a similar device starts at $60 more one sees the value!

The material used are body safe and of high quality and will last you for multiple uses.  It will not last as long as a fleshlight or JoyLight but will certainly be good for half a dozen uses.  At $4-$5 a pop I believe that represents excellent value as the masturbation experience is to much better than simply stroking off with your hand.  Whether you are new to sex toys or an experienced used this Tenga M-Cup makes a great choice for your masturbation pleasures.




Captain Gay Exchange

It was March or maybe April back in 1998 and I was heading to Cape Town for a three month trip to find myself.  Prior to leaving Australia I really wasn’t sure what my sexuality was but knew that I really enjoyed sex in a variety of ways and found myself attracted to both men and women.

Cape Town was the last destination and a tick in the box of to do lists of places I wanted to visit.  Cape Town’s reputation as one of the top 10 tourist destination of the world had nothing to do with it wanting to be my last stop before going back to finish my BA in socio economics. On my arrival it was a bit daunting leaving the airport, and please note I am not racist, but there were so many differently coloured people that it was a bit overpowering and challenging. I did say that this trip was to find myself, and in order to do that, I had to fight my previous thoughts and work through challenges that I faced..  And driving in the cab from the airport went straight through a shanty town that really brought home that this was a land of the rich and the very, very poor.

The cab driver asked me where I was from and what I wanted to do and was very informative but also warned me not to go anywhere where I would put myself in a position of danger, especially at night.  Quickly the trip finished with a bit of banter and he dropped me off at my hotel at the Waterfront.  Before he left I asked him what he thought was the best gay nightclub in Cape Town.  Without hesitation he said, The Bronx on The Strand.  Ten minutes from here but it doesn’t get going till 1am.

Jet-lagged or not I knew that tonight was going to be a party night.  So after check in I slipped inside the clean cloth seats and off to la la land where I dreamed of candy and cream and all things nice.

The alarm abruptly woke me at 10pm I showered, shaved and dressed went downstairs and caught a cab to The Strand.  The amount of people stunned me and there were about half a dozen nightclubs that all appeared to be predominately about gay exchanges and they were pumping.  I found my way to the door of the club and after a security check where they patted me down and then ran a metal detector over me – let me in.  Talk about security but after the stories the cabbie had told me made me at ease.

As soon as I got in the saturated heat inside of all the sweating and topless bodies dancing on the floor was overwhelming.  It smelt of pure male sweat and testosterone and already had my blood as well as something else pumping.  I made my way to the bar and before I could even get a chance to order my drink a buff young lad sidled up beside me and said, ‘What’s your poison let me get this one? Where you from?’  I asked for a double bourbon and coke and let him know I was from Australia.  A mature gay passed by as he paid and tipped the bartender, the bartender rang a bell as a thing that signified when patrons were generous enough to tip.

“My names Marcus’, he said extending his hand.  I said, ‘Mike, is it always this crazy in here?”  He said, ‘The parties just warming up, you’ll see.  And we just love Australian’s here’ he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Being gay is no longer something to be ashamed of. It is something a person can choose and since is all about choices, the best thing that it can happen is to meet people with similar interests and have a good time. Sometimes after coming out – you might find that there is a rejection period from families, friends, or otherwise important people within your life – and if this happens not only is it important to obtain help to learn to cope, but also in getting out there.Members of several communities of a specific age can visit and stay with others in the areas they choose to travel. Some arrangements are further designed to make gays stay with the gay families without necessarily having to exchange homes. You can attend gay sex parties on your stay and repeatedly have a good time with like-minded people from across the globe.

You adeptness can allow you to work from virtually anywhere or maybe, you have always dreamt of working around the globe but still feel being in a family. You can move from one home to another with ease, understand each other and have a good time with other gays as you work, with these gay exchange programs. Ideally, such programs are designed to suit those who are not succeeding of enjoying their personal lives.

Eagle Films Gay Porn
Porn: Orgy At The Bareback Carnival


The Gay Exchange DVDS List:

The store stocks dvds from the following companies –

  • 18 West Studios
  • 8TeenBoy
  • Active Duty
  • Active Duty
  • Adult Visual Animation
  • Alexander Pictures
  • All American Military
  • All Worlds Video
  • AlphaMale
  • Amateur Straight Guys
  • HomeMade Videos
  • Athletic Model Guild
  • BacKy Style
  • Bang Bros
  • Bare
  • Bareback Boys
  • BarebackRT
  • Be.Me.Fi
  • Bear Films
  • Bel Ami
  • BerlinStar Film
  • Bijou Video
  • Black Rayne
  • Black Scorpion
  • Black Spark Productions
  • Blake Mason
  • Blue Alley Studios
  • Blue Media
  • Boy Crush
  • Brazen Devil
  • BuenosBoys
  • Bulldog XXX
  • Butch Dixon
  • Catalina Video
  • Cazzo Film
  • Channel 1 Releasing
  • ChaosMen
  • Citébeur
  • CitiBoyz
  • Clair Production
  • Club Inferno
  • COAT
  • Cobra Studio **
  • Cobra Video
  • Cocksure Men
  • Cocky Boys
  • COLT Studio
  • Colt Studio Group
  • Combat Zone
  • Comme des Anges
  • Corbin Fisher
  • Crunchboy
  • Cyber Bears
  • CzechHunter
  • Dark Alley
  • Dark Alley Media
  • Defiant Productions
  • Delta Video
  • Dick Wadd
  • Dirty Bird Pictures
  • Dolphin Entertainment
  • DreamBoy
  • DuMeBacKy
  • eBoys Studio **
  • EBoys Video **
  • Edenwood Videos
  • Englishlads
  • Eric Videos
  • Eurocreme
  • Extreme Boyz
  • Factory Video Extreme
  • Falcon Studios
  • Fisting Central
  • Flava Works
  • Forbidden Funk Media
  • FraternityX
  • FratMen
  • FratmenSucks
  • G@MES
  • Gag The Fag
  • Hammer Entertainment
  • Hancock Studios
  • HardBritLads
  • Helix Studios
  • Hello Penis
  • High Drive Productions
  • Hot Desert Knights
  • Hot House Entertainment
  • Hot House Productions -Knight Breeders
  • HotMale
  • HPB Entertainment Media Group
  • Hunk-CH
  • Hyde Park Productions Inbulge
  • Jaguar Studios
  • Jean Daniel Cadinot
  • Jet Set Men
  • King Films
  • KO Company
  • Kristen Bjorn
  • Lads Next Door
  • Latino Fan Club
  • Liberate Studios
  • Load XXX Enterprises
  • Lucas Entertainment
  • Lucas Kazan Productions
  • MaverickMan 22
  • Mecos Films
  • Men at Play
  • Men of Odyssey
  • Menoboy
  • Miami Studios
  • My Straight Buddy
  • Next Door Male
  • Next Door Studios
  • Nova Studios
  • On The Hunt
  • OTB Video
  • Pantheon Productions
  • Pink and white productions
  • PitBull Productions
  • Planta Rosa
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